Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: X-Mas Tree – 2011

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This past weekend Tristan came up to me and asked me when we were going to put up our Christmas tree.  Since it was only November 13, it figured it was a bit too early.  However, Remembrance Day had come and gone, so x-mas was the next big holiday.  I decided to indulge in the little guys wishes and we headed downstairs to get the x-mas tree box.

Maria was out running at the time, so we decided to put up the tree and surprise her when she got home.  Mason was excited now too, he didn’t really know what was going on but since Tristan & I were carrying boxes of decorations, he figured something was up.

As I assembled the tree, the boys were busy sifting through the decorations.  Tristan kept pulling out the old decorations that he made in school for previous x-mas.  He kept going down memory lane asking me, “Do you remember when I was little and I made this for x-mas?”, or “Do you remember when I was little and I broke this ornament?

When it was time to put up the ornaments, Tristan was in charge of filling up the middle section of the tree, I did the top and Mason was responsible for the bottom.  This was the first time Mason ever put ornaments up, so he kept celebrating each time he hung a ball by raising his arms up and saying “I did it!”  Last year, every time Tristan would put up an ornament, Mason would take it down, and Tristan would say, “Stop it Mason!  You’re ruining Christmas!”… This year the boys got along.

Last but not least, we hung up the new Nightmare Before X-mas decorations we got from Disney World.  Tristan had waited all year to hang these up, so he was excited when we finally opened up the box.  Overall, the tree looked okay, I had to redistribute some of Mason’s ornaments because he ended up sticking to one corner at the bottom of the tree, where he bunched up all his bulbs.  I just redistributed them around the tree when he wasn’t looking.

When Maria got home, she was pleasantly surprised to see the tree up.  Just another day in the life of a chiropractor…

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