Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Wasaga Trip – Summer 2011

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This past Sunday after my 5K Race, we headed up to Wasaga Beach to visit my old Phys-Ed classmates Kim & Anthony, who moved there about 5 years ago.  Kim & Anthony bought a house just walking distance from the Beach; however it had been about 3 years since we paid them a visit.  They now have 3 girls (five, three and 4 months), so our boys (seven and two) had new playmates to run around with.


The drive down was pretty good… I guess it pays to go up to Wasaga in September.  It took us just over 1.5 hours, but thanks to Netflix & YouTube, we were all entertained in the car.  When we got to Kim & Anthony’s place, we were greeted by Grace & Robin (their five and three year old girls);


they took us to the back yard which looked quite different since the last time we were here. Their back yard, which is actually the size of another house lot, now had grass and a sprawling deck & bridge that covered a small ditch which used to cover most of the yard.  A new shed and lots of kiddie toys also filled the space.  After the customary hugs & kisses, we all headed down to the beach. The weather was quite pleasant at 22 degrees Celsius, which was accompanied by a nice cool breeze.  The beach was completely empty, so the kids had the area all to themselves.  Anthony and I just caught up by the lounge chairs, as Maria and Kim watched the kids play in the water.


When we got back to the house, the kids helped Anthony make their own Pizza… However, Tristan was the only one who ended up eating the Pizza in the end… The girls and Mason got full on Potato Chips and Veggies.  The drive home was quite pleasant for Maria and I, since the kids were now passed out after draining their energy in Wasaga.


Finally a quiet drive home, with Netflix playing in the background… Just another day in the Life of a Mississauga Chiropractor.



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