Touchback: Movie Review by a Mississauga Chiropractor

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Just watched Touchback (2011) starring, Brian Presley, (Once Fallen) Kurt Russell, (Miracle) & Melanie Lynskey (Ever After: A Cinderella Story).

This movie starts with a high school football game.  It’s the game winning play of the biggest game of his life, Scott Murphy (Brian Presley), the best High School Football player in the nation injures his knee and destroys his dreams of a college and professional career. But fifteen years later, he receives the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to go back and change history

This is your typical, “It`s a Wonderful Life” type movie where the main character can go back in time to try to reverse history and in essence reverse his fortune.  It was interesting though, to see that even though he hated his current life, he chose to go down the same path in order to keep the wife and family that he will have in the future.   I like this movie, not just because it is a football movie, or that it is about time travel, but because it has some genuine characters and storylines.

 Overall, I would give this movie 6/10 stars.  Check it out… Happy Viewing!


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