Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Week 2 of Tristan’s Soccer Skills

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Tuesday November 29, 2011 was Tristan’s 2nd Soccer Skills Class at St. Joan of Arc High School.  This week Tristan`s little brother Mason accompanied me to act as Tristan`s main cheerleading section.  We arrived about an hour early, so we killed some time by hanging out at the Churchill Meadow’s Library.  We sat in the children’s lounge, as I read a few books to Mason & Tristan.  At 7:30pm it was time for Tristan’s soccer class to begin.  All the boys plus one girl gathered around the instructor, and then each of them got a soccer ball to play with.  They all spent the next 10 minutes dribbling the ball around the court and kicking it into empty soccer nets.

The next drill was a breakaway activity.  One kid was the goalie, while the other kids would take turns dribbling the ball toward the net to try to score against the goalie.  This activity lasted about 20 minutes.  The last half hour of the class was spent playing a scrimmage game.  Just like last week, Tristan immediately volunteered to be the goalie.  However, unlike last week where he didn`t have to make any saves, this week the kids were taking countless shots on Tristan.  And evidently Tristan was letting in countless goals.  I think the instructor finally felt sorry for Tristan teams, because he called for a goalie switch after the 5 goal.

Tristan played better on the court this week compared to last.  He actually made an effort to run after the ball and even kicked it in the correct direction a few times.  However, the other team was much better than Tristan`s team, since the ball spent most of the time in Tristan`s end of the court.

Overall, Tristan had a successful second week of Soccer Skills.  Hopefully it gets better as the weeks go by.  Just another day in the life of a Mississauga Chiropractor.

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