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A common injury that I treat with many runners is ITB (iliotibial band) syndrome.  This patient normally presents with outer knee pain, which gets worse with running and climbing stairs.
The main cause of ITB syndrome is weakness to the hip abductor muscles, primarily the gluteus medius muscle.  Aside from functioning to abducted the hip (moving the leg sideways, away from the body), the gluteus medius also functions to stabilize the hips when running.
When the gluteus medius muscle is weak, other tissues in close proximity such as the hamstring or IT Band try to compensate to help the gluteus medius muscle do its job.  However, since the hamstring and IT band are doing extra work, they become tight and start to tug on the other structures that they are attached to, such as the knee.  This will then create irritation to the structures around the knee.
By strengthening the gluteus medius muscles, it will allow the other muscles of the lower limb to do their normal function.  These muscles will cease to tighten up, and the knee pain will dissipate.
One great exercise to start strengthening the gluteus medius muscle is the Wall Banger.

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