The Works: Gourmet Burger Bistro – Review by a Mississauga Chiropractor

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For Valentine’s Day 2012, Maria, Tristan, Mason and I decided to have dinner at The Works: Gourmet Burger Bistro, located at149 Lakeshore Road East, in downtown Oakville.  This new Burger Joint just opened in mid-December,  2011 and we heard great things about it, so we decided to give it a try.

The Works: Gourmet Burger Bistro had an extensive burger menu ranging from Burgers with peanut butter and banana to caramelized onions.  I decided to try the Hamburger Mary (real mayo, fried egg, ripe red tomato, cheddar cheese & crisp bacon strips), while Maria had the Johnny Be Goat (goat cheese, warm leaf spinach & roasted red peppers).  The boys had already ate, so they shared our French Fries and split a Cookies & Cream Smoothie.  For appetizers we tried the Ex-Montrealer Poutine (topped with tons of curds, oodles of gravy & real thin sliced Montreal smoked meat)

The water was served in big measuring cups, which was quite unique.  Also, the salt & pepper were held in empty lightbulbs.

   Overall, the meal was quite excellent.  I can’t wait to try their entire menu.  I’d rate our experience a fun 8/10 stars.  Definitely visit the Works!

  We had a fun Family Valentine`s Day at The Works… Just another day in the Life of a Mississauga Chiropractor…

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