Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Week 2 – Post Injury

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My second week back after my Achilles tendon injury was encouraging.  Tuesday was my tempo workout.  I was back at the Dance Studio to do my customary 2 mile loop.


Normally I do a couple of loops for my workout, but I seemed to start running out of gas near the end of my first loop.  Again there was no pain this day… I was just a little winded earlier than normal.  I finished the workout at a modest 7km.

Wednesday I was back at the Oakville Track by Iroquois Ridge High School with the Nomads  I asked Brian what he planned to do today, and he said I had a choice between 8X1000m or 6X1200… I was planning on doing 400m or 600m, but I opted to tag along with Brian.

We ended up choosing 8X1000m.  I figured it might be the easier option.  After 3 intervals I was pretty much spent.  I told Brian to start the next interval without me, because I needed a longer recovery period.  I did finish the workout, even though I felt like quitting after the 5 and 6 interval… But I plugged through to finish.  I finished the workout at 16.6km.  I was pleased.

I have a hill workout planned for Friday at noon.  I’m not sure how many hills I’ll do yet… Maybe six… Maybe one… Happy Running!

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