Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Week 4 – Post Injury

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This week I had another two great speed workouts on Tuesday & Wednesday.  My tempo workout on Tuesday at the Dance Studio was the best one yet.  It might have been because of the great cool weather, but I think my cardio is finally picking up.  I still only did one 3.2K loop, but my speed was much faster than the week before.  I also felt like I could do another loop, but I wanted to save the extra loop for the following week.  It’s always good to leave a workout feeling like you could have done more.


On Wednesday at the Iroquois High School Track in Oakville, I met up with my Nomads Running Club.  This week I joined Mike, who was planning on doing 6 X 1200m at 90 sec 400m pace.  I decided to run with him for 800m and then drop out.

We were moving pretty well averaging 2:55 for my 800m intervals.  After four intervals, I decided to join Mike for his last two 1200m intervals.  We clocked 4:28 for each which was pretty impressive by my standards.  I hadn’t hit those speeds in a while.

Overall, I was very happy with my workout finishing at 15K after my warm up and cool down.  My Achilles tendon is feeling awesome in the mornings and during workouts.  Next workout is my last long run.  Happy Running!

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