Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Week 3 – Post Injury

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Here’s another blog from a Mississauga Chiropractor…
This week I had two more encouraging speed sessions on Tues and Wed.  Tuesday at the Dance Studio was my regular tempo workout.  This week I was able to keep a consistently fast pace throughout the entire 3.2K loop, whereas last week I started to fatigue after 2K. 
On Wednesday I met up with my Nomads Running Club and teamed up with Gord at the Iroquois High School Track in Oakville.  We did a ladder workout (1X400m, 1X800m, 2X1000m, 2X800m & 1X400m).  This was the best I felt at the track in 3 weeks.  I didn’t fatigue after each interval like I did the weeks before, and I was able to keep consistent 46s-47s for my 200m laps.  This was much better than my previous weeks where I was hitting 49s by my last few intervals.
Overall, I was quite pleased with my efforts yesterday topping out at 14K after my warm up and cool down.  And the best part of my speed sessions was that my Achilles tendon was again pain free.  Hopefully I’m on my way to a successful Chicago Marathon.  Happy Running!

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