Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Week 5 – Post Injury

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This week I had a great track workout on Wednesday and a sub-par tempo workout on Tuesday.  Tuesday morning’s daily 8K easy run at the YMCA was steady, however I did struggle with my noon tempo run at the Dance Studio.  The planned workout was one 3.2k speed interval loop however, after my warm-up I needed to call it a day.  I don’t know if it was just too hot & windy, but I felt spent after the 3km warm-up was done.


The following day was much better though.  I started off running 400m intervals by myself.  I finished 8 intervals before the first Nomad arrived at the track.  I decided to tag on with Carlos for the rest of my workout.  He was planning on doing 6X800m, so I asked if I could run the first 400m with him, and then drop out until the next interval.  Each interval with Carlos got faster and faster which was encouraging because I have my 5K race this Sunday.  I finished the workout completing 12X400m, 1X600m & 1X800m.  17km total.

I was again very happy with my workout.  I feel like I am gradually gaining momentum in my training for my ultimate goal in 3 weeks… The Chicago Marathon.

Next run is the Grapes 5K Race in St. Catherines.  Happy Running!

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