Twilight Saga-Breaking Dawn-Part 2: Movie Review by a Mississauga Chiropractor

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Just watched The Twilight Saga:  Breaking Dawn – Part 2 (2012), starring Kristen Stewart (Snow White and the Huntsman), Robert Pattinson (Remember Me) & Taylor Lautner (Valentine’s Day)

Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) is enjoying her new life and new powers, after the birth of their daughter, Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy).  Soon, however, their family bliss is threatened again, by a new menace. Vampire Irina (Maggie Grace) believes a child like Renesmee could challenge the power and existence of the Volturi.  As Irina rallies the Volturi to destroy this potential threat, Bella and the Cullens: Edward (Robert Pattinson), Alice (Ashley Greene), Emmett (Kellan Lutz), Jasper (Jackson Rathbone), Rosalie (Nikki Reed), Esme (Elizabeth Reaser) & Carlisle (Peter Facinelli) – together with any allies they can assemble – are preparing to fight a crucial, ultimate battle, to protect their family.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this final instalment to the Twilight Saga.  I wasn’t to impressed by Breaking Dawn – Part 1, so I was hoping Part 2 was better.  I’m pleased to say that I was entertained.  The final battle scene between the Cullen Clan, werewolves and allies versus the Volturi was great.  Some shocking deaths took place, yet they were rectified at the end.  I also liked the special powers from each of the new vampires from around the world.  It had an “X-men type” feel to it.  There were some creepy moments of the movie though.  Jacob Black’s (Taylor Lautner) obsession with the baby and then child Renesmee was kind of weird.  The CGI baby Renesmee was also a little disturbing.  They somehow morphed the actresses face on a newborn baby.

Overall, I would give this movie 6/10 stars.  It’s a movie to check out.  Happy Viewing!

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