Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Week 6 – Post Injury

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This week I had 2 consistent speed workouts.  Tuesday’s Dance Studio tempo run was very consistent, as I was able to keep a nice face pace for my 3.2k loop.  With my half marathon this Sunday, I decided to keep it short, capping the workout at 7km.

Wednesday’s track workout didn’t look promising at first.  As I drove to the track, I watched the pouring rain beat against my windshield.  I was prepping myself for a sloshy run.

I met fellow Nomad’s Running Club members – Brian & Carlos in the parking lot and we started our customary 4km warm-up around the nearby trails.  Luckily for us, the rain started to ease up as we finished our warm up.  However as we got closer to the track, we noticed that the track was filled with spectators watching the high school football game.  Lawn chairs were spread across the inner lane, and kids were roaming around the middle lanes.  We asked someone when the game was going to finish, and she said they had just started the 2 quarter….

Now it was time for plan B.  Brian, Carlos and I decided to do our workout on the road.  We found a street that wasn`t too busy, and started our intervals of 800m.  We would run north of 800m, jog around for 200m and then run back south for 800m.  I stayed with Brian & Carlos for the first 4 X 800m intervals, and then tagged along for the first 400m of their next 2 X 800m intervals. They accompanied me for 2 X 400m intervals after that.


All in all, a great workout… We were hitting 2:55s for our 800m and my last 400m was 66 seconds!  Next race is my Oakville Half Marathon this Sunday… And then 2 weeks until the Chicago Marathon… Happy Running!

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