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Dynamic Testimonials

I visited Dynamic Chiropractic shortly after moving to the Lorne Park neighbourhood. Dr. Gerald Dumol is friendly, knowledgeable and his treatments are all-encompassing. From traditional adjustments to physical therapy exercises to do at home, Dr. Dumol used the spectrum of options to treat my back/neck/shoulder pain and discomfort. I am very pleased I discovered Dynamic Chiropractic. My back, tailbone, shoulders etc. are all in much better condition than when I first walked in the door. Thank you Dr. Dumol!

Juliana Haver (Mississauga, ON) – Dec 12/13

My job requires me to sit on a desk for several hours. I had started suffering from neck and lower back pains. Especially my lower back had a radiating pain all the way down to my toes. After a careful search on the internet, I found Dr. Gerald Dumol. After a really comprehensive check-up in our first meeting, he decided on a course of action. He also thoroughly explained why I’m having those pains and what he planned to do. In addition to our sessions with him, he also taught me how to strengthen related muscles at home with only a couple minute exercises. I’m now almost free of neck and lower back pains. Especially, my lower back doesn’t cause any radiating pain down to my toes any more. Now, I’ve been sleeping better and waking up to a day well-rested. I’d highly recommend Dr. Gerald Dumol for any muscle pain

Ozan (Mississauga, ON) – Dec 9/13

My 10-year-old daughter, began seeing Dr. Gerald Dumol at Dynamic Chiropractic for a rolled ankle and back stiffness. I think between carrying a heavy backpack for school and playing soccer she needed adjustments. She says she felt so much better after and the follow up strengthening program really helped. I’m so glad we had her checked out.

Jerry Capasso (Mississauga, ON) – Dec 6/13

I saw Dr. Gerald Dumol for my lower back pain. He was very knowledgeable and patient. At the first session, he pointed out my pain came from the deep muscle tear/strain. He asked me to be patient and build strength gradually. His treatment is comfortable and his exercises helped me to recover. After 5 sessions, I felt much better. Dr. Dumol is competent and I would recommend to anyone who has sports injuries.

Ken (Mississauga, ON) – Dec 4/13

Dr. Gerald Dumol provided some very helpful strategies to assist me with some running injuries I had developed. Every visit was pain-free and his expertise allowed me to finish my half-marathon training and my race without any issues.

Natalie McKenzie (Mississauga, ON) – Dec 2/13

Hello Dr. Dumol, I am writing to thank you for your professional and expert care given to me throughout the time that I endured such pain in my back and arm. I have never sought help from a Chiropractor when I have had problems with my back in the past. You made the process of diagnosing and treating the injury with great care. I appreciate your profession more now and I will not hesitate to seek the treatment that you offer again when afflicted with back pain in the future. Thank you,

Steven Freer (Mississauga, ON) – Nov 28/13

The things that I like the most about Dr. Gerald Dumol is that he is approachable, easy to talk to, and he provided me with a comprehensive analysis of my situation. After seeing Dr. Dumol, my health issues have been alleviated and my quality of life has greatly increased. Thank you very much.

Sukanta Saha (Hamilton, ON) – Nov 26/13

I saw Dr. Gerald Dumol at Dynamic Chiropractic on an emergency basis for neck pain and radiating pins and needles down my right arm. Dr. Dumol took the time to travel from his home and opened the clinic to treat me outside of clinic hours. He effectively treated my symptoms with soft tissue therapy and showed me a nerve flossing technique that helped speed up my recovery. Within a few days I was pain & symptom free! I would highly recommend Dr. Dumol and Dynamic Chiropractic for any muscle or nerve injury.

Anurag Gupta (Mississauga, ON) – Oct 5/13

Dear Dr. Dumol, I was a little undecided about your services at first, but after an MVA (motor vehicle accident), you were the first guy I phoned. My profession as a landscaper keeps me strong, however after the accident, I did not feel strong anymore. You encouraged me to get stronger because you were not just a quick fix. Your approach with dealing with joints and muscles, instead of a “crack, crack, please come back” was what I needed, and now you have motivated me to get me core muscles in shape. Lastly, your approach is unique and great. It is not easy because you make me work for my results. Your approach is great and to the point.

Rob Leenaars (Mississauga, ON) – Sept 26/13

My favourite thing about Dr. Gerald Dumol is he is big into fixing the problem and not just the routine crack other chiropractors do. He also shows you strengthening exercises that prevent further injury and to strengthen injured areas. Dr. Dumol really isn’t a quick fix, he is long term fix.

Jon Sears CPA, CA (Oakville, ON) – August 20/13

My daughter is National Acrobatic Gymnast and was experiencing some pain in her hip. I brought her into Dynamic Chiropractic to be seen by Dr. Gerald Dumol. She is 12 years old and described her experience with Dr. Dumol as “friendly and comfortable”. He explained the problem to us and offered us a clear diagnosis. His treatments and techniques were balanced and effective, as he also showed her short exercises to strengthen the weak areas of her hip muscles. My daughter had a positive experience and was compliant with completing the exercises she was given to continue at home. Within two weeks she was able to continue her training and compete. We were both pleased with the recovery. As a parent of a high performance athlete, I trust Dr. Dumol and would highly recommend his services, as he is professional and knowledgeable. He also exhibits an element of fun in his practice, as it is obvious that he enjoys healing his patients. He is refreshing and innovative, as he continues to incorporate fitness and overall health into the recovery program. He is our family chiropractor of choice.

Candice Pingol (Mississauga, ON) – July 25/13

Dr. Gerald Dumol has been treating my lower back pain for three weeks. His practice is much different from other chiropractors I’ve visited; others make a quick “adjustment”, and then have you out the door in 5 minutes. Dr. Dumol takes every care to ensure that his patients are on the right track to recovery — his methods includes: a proper diagnosis of the spine and surrounding muscle tissue, athletic therapy, massage therapy techniques, and exercise. He is very professional, and a nice individual too.

Michele Costa (Mississauga, ON) – June 28/13

I was experiencing extensive neck and shoulder pain for 6 months before seeking help from Dr. Gerald Dumol. I had no previous history of injury or trauma to the area. I needed professional help to resolve my situation because I was waking up each morning with excruciating pain which affected my work. Dr. Dumol worked with me and was able to diagnose and resolve my problem. I would recommend Dr. Dumol to my friends and family.

Letizia Y. (Mississauga, ON) – June 27/13

Dr. Gerald Dumol has a unique approach to chiropractic care. His service is so much more than spinal adjustments. He looks at treating the entire muscular system that surrounds the spine. This kind of approach in chiropractic care is uncommon and refreshing. Over the years I have been to several chiropractors, and I find his holistic approach and exercises he recommends have made a big difference in my overall health. I highly recommend Dr. Dumol.

Carl Messenger-Lehmann (Oakville, ON) – June 26/13

Dr. Gerald Dumol is an amazing chiropractor. I was suffering terribly from a herniated disc which left my left leg in bad shape. He diagnosed me and not only treated me with such professionalism, he went beyond the leg problem, he treated my Thoracic Outlet as well. Within a few weeks, the pain subsided by 90 percent. There are no words to describe his level of dedication. I have referred him to so many people and will continue to do so. He is very kind hearted and treats the physical as well as the emotional pain. I am so blessed to have found such a devoted professional. I trust no one else with my physical issues and I am happy that he is keeping me pain free and now I am able to live my life. Thank you for your medical devotion Dr. Dumol. You are to me….Chiropractor of the year… Every year.

Brent Maclean (Etobicoke, ON) – May 24/13

Dr. Gerald Dumol has really taken the time to understand the ongoing issues with my back. Over the past couple of years I have been in constant pain. Since seeing Dr. Dumol the ongoing pain has gone away. It has been a combination of the treatments that I have received coupled with strengthening exercises that I have been given. I really appreciate understanding where my weaknesses are so that I can make improvements that will help me for the rest of my life. Thank you very much for helping me get these long standing issues under control.

Michael Grochmal (Oakville, ON) – May 23/13

Dear Dr. Dumol, I have only been going to you for treatments for a short time but there has been significant progress since my first visit. I could hardly turn my head from side to side, had migraine-like headaches due to the tight muscles in my neck, shoulders and upper back. I was not able to do many normal activities without a lot of pain. Your approach is different than any other chiropractor I’ve ever been to but I have never had results so quickly either. Your assessment was thorough and you fully explained the problem and treatment plan. There were no surprises. The exercises to strengthen the weak muscles to prevent recurring problems work very well. I am totally comfortable with your methods and I am genuinely pleased with the results. You are dedicated to relieving the pain and restoring the function as quickly as possible with no long term ‘perpetual care’ plan. I would highly recommend you to anyone needing chiropractic care. Thank you!

Sherry Snelson (Oakville, ON) – May 16/13

I am very happy with the care that I received at Dynamic Chiropractic. I saw Dr. Gerald Dumol because I had neck pain that was so severe that I couldn’t turn my head to one side. Dr. Dumol was very thorough in his assessment and treatment of my neck pain. I felt much better after my first visit, and have seen complete improvement in only 2 visits. He gave me exercises to do at home to help strengthen my muscles and improve my posture to help prevent this problem from recurring. I will gladly return to Dr. Dumol if I have any other injuries, and I will recommend him to my family and friends.

Joanna W. (Oakville, ON) – May 15/13

I saw Dr. Gerald Dumol for treatment to my chronic lower back pain. He was competent and helpful in my recovery. I would see him again for other injuries.

Johnathan McFarlane (Mississauga, ON) – May 14/13

I began seeing Dr. Jennifer McAnsh of Dynamic Chiropractic for my lower back pain. Not having experienced this type of pain before, I had numerous questions and concerns. Dr. McAnsh took the time to help me understand my condition, what needed to be done to work through it and how to help prevent it from reoccurring. Dr. McAnsh is very thorough, my appointments are never rushed and she takes the time to show me exercises that I can do on my own time. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Jennifer McAnsh.

Kevin Fagundes (Mississauga, ON) – May 13/13

Dear Dr. Gerald Dumol,
I’ve been going to a chiropractor for over 10 years and was accustomed to going once a month. I know a number of people who have been treated by you and they have told me how your treatments are very different and not about going every month but more about treating the root of the problem so we don’t have to keep going back all the time. So I switched. Wow was I in for a pleasant surprise. Your methods of treatment are very different than anything I’ve had before. Thank-you Dr. Dumol, you truly do provide Dynamic Health. I also appreciate all the exercises you have given me, and now I continue to do them at home to continue supporting the areas you were treating.

Maureen Calderone (Mississauga, ON) – Apr 8/13

Dr. Jennifer McAnsh of Dynamic Chiropractic was exceedingly professional and prompt. She did a fantastic job explaining every thing she was doing during both my assessment and treatment which made me feel extremely comfortable. I have been back and have experienced nothing but the same level of professionalism and quality of treatment.

Leslie Zanette (Toronto, ON) – Apr 5/13

I’ve been to many physiotherapists and chiropractors for my long standing elbow tendonitis issues, and I can honestly say Dr. Gerald Dumol at Dynamic Chiropractic is one of the best.

Jarrett Chisholm (Mississauga, ON) – Apr 4/13

I started seeing Dr. Jennifer McAnsh when I was about 5 months pregnant due to lower back pain and within a few weeks I have experienced dramatic changes. Not only has she treated my physical symptoms with the utmost care and expertise, but she has also provided some stretching techniques that I could do on my own. I have been stretching daily and my back has continually been well. I would recommend Dr. Jennifer McAnsh to anyone who wants to receive treatment in a professional and welcoming atmosphere.

Jessica Perklin (Mississauga, ON) – Apr 2/13

My experience at Dynamic Chiropractic Health & Wellness Centre was a great one. Dr. Gerald Dumol was very thorough in determining my diagnosis for my back pain. He took his time in our sessions and gave me exercises to do on my own. It took me no time to heal and get rid of my back pain! Thank you Dr. Dumol for your therapeutic care!

Amie Loga (Mississauga, ON) – Mar 9/13

I tried ART (active release technique) with Dr. Jennifer McAnsh to try and prevent my knee from swelling up and seizing whenever I run longer distances, as nothing else seemed to be helping it. I put it in my schedule at the start if my tapering before a long race, and it worked out quite well, and I didn’t have my usual problems. Thanks Dr. McAnsh!

Steve Wilkinson (Mississauga, ON) – Mar 8/13

When I met Dr. Lisa Ramsackal I had just fallen from the stairs. Dr. Ramsackal was very professional and assessed me well providing the proper treatment. She really helped me not only on feeling right away but also on making it easy to pay as well. Due to my financial hardship I had to stop from going. Yet the acupuncture and the massage as well as the positioning my back was done in a very well manner that makes me feel that if I had the need and the finances, Dr. Lisa Ramsackal will be the proper chiropractor to attend.

Astrid Funes (Mississauga, ON) – Mar 7/13

I’ve been coming to Dynamic Chiropractic Health and Wellness Centre due to neck and low back pain. Dr. Gerald Dumol and Jessica Cuda, RMT have been working together to help me. My neck pain is gone and my back pain is much improved with the treatment and exercise. The best part however is how nice everyone is. I enjoy the visits because they don’t feel like medical appointments at all. The environment at the clinic is peaceful, I am always taken in on time (or early) and my treatments are enjoyable thanks to easy and fun conversations. I would recommend Dr. Dumol and Jessica to anyone. Thank you!

Agata Dzierzgowska (Burlington, ON) – Mar 6/13

My daughter is a competitive swimmer and was having some shoulder problems. We tried physiotherapy but the pain increased and the shoulder was hurting even if she wasn’t swimming. She was evaluated by Dr. Lisa Ramsackal and was subsequently treated by her. Dr. Ramsackal treated her with A.R.T. and acupuncture as well as assigning a variety of exercises to be done at home. In a very short period of time her swimming is almost pain free and her shoulder does not bother her outside of that activity.

Wendy Goodridge (Brampton, ON) – Mar 5/13

I called Dr. Gerald Dumol because I was suffering from lower back pain due to very heavy lifting, I did it back in November 2012. The lower back pain was causing difficulty in walking, and affecting my racquetball game. I was living on an 8 Hour Tylenol for the back pain. Dr. Dumol did a complete evaluation during my initial visit and set me up on a treatment plan. Within three weeks (six sessions) my lower back was much better and in process of full recuperation. I can honestly say, I no longer taking any form of pain medication for my lower back. Thank you Dr. Dumol for your services & care you have given me.

Cesar Sanguinetti (Mississauga, ON) – Mar 4/13

Dr. Lisa Ramsackal is a very professional practitioner who will actually take the time to listen to your concerns before treating. Confidentiality is another reason why Dr. Ramsackal makes her patients feel comfortable in being treated by her. So far, all of her diagnosis and treatment have helped my family members and friends as well as myself.

Neena Edwards (Mississauga, ON) – Mar 1/13

My teenage daughter plays rep soccer and usually practices 3 times a week. She started to complain about back and hip problems in October 2012 and one evening, she was in so much pain when she tried to run that she couldn’t go to practice. That’s when I knew it must be pretty bad. I was really fortunate. I looked up chiropractors in the area on the internet, found a few and started reading the reviews. The comments about Dr. Gerald Dumol at Dynamic Chiropractic Health and Wellness Centre stood out by far as the most positive, so I called and spoke to him right away. He even said he would stay late that evening just so he could see my daughter right away. I was very impressed from then onwards. He seemed to know exactly where her pain was and what movements were more difficult and proceeded to explain his diagnosis in much detail. Over the past 2 months, he has seen her 1-2 times per week and even though it has been a slow process, she has just started playing soccer again and actually said to me this week, “Mom, you have no idea how good it feels to not have any pain. It’s like night and day”. I am very lucky that we found someone who understands the specific needs of an athlete and has the patience and skill to help. We will definitely continue to use Dr Dumol in the future and highly recommend him.

Caroline Gregoire (Mississauga, ON) – Feb 15/13

I came to consult Dr. Gerald Dumol in late December, 2012 for my lower back when my previous chiropractor moved office further away to the northeast part of Toronto. I have had just had 5 sessions with Dr. Dumol so far, but I have been impressed by his approach to have me do some exercises daily to strengthen key muscles in my body that will help me better cope with my lower back and neck issues, which are largely due to injuries sustained about 20 years ago when I was hit by a motorcycle while crossing the street on foot.

Ranjit Kumar (Mississauga, ON) – Feb 14/13

I came in to see Dr. Gerald Dumol with severe neck pain. I was in crisis, experiencing spasms, migraines and unable to focus at work. Within 2 sessions, I felt immediate relief from my symptoms. Utilizing his expertise and with his kind and gentle manner, Dr. Dumol was able to explain the issues causing the pain, provide treatment and guide me through an exercise program to help strengthen the related muscles in the back and neck. I will definitely call Dr. Dumol in the future if I have any more injuries.

Ameeta Mathur (Mississauga, ON) – Feb 13/13

I went to the Dynamic Chiropractic Health and Wellness Centre seeking relief for my neck and back pain. Subsequently, I am being treated for neck and back pain by Dr. Gerald Dumol and by Keri Matchett RMT for Massage Therapy. My experience has been pleasant and beneficial. My neck pain is subsiding to a tolerable level and seems to be getting better after each visit. The massage therapy by Keri Matchett is extremely relaxing and has certainly helped in my ability to relax. Combined treatment has helped my pain level dramatically. I highly recommend the clinic for any chiropractic care you may need.

Louis Scuffil (Mississauga, ON) – Feb 12/13

I visited Dr. Gerald Dumol to address issues in my shoulders and neck. I found Dr. Dumol analytical and thorough in his methods of assessment and treatment, and he focused his time on the issues presented. Dr. Dumol also recommended additional exercises at home so that improvements could be made during the time between appointments. Dr. Dumol provided a friendly and low pressure experience, which has brought me back to his clinic for additional treatments.

Randy Kenyon (Mississauga, ON) – Feb 11/13

I recently met Dr. Lisa Ramsackal and am very pleased by the care she has provided to treat my back issue; I was lucky that she was able to see me so quickly! My range of motion improved very shortly after meeting with Dr. Ramsackal.

Veronika Warren (Mississauga, ON) – Feb 9/13

I went to see Dr. Gerald Dumol for my neck pain. In fact at our first session, I couldn’t look over my left shoulder! Within 2 or 3 visits the movement restrictions had almost disappeared and I had a plan to prevent its return. I have been a regular client of various health consultants for over 15 years and the one thing I look for is an investigative outlook. What really impressed me about Dr. Dumol’s expertise and treatment plan was its holistic nature. He didn’t just treat the symptoms he assess the whole structure. He even has a gym where he shows you exactly how to strengthen the weak muscles so the condition doesn’t return.  This level of treatment is beyond anything I have previously experienced. Dr. Dumol is highly recommended!

Cheryl Scoffield (Oakville, ON) – Feb 8/13

Dr. Lisa Ramsackal from Dynamic Chiropractic is a kind, patient, and very professional chiropractor. She discusses your particular complaint in detail and creates a balance of exercises, chiropractic techniques, and follow up to alleviate your pain. As a very happy patient, I can recommend her most highly.

Anthony Kershaw (Mississauga, ON) – Feb 7/13

My 12 year old daughter and I started seeing Dr. Gerald Dumol late Dec 2012 with knee and back pains, respectively. Seeing a Chiropractor is a first for us. Dr. Dumol explained the cause of the problem and course of action. After only a few visits, we’ve seen improvements with the treatments and recommended exercises (to strengthen the weaker muscles). I highly recommend Dr Dumol.

Rey Sta. Cruz (Mississauga, ON) – Feb 6/13

Everything is going well so far at Dynamic Chiropractic. I absolutely think Dr. Lisa Ramsackal is amazing!! She knows what she is doing and she is very nice she always asks me if I’m doing ok when she is doing different movements and she always wants to make sure that I am comfortable. Thanks Dr. Ramsackal.

Briana Laurie (Caledon, ON) – Feb 5/13

Dynamic Chiropractic has proven to be a very effective, supportive and caring environment. Dr. Gerald Dumol’s professionalism and flexibility has helped me heal and recover in a timely manner. He have also provided me with specific strengthening exercises and stretches to build up my strength and prevent further injuries. I highly recommend Dynamic Chiropractic for all of the fantastic services they provide.

Bradi Cochrane (Mississauga, ON) – Feb 4/13

I wasn’t sure if I hurt my shoulder at the gym or just sleeping on it wrong, but with the pain I was in I feel very lucky I found Dr. Lisa Ramsackal. She is well practiced in several areas- including acupuncture and active release technique. I appreciate a chiropractor that is not closed off to just one service. But I saw her twice a week for a month and I had great results. She gave me stretches to do at home to keep my pain managed as well. And I felt the price was extremely reasonable. I HIGHLY recommend Dynamic Chiropractic!

Erika McFarlane (Mississauga, ON) – Feb 2/13

Before coming in to see Dr. Gerald Dumol, I was troubled with severe neck pain for a number of weeks. He has performed wonders, and I particularly like that he has stressed the importance of strengthening certain weak muscles that were a contributing cause.

Paul Ackersviller (Mississauga, ON) – Feb 1/13

Dr. Gerald Dumol is very professional and knows exactly what he is talking about. His initial examination was very thorough and found problem areas that I had accepted as normal pains. He explained everything to me very thoroughly, answered all my questions patiently and I never felt rushed. I would highly recommend Dr. Dumol for anyone seeking chiropractic treatment. Thanks Dr. Dumol.

Tarek Ibrahim (Mississauga, ON) – Jan 15/13

I sought Dr. Gerald Dumol’s help when I had right shoulder pain when I injured myself when I fell on it two months earlier. I was unable to do my regular weightlifting routines at the gym because of this discomfort. Dr. Dumol loosened up the tight muscles in my shoulder and showed me some strengthening exercises to rehab the injury. Thanks for your help Dr. Dumol

Michael Mirazic (Oakville, ON) – Jan 14/13

I have received excellent treatment Dynamic Chiropractic by Dr. Gerald Dumol, D.C. He made special appointment on the short notice for me and he got to the root of the problem caused by my injury.

Mark Zimny (Mississauga, ON) – Jan 12/13

Dr. Jennifer McAnsh provides excellent care and I would definitely recommend her to others. She diligently takes the time to understand her patients and their concerns and develop a treatment plan that meets their needs. I especially like her use of ART (Active Release Therapy) to provide faster and holistic improvement. Her use of practice activities that you can do at home ensures that you improve faster as well. Overall, she is amazing!

Danielle Wallace (Mississauga, ON) – Jan 11/13

I’ve been struggling with back issues almost all of my life (since a teenager). I’m an equestrian and so this only aggravates my back issues. Dr. Lisa Ramsackal was very thorough and comprehensive in her assessment of me (joint and stability issues). It’s been 2 months now and things are well on their way to being better, for the long term. I very much appreciate the fact that her focus is on curing the problem with the long term in mind, not just masking it with short-term fixes. Her goal has always been to build strength and health at the root of my problem not simply treating the current pain. My core is so much stronger than before, helping me not only with my riding but also dealing with everyday tasks.

Jessica Birrell (Mississauga, ON) – Jan 10/13

The experience I had at Dynamic Chiropractic was great quick and efficient. After only four visits the pain in my back went away, like nothing ever happened. Thank you Dr. Dumol.

Tom Trzos (Mississauga, ON) – Jan 9/13

When I arrived at the Dynamic Chiropractic Centre, I was suffering with extreme lower back pain and could hardly move. With Dr. Jennifer McAnsh’s help; and through thoughtful treatments from her on my lower vertebra I was back to functioning like normal in no time. Dr. McAnsh is a great practitioner and the office was super in accommodating late night and weekend appointments. I strongly recommend Dynamic Chiropractic and Dr. Jennifer McAnsh for your chiropractic needs.

Stacey Thompson (Mississauga, ON) – Jan 8/13

During the last snow storm, while shovelling snow, I hurt my lower back to the extent that I could not even walk. One phone call to Dr. Gerald Dumol, and he made special arrangement to see me… after 1 session I was up and about. After 3 sessions, my pain is totally gone. It truly was a miracle what he did for me.
Thank-you Dr. Dumol.

Foad Moshtagh (Burlington, ON) – Jan 7/13

A few weeks ago I developed a severe pain in my lower back which seemed very sudden. I had not done any major lifting or movement that I could recall when I noticed the pain starting that day. The pain was more severe the next day. I took pain medication and rested and the following day the pain was less. In any event, a friend suggested that even though the pain was lessening, it would be a good idea to find the root cause and have the issue resolved. An appointment was scheduled to see Dr Gerald Dumol at “Dynamic Chiropractic” in Mississauga. My first appointment started with an assessment by Dr. Dumol and an explanation of this assessment which was clear and logical. The second part of the visit was an actual therapy session at the end of which Dr. Dumol demonstrated exercises I would need to do at home to strengthen the muscles in my lower back. I felt relief almost immediately after the session was finished. I have had three visits so far and with each visit I realized how much better my back was feeling. I was also doing the exercises at home to strengthen the lower back muscles. Even though I had to travel from downtown Toronto to Clarkson, Mississauga for these sessions – I feel very lucky to have been referred to Dr. Dumol as my back feels better than it has felt in a long time. Thank you Dr. Dumol and I will definitely be recommending you to anyone I hear complaining of pain.

Hugh Blackburn, Artist, (Toronto,ON) – Dec 6/12

I visited Dynamic Chiropractic and was treated by Dr. Gerald Dumol for neck and upper shoulder stiffness. Dr. Dumol loosed my tight muscles and showed me strengthening exercises to help with my muscle imbalances. I had a good overall experience at his clinic.

Julien Brown (Mississauga, ON) – Dec 5/12

I was referred to Dr Lisa Ramsackal, by a colleague, when I first met her I was not so sure what acupuncture was all about, she explained it to me and also made me understand the importance of it. Well for the last 2 months I have been having my treatment with Dr. Ramsackal and I must say she is very good at what she does and she is very thorough and the follow up to check on me, makes me feel she cares about me getting better rather than just another patient. I have always been comfortable around her and will recommend Dr Ramsackal to anybody.

Leo Addo (Brampton, ON) – Dec 4/12

I feel very fortunate to have been a patient of Dr. Jennifer McAnsh! I have been seeing Dr McAnsh for heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis, and am very pleased with the results. She is very knowledgeable about so many different techniques for helping my problem, and has given me a lot of advice on how to help aid healing by exercising at home. I am very impressed with the care and the amount of time she spends with her patients. Not only is Dr. McAnsh a caring professional, she has been a lovely person to get to know! I highly recommend Dr. McAnsh at Dynamic Chiropractic!

Judy Hodges (Mississauga, ON) – Dec 3/12

My experience with Dr. Gerald Dumol and Dynamic Chiropractic over the last couple of weeks has been dramatically different than what I have experienced with other Chiropractors over the last 30 years. Unlike other chiropractors that take usually less than 10 minutes (some less than 5) to make an adjustment and send you on your way, Dr. Dumol spends between 20-30 minutes making the adjustment. He works the soft tissue around the inflamed area in order to stretch it out rather than just a quick spinal adjustment. He also takes the time to give you exercises that you can continue at home in order to make sure your health is not just in his hands but also in yours. For a different kind of Chiropractic care you must see Dr. Dumol at Dynamic Chiropractic.

David Wagg (Toronto, ON) – Nov 17/12

I came into Dynamic Chiropractic with my tilting on a 45 degree angle due to seized muscles in my neck. Not only was Dr. Gerald Dumol able to see me on short notice, he took the time to help me understand exactly what was wrong with my neck, and what he planned to do to fix it. After a couple of appointments my neck was feeling back to normal, and with the help of Dr. Dumol’s exercise regiment, feeling better than before. Having had little success with chiropractics in the past, it was nice to see results, and I appreciated Dr. Dumol’s professional and knowledgeable approach. I have recommend both friends and family suffering back and neck pain to Dynamic Chiropractic, and continue to do so.

Brendan Creighton (Mississauga, ON) – Nov 16/12

I was very impressed with the amount of time spent at each one of my sessions. Dr. Gerald Dumol did a thorough exam on my current condition, asked many health questions about the past, lifestyle and over all fitness to aid in my assessment. When I first arrived my neck condition was chronic, in a few visits I experienced improved mobility which helped reduce the pain. Dr. Dumol is also very flexible in offering appointments to fit anyone’s calendar requirements.

Anna Adams (Mississauga, ON) – Nov 15/12

I have been to see Dr. Gerald Dumol of Dynamic Chiropractic located in Clarkson, Mississauga. I found him to be very professional and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain why I was having the problem I was having and how he was going to address it. Dr. Dumol also took the time to show me some exercises that I could do to help with my progress. I feel very confident in recommending him to anyone.

Charmain Green (Mississauga, ON) – Nov 14/12

Dear Dr. Gerald Dumol: I just wanted to write a quick note to express my deep gratitude for your professional care. I really appreciate your caring attitude and concern in helping me to recover from my back injury. I would be happy to refer others to you as I have already done. Thank you again.

Brad Mitten (Mississauga, ON) – Nov 13/12

When I visited Dynamic Chiropractic I was experiencing lower back pain and recovering from a broken ankle. The back pain was gone after two visits and the rehabilitation plan for my ankle has improved my mobility. Dr. Gerald Dumol is truly committed to his patients’ well being and offers explanations and exercises to promote long term healing.

Jerry Capasso (Mississauga, ON) – Nov 12/12

I visited Dynamic Chiropractic with neck, upper back and low back pain. I was happy with Dr. Gerald Dumol’s professionalism and thoroughness. Dr. Dumol treated the muscles in my neck and back and taught me some strengthening exercises that I could do at home to correct the muscles imbalances I had. The pain has gone down and it has helped me with my Jazz dancing. Thank-you Dynamic Chiropractic!

Joanne Young (Mississauga, ON) – Nov 10/12

If you are afraid or intimidated by the stories that you hear about chiropractors then Dr. Jennifer McAnsh of Dynamic Chiropractic is the best person to see. From the moment I walked in she was educating me every step of the way. From why I felt certain pains and tightness, to each type of treatment that she can perform, to very helpful exercises that I can do on my own to help strengthen and avoid tightness. She handles her patients with care while always challenging you to strive for better health. I would recommend that everyone with even the mildest concern see Dr. McAnsh for an evaluation. With the knowledge that you will walk away with, you’ll be glad you did!

Mike Widdis (Cambridge, ON) – Nov 9/12

Dear Dr. Gerald Dumol, things are good. My arm is back to normal, thanks to you. I had a really good experience at your clinic. Your knowledge and techniques were really impressive. The exercises you showed me help a lot. Thank you again for everything.

Mandeep Bhamra (Mississauga, ON) – Nov 8/12

I started seeing Dr. Gerald Dumol with issues in my lower back and headaches. Through a serious of exercises administrated by Dr. Dumol at his clinic and later at home my headaches and lower back pain has disappeared. I have incorporated the exercises into my regular daily program. It takes about 5 minutes twice a day, often done in front of the TV, both in the morning and evening. Dr. Dumol’s advice has allowed me to continue life as normal, which includes running, golf and being active in general.

John Murphy (Mississauga, ON) – Nov 7/12

I had a very positive experience visiting Dynamic Chiropractic Health & Wellness Centre. Dr. Gerald Dumol was very helpful and offered new techniques to help me cope with my on-going back pain.

Bruce Coles (Mississauga, ON) – Nov 6/12

I was very pleased with Dr. Gerald Dumol to help ease my neck pain. Dr. Dumol also showed me exercises that I could do at home which really help to gain strength in my neck and back area. I would recommend Dr. Dumol and Dynamic Chiropractic in a heartbeat.

Laurie Dalglish (Mississauga, ON) – Nov 5/12

Right from the start, Dynamic Chiropractic Health & Wellness Centre impressed me with their efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results I was looking for. I came in looking for an effective solution to the back / arm / shoulder problem I had for years. With just of couple of sessions with Dr. Gerald Dumol, I was already feeling much better. Not only is Dr. Dumol very attentive, very patient and cares for his patient, but he also taught me and recommended some strengthening exercises I am able to do at home to continue my treatment. Because of this, not only will I return to see him, but I always recommend Dr. Dumol & Dynamic Chiropractic to others seeking help.

Adisa Ozman (Mississauga, ON) – Oct 13/12

I had not seen a chiropractor for several years and decided to see Dr. Gerald Dumol after he helped my son recover from a neck injury. I had grown disenchanted with the idea ongoing adjustments were simply part of pro-active health care. What I discovered at Dynamic Chiropractic is a more holistic approach to injury including strengthening exercises and modular therapy for muscles, and adjustments only as needed. After years of carrying groceries, standing at a sink and working on a computer I was experiencing strain in my neck and shoulders. I am improving. I have better range of motion when I am driving and Dr. Dumol’s approach to recovery is much more in tune with my instincts that I need not be dependant on regular adjustments. I am doing my exercises and I can feel a difference in my posture which in turn is helping ease the acute muscle strain I had been experiencing. He has given me the tools to prevent a recurrence and monitors me occasionally. I did not have to commit to a defined number of treatments, pay for unnecessary ex-rays or in any way feel as if I was at the clinic any more than I needed to be. My experience at Dynamic Chiropractic was professional, educational and above all, made sense to me.

Karen Creighton (Mississauga, ON) – Oct 10/12

I attended Dr. Gerald Dumol’s office on a Saturday of a long weekend after injuring my back doing landscaping at my home. His service was excellent, and the treatment he did that day certainly eased the pain significantly, and allowed me to get through the weekend. I would recommend his practice to anyone in need of chiropractic care.

Lyle Somers (Georgetown, ON) – Oct 6/12

I was experiencing painful muscle spasms in my back for about a month which were not responding to what I would describe as traditional chiropractic spinal adjustments. Sherry, my wife suggested Dr. Gerald Dumol as he subscribes to a more holistic approach. On my first visit, Dr. Dumol listened carefully to my problem and took detailed notes. He then initiated a program of massage and exercises. Between visits I continued the exercises three times daily. After seven visits I am happy to say that I am essentially free from the muscle spasms that were seriously restricting my daily activities. I am also continuing with the exercises that Dr. Dumol has taught me and have incorporated them in to my overall health and fitness program. I highly recommend Dr. Dumol and Dynamic Chiropractic as a caring and responsive health and wellness centre.

Jon Snelson (Oakville, ON) – Oct 5/12

I went to see Dr. Dumol after a couple of months of having a sharp pain in the back of my knee. I was unable to squat fully or get up without holding onto something for support. At first, it was hard to pinpoint the area that needed treatment. Dr. Dumol was patient and listened when I showed him the areas of my knee that hurt. In 2 weeks, we found the problem area and he was able to treat it directly. With the stretching and strengthening exercises he’s shown me, I’m at 90-95% and getting better each day. I’m able to move around pain free, get up and down without assistance, etc. I would definitely see Dr. Dumol in the future or recommend him to anyone.

Al Alarakhia (Mississauga, ON) – Oct 4/12

I was very pleased with the treatment I received from Dr. Jennifer McAnsh for a leg injury. She relieved the pain after only a few sessions and provided me with exercises to augment the treatment. I found her to be very professional and knowledgeable as well as friendly and open. I had never been to a chiropractor before so I was extremely happy with the results and would definitely recommend her to others seeking chiropractic treatment.

Jeanne Duperreault (Mississauga, ON) – Oct 3/12

Having never seen a chiropractor before I didn’t know what to expect from my appointment with Dr. Gerald Dumol. I found his clinic on-line and decided on it based on other favourable reviews. I was not disappointed. He quickly saw me on the same day I called, brought relief to my lower back and showed me stretches and exercises that have strengthened my core. His professional manner and knowledge makes Dr. Dumol an excellent choice and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others.

Steven Hundt (Mississauga, ON) – Oct 2/12

After Dr. Jennifer McAnsh resolved my daughter’s athletic injuries with great success and impressive speed, I consulted her about persistent knee pain that had started to interfere with my fitness activities. I found her to be very gentle, pleasant and easy to talk to as well as extremely knowledgeable about sports injuries. What I appreciated most about our sessions was Dr. McAnsh’s willingness to adapt her approach, including considering different diagnoses and treatment, whenever I found anything uncomfortable or ineffective. Based on my own experience as well as that of my daughter, I will not hesitate to recommend Dr. McAnsh and Dynamic Chiropractic to anyone in need of chiropractic treatment.

Kathryn Perkins (Mississauga, ON) – Oct 1/12

I have been battling a nagging lower back injury for the better half of this year. Most recently it flared up this August, 2012 when I began to train for a Half Marathon. I tried to subside the pain through a combination of physiotherapy, massage therapy and a steady cocktail of muscle relaxers but this only yielded minimal results. I was VERY reluctant to visit any chiropractor as I didn’t feel comfortable with having any adjustments performed on me. When I first went to see Dr. Gerald Dumol, he was very thorough in his assessment and laid out a very detailed plan on how my recovery was going to take place. He reassured me that there would not be any adjustments if I wasn’t comfortable although he still took the time to inform me on the benefits. After the first treatment I noticed improvement. After 2 weeks I was 100% better. What impressed me most was that the focus didn’t stop. It just shifted to prevention as well as looking into my other running related injuries.

Augustus Noronha (Mississauga, ON) – Sept 14/12

Dr. Lisa Ramsackal has been helping me with pains due to MS, and heel/lower back pains. She is caring and knowledgeable. She took time to listen and truly understand where the pain is coming from. I appreciate that she took a few approaches to heal the pains i was having. I’m happy to say that in only a few sessions with her, my heel pains are significantly less. With my MS, I had constant leg pains, with Dr. Ramsackal’s help, I no longer have these pains at all! I appreciate and look forward to the healing time spent with Dr. Ramsackal.

Jaime R. (Milton, ON) – Sept 13/12

Dr. Gerald Dumol and the team at Dynamic Chiropractic create a comfortable, yet professional atmosphere. They are very accommodating and are focused on treatment to repair an injury, rather than to temporarily suppress the discomfort. I would certainly recommend meeting with Dr. Dumol for any of your chiropractic needs!

Venessa Sears (Oakville, ON) – Sept 12/12

I’ve had a very good experience with Dr. Gerald Dumol of Dynamic Chiropractic when I visited him for my back pain. He was very informative and took the time to explain the possible reasons for the pain I was experiencing. He also explained each treatment procedure as he performed them. I will definitely return to his clinic and would recommend him to anyone.

Elana Zain (Mississauga, ON) – Sept 11/12

I have been in all kinds of treatment programs for my chronic neck and back pain, but I have never had the results that I have had with Dr. Gerald Dumol. Dr. Dumol believes in a long term cure and not just quick fixes where you have to keep visiting him forever. He incorporates specific exercises in his treatment. He is an excellent doctor who cares about his patients. My investment in his treatment regime and the exercises on a daily basis has paid off very well. I know I have to do the exercises daily as that keeps me pain free. I will definitely give Dr. Dumol a call again if I go under for any reason and need help again. Thank you Dr. Dumol

Philomena Saldanha (Mississauga, ON) – Sept 7/12

The service at Dynamic Chiropractic was great and I found the people to be very easy to talk to. Dr. Gerald Dumol was not only very knowledgeable but was also very effective when communicating it, this allowed me to understand exactly what was wrong so I could perform the exercises properly. When performing soft tissue therapy, he also communicated very well always making sure I was not uncomfortable. Finally I found his treatment to be well thought out and it showed, as I made quick progress.

Braydon Rennie (Mississauga, ON) – Sept 6/12

At Dynamic Chiropractic, Dr. Gerald Dumol provided me with excellent chiropractic service. Since seeing Dr. Dumol, I have experienced great improvements from his treatments. I continue to do his suggested strengthening exercises at home.

Alida Esmail (Mississauga, ON) – Sept 5/12

Dr. Lisa Ramsackal from Dynamic Chiropractic was very professional and informative. She provided me with advice on various aspects of my running training and health.

Natasha Herron (Mississauga, ON) – Sept 4/12

I will always be glad I met Dr. Gerald Dumol and had the good fortune of receiving chiropractic and other therapeutic treatments at Dynamic Chiropractic. Before that, I had no knowledge of Soft Tissue Therapy (STT). Dr. Dumol’s analysis of my wellness issues were thorough and targeted. He zeroed in on the combination of treatments I needed, saving me much time and expense in finding relief. I experienced very speedy recovery from the pains and discomfort that seized me for months and was able to bounce back to a remarkable state of health and well-being to enjoy the many activities I love. All thanks to Dr. Dumol’s skills and dedication to his patients, and such a well-facilitated clinic that offers IFC and other therapeutic treatments, in-house rehab exercise equipment, and the full line-up of services such as therapeutic massages to enhance a patient’s recovery and wellness maintenance. I will not hesitate to recommend Dr. Gerald Dumol and Dynamic Chiropractic clinic to everyone I know. Thank you Dr. Dumol and every one at Dynamic Chiropractic Clinic.

Susan Sin (Mississauga, ON) – Aug 20/12

Dear Dr. Gerald Dumol, I just wanted to write to you to express my appreciation of what you and your team did for me earlier this spring. As you may recall, I awoke one morning with extreme pain in my back. The pain was so great that I could barely walk, let alone get out of the bed that day. I attended the hospital only to be prescribed with pain killers and muscle relaxants which merely masked the symptoms but did not treat them. I saw you for treatment, as well as Ms. Jessica Cuda an RMT from your practice. Between the two of you working together, the pain and symptoms began to subside. After only a few weeks I was significantly improved over where I had been. One of the aspects I particularly like about your practice is that it takes what I consider to be the “Sports Medicine” approach, which is to treat the issue so that the patient may continue to do things they did before. The traditional approach would be to mask the symptoms and then limit the patient’s activities. This often means less, not more, physical activity! Your approach I believe is far more beneficial to the patient’s long term health, and is one of the reasons I would not hesitate to recommend both Ms. Cuda and yourself to anyone.

Mark Stebbing, CMA, MBA (Mississauga, ON) – Aug 18/12

I have currently had 4 sessions with Dr. Gerald Dumol and have felt a great physical improvement already! He is very organized and explains and monitors the condition of my pain at every session clearly. The at-home exercises prescribed to me are of big help as well and very easy to implement into any lifestyle. I would recommend him to anyone suffering from some type of physical pain and/or injury.

Lisa Sommer (Toronto, ON) – Aug 17/12

I went to see Dr. Gerald Dumol after hurting my neck when awkwardly lifting some heavy boxes. My experience at Dynamic Chiropractic was the best chiropractic experience I’ve had yet. Dr. Dumol was extremely helpful in alleviating my immediate pain with his adjustment but it is his philosophy of helping his patients becoming well-informed in the causes of their pain and ways to prevent further occurrences by strengthening themselves that sets him apart from other chiropractors in my opinion. His treatment takes a more holistic approach and isn’t just a quick adjustment and you’re on your way in five minutes. Once you’re better, that’s the end of the treatment with no pressure for follow-up adjustments unless your injury or condition requires it. It’s also very helpful that his clinic is open later on Saturdays than just about any other place I’ve checked!

Corporal Alvin Szeto, Canadian Forces Reserve (Ottawa, ON) – Aug 16/12

I’d like to thank Dr. Lisa Ramsackal of Dynamic Chiropractic for the care I received for the lower back pain I was experiencing for a few months. I had never been to a chiropractor before and massage therapy wasn’t working. To my surprise after the first treatment I was able to sleep through the night without repositioning due to pain. On further visits Dr. Ramsackal showed me some stretching and strengthening exercises that I continue to use to strengthen my back muscles.

Mike Sproul (Mississauga, ON) – Aug 15/12

Dr. Gerald Dumol and his staff were a delight to work with and eliminated my aching neck pain within record time. They are a professional group from all angles. Thank-you Dynamic Chiropractic!

Paul Woolford (Mississauga, ON) – Aug 14/12

Dear Dr. Gerald Dumol, so far all is fine with my lower back. After you helped me, I now really try to watch it and be careful since my sciatica was horrible in the past. Thank you for all your help. You were always available any time I needed it. Thank you again!

Beata Krupa (Mississagua, ON) – Aug 13/12

The help I received from Dr. Gerald Dumol was above all very comforting, because not only did he help me with my problems, he was even able to make it fun and it was very enjoyable to spend time with him during my session. He remembers you as a person as well as a friend. With all that said I found my experience at the Dynamic Chiropractic clinic profoundly helpful.

Romain Liebel (Mississauga, ON) – Aug 11/12

Dr. Lisa Ramsackal is very kind and knowledgeable; she helped me to eliminate chronic knee pain that I had been having for 17 years, through hands on treatment and additional exercises that I was able to do at home. I’m very grateful and highly recommend Dr. Ramsackal.

Nicole Hoskins (Brampton, ON) – Aug 10/12

I recently hurt my lower back quite badly for the fourth or fifth time. I had tried many forms of therapy without a great deal of success. I decided to try Dr Gerald Dumol at Dynamic Chiropractic and was very pleased with the therapy and results after only 4 sessions.

Allan MacDonald (Toronto, ON) – Aug 9/12

I did not realize that there are different ways to practice as a Chiropractor until I visited Dr. Gerald Dumol. I thought that everyone performed the same treatment of adjusting. Dr. Dumol educated me on how he is different: Dr. Dumol aims to get his patients better in as little as 6-8 weeks using muscle massages and simple exercises as well as adjusting. I am thrilled that there will be an end to my stiff neck and I won’t have to undergo treatment on a monthly basis for years. Thanks Dynamic Chiropractic!

Carolyn Moshtagh, MBOT (Burlington, ON) – Aug 8/12

Dr. Jennifer McAnsh is the first Chiropractor I have seen here in Ontario and in B.C. that truly listened to my issues and started a treatment that actually helped me change my posture and feel less stressed and less tight in the muscles surrounding my neck. I have told many now about my experience and would recommend Dr. McAnsh to anyone. I have been seeing Chiropractors for 20 years now and each has their way of doing their practice. I had a very good Chiropractor that helped me in Victoria which took years to find. After a few not so helpful experiences you know when you have found someone who not only cares but takes the time to really fix the problem areas, Dr. McAnsh is the one I have found here in Ontario.

Kim Anderson (Mississauga, ON) – Aug 7/12

Dear Dr. Gerald Dumol, I just wanted to write you a letter of thanks for helping me with my neck condition. I have currently not been experiencing any pain in my neck and shoulder area since your treatments. You’re very thorough in examining the situation, and offer great exercises to do at home to prevent further discomfort. I’d be happy to refer you to my friends and family should they be in need of a Dynamic Chiropractor!

Jane Chandler (Oakville, ON) – Aug 3/12

At Dynamic Chiropractic Health & Wellness Centre, I feel that I am inspired to follow a special exercise routine that will contribute to my well-being and accelerate my healing. Dr. Gerald Dumol is an excellent listener, and is very proactive in my rehabilitation. He encourages me to do my best in following his special exercise regime and explains why. He will explain what he is doing and what will be the results, if and when asked. He is a chiropractor who does genuinely care for his clients and asks important questions at the beginning of each session to see where they are at. He is very attentive and focused while I am doing my chiropractic exercises to ensure that they are done properly. All in all, this makes for a very positive, educational and caring experience.’

Christine Aragon (Oakville, ON) – Aug 2/12

When I first met Dr. Gerald Dumol, I was skeptical as to whether he could help me with the pain and lack of movement in my neck. I couldn’t turn my head to check my blind spot and within two weeks I was able to turn my head and by week six, I was 95% pain free and getting better every week!

Joseph Lacroix – A Room A Therapy (Mississauga, ON) – Aug 1/12

Dr. Dumol was recommended to me by a friend and I have been very pleased. I came with a sore knee, and a few weeks later, my pain is completely gone. He has given me strengthening exercises to prevent this from happening again. I completely recommend him & his clinic.

Dr. Marisa Finlay (Toronto, ON) – July 14/12

I have had chronic back problems since my mid-teens and I have seen chiropractors in the past. In the short time that I have been seeing Dr. Gerald Dumol, I have already seen an improvement in my muscles and joints. He went through a thorough assessment and diagnosed not just my back issues, but also other areas (neck, shoulders, posture etc) that are directly related to my problems. Through treatment and exercises, not only is my back feeling better, but my overall health is improving. I am very happy to refer Dr. Dumol and his highly trained, courteous staff who make every visit a pleasure. Keep up the good work!

Martin Borean (Mississauga, ON) – July 13/12

Dr. Lisa Ramsackal acts in a very profession manner and creates a very welcoming environment for her patients. There is one thing that sticks out the most is that Dr. Ramsackal, she addresses the dietary concerns, injuries and other factors in your life that could affect the patient. In addition, Dr. Ramsackal is available throughout the day for assistance. I appreciate the extra exercises and strength training that Dr. Ramsackal gives to me. Overall my experience with Dr. Ramsackal has been great!

Natasha Herron (Mississauga, ON) – July 12/12

I recently began seeing Dr. Gerald Dumol about a knee injury that I had sustained while running. I had heard good things about him from some of my colleagues who were already patients of his. I was not disappointed. As a doctor, Gerald is very thorough and incredibly conscientious. He takes the time to understand your whole health picture before he makes his diagnosis and suggests an appropriate treatment care plan. He makes sure that you understand the problem and works cooperatively with you to ensure that you are a part of the treatment decision. He encourages his patients to be active participants in their own care, promotes goal setting, and provides regular feedback on your progress throughout the therapeutic process. As a person, Dr. Dumol is easy to speak to, understanding, and patient. I was really impressed by his combination of professionalism and kindness and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of a chiropractor.

Krista McGrath (Mississauga, ON) – July 11/12

The service at Dynamic Chiropractic Health and Wellness Centre is very good. I would recommend Dr. Gerald Dumol to everyone that needs the services of a chiropractor.

Vanig Jelilian (Mississauga, ON) – July 10/12

I was impressed with the attention to detail during my treatments with Dr. Gerald Dumol. Dr. Dumol provided a detailed explanation of the causes of the achilles discomfort I had. The program that Dr. Dumol recommended provided relief within a few days. I would highly recommend Dr. Dumol for any chiropractic or sports rehab requirements.

Savio Nazareth (Mississauga, ON) – July 9/12

Being a husband, dad of two little ones (4 and 6), working full-time in Sales, playing gigs; both corporate, bars and weddings on the weekends, and squeezing in some co-ed softball caps off my week. I can say my schedule is pretty… hectic. I truly love everything I do, and I wouldn’t want it any other way… well that’s until I hurt myself in baseball, hearing my calf “POP” running down a fly ball. What a way to throw off my schedule. Needless to say it really slowed me down, I heard stories and read on-line that this injury “could” potentially take weeks to months to heal. NOT what I wanted to hear or read. So I went to my nearby Chiropractor, got stretched out and was told it would take time to heal. I wasn’t satisfied with that answer, so that’s when I approached Dr. Lisa Ramsackal for a second opinion, she assessed me and suggested I get a heal lift to take some pressure off the calf, and during our first session she helped stretch out my calf, applied acupuncture and applied kinesiotape to cleverly limit my calf movement so I could heal quicker. Well I have to say, I’m JUST finished my 2nd week of treatment, I’ve seen Dr. Ramsackal 4 times so far, and i’ve iced, and stretched with the band she gave me to work on my range of motion and I have to say I’m walking without a limp, the swelling is pretty well gone, the tightness in my calf has subsided. I am VERY happy with my progress. I would without a doubt, recommend Dr. Lisa Ramsackal of Dynamic Chiropractic. Thank you.

Eric Lam (Mississauga, ON) – July 7/12

To Dr, Gerald Dumol a huge thank-you for showing me (and others from what I here) what chiropractic should be like. Your treatments aren’t a quick 5 min in and out visit after an adjustment or two and yes I have experienced that. Your attention and method to discover a condition seemed a little weird at first… Only because I had never experienced that level of attention before; combined with the treatment and prevention plan you produce was refreshing. I had never been in a chiropractic clinic for 30 minutes…unless the Doctor was running behind with previous patience. I did notice that your “adjustments”, seemed to last longer in my case and was impressed at the speediness of my recovery for my back issues. You stated some time ago, what you do is what you were trained to do; well many students turned chiropractors may have not been paying as much attention to the details as you, because what you do is not what I’ve experienced over the past 10 years of visiting chiropractors. Thank you

A.M. (Oakville, ON) – July 6/12

Dr. Jennifer McAnsh was great. She was very knowledgeable about both my ailment and treatment options. I really appreciated that she used the appropriate medical terminology but also made sure I understood what she was saying. She provided immediate treatment as well as a series of exercises for me to do at home. She was professional, approachable and easy going. I will definitely return. Thank-you

Michelle Allen (Toronto, ON) – July 5/12

I feel fortunate to have received treatment from Dr. Gerald Dumol. He has enabled me to get back to running when others told me to stop. Dr. Dumol is a great listener and the fact that he is a competitive athlete makes him an excellent doctor. His staff and offices are very professional. The massage team really helped me to get back on my feet as well. Gerald and his team gives back to the community though his monthly prediction runs. I would highly recommend him to help you either get to the next level in your training or to get back training.

Tim Collins (Oakville, ON) – July 4/12

After years of playing baseball, and incorrectly taking care of my shoulder; it was to the point where every game would cause me horrible pain. I’ve been lucky enough to have Dr. Lisa Ramsackal treating my shoulder and arm over the last year, and the results have been amazing. I’m able to continue to throw through an entire weekend tournament with little to no pain. With the results I’ve gotten so far, I’m completely confident that continuing to follow Dr. Lisa’s instruction and exercise plan, the pain will be gone forever.

Kenneth Davidson (Mississauga, ON) – July 3/12

I am pleased to write a few words regarding the treatment I received from Dr. Gerald Dumol at Dynamic Chiropractic Health & Wellness Centre over the past few weeks. I was treated for sciatica and the pain subsided after a couple of treatments and now I am pain free. Dr. Dumol is a true professional who makes his patients feel comfortable with his pleasant demeanour and his knowledge in the field of chiropractic. The clinic is warm and welcoming, and it is pleasant to walk in and feel an air of professionalism. I have also observed that he has a good rapport with the staff.

Margaret Tucker (Mississauga, ON) – June 11/12

Dr. Gerald Dumol developed a good plan to build strength and reduce muscle pain in my forearm. That has really helped me keep playing tennis in much more comfort. Thanks for all your help Dr. Dumol.

Tricia Anderson (Mississauga, ON) – June 9/12

Dr. Jennifer McAnsh was helpful and provided highly effective treatment, not to mention was friendly while doing so. She completely fixed a problem with my leg, and I have already returned with confidence for a wrist injury, which is now almost completely healed. Thanks for all your help!

Sydney P. (Mississauga, ON) – June 8/12

I visit Dr. Gerald Dumol’s clinic a few months ago complaining of a sore left shoulder. It seems like stress and sleeping on my side was aggravating my arm/ shoulder and making it difficult to lift it all the way up. He not only relieved the muscle stress but taught me how to do exercises to strengthen the area. 3 weeks later, what a difference. I am moving it freely again. Thanks for the help.

Theresa Baird (Mississauga, ON) – June 7/12

As a fellow runner, Dr. Gerald Dumol understood my injury very well. He was patient with the taking of precise notes. He created a tailor made plan of recovery for me. This plan included chiropractic treatments at his office as well as exercises which he suggested that I do at home to aid my recovery. I am currently recovering well and quickly. Thanks to Dr. Dumol’s expertise and understanding, my running is strong again after only 3 visits!

Boris Guzman (Mississauga, ON) – June 6/12

Dr. Jennifer McAnsh at Dynamic Chiropractic is a cautious and a dedicated chiropractor who has been providing me with chiropractic treatments since May 26, 2012 for my right knee and my lower back. I find her treatments effective in relieving some of my knee and back pain.

Angela Wong-Liao (Mississauga, ON) – June 5/12

Hi Dr. Dumol, I would just like to thank you for all the personal effort you have put into getting me back to running. After having run the Boston Marathon in 2011, it was most frustrating to get my first running injury in six years. Not only was I impressed with your careful analysis of my knee injury, but your willingness to turn me over to your chiropractic associates to try different things with my recovery. Your whole team at Dynamic Chiropractic was particularly attentive to my therapy. While it took a couple of MRI’s to determine the true nature of my problem, a very bad, stress fracture in my knee, you immediately adjusted your therapy to my recovery from this unusual injury. I always felt like had very special treatment from you as one runner to another and not just a doctor to a patient. Today I can let you know that I just finished the Half Marathon in Mississauga and came in 3rd in my age group. Most of the pain is gone and I am feeling just fine after the run. Thank you for all the special attention and instructions on what to do over the next few months to continue with my recovery. Regards,

Adam Naiman (Mississauga, ON) – May 19/12

After injuring myself running I went for treatment at Dynamic Chiropractic. I had never been to a chiropractor before and wasn’t sure what to expect. Dr. Gerald Dumol was extremely helpful, and my expectations were succeeded when I went for my first visit. He was very thorough and took the time to explain my injury to me. I noticed significant improvement after my first visit and was already able to run a bit better. Dr. Dumol tailored the exercises to exactly what I needed and made sure I would be able to do them on my own, he has been excellent at tracking my progress. After a few visits I was able to run a 10km run quite comfortably. Dr. Dumol is a knowledgeable and effective chiropractor and I would highly recommend him to my family and friends.

Lauren King (Mississauga, ON) – May 18/12

Hello Dr. Dumol, I would like to take the time to thank you for treating me so well ever since my first phone call to Dynamic Chiropractic. I was referred to you by a friend and I am very grateful for that. I was pleasantly surprised with the level of detail you spent doing my initial assessment. Your patience and expertise is admirable and is what will keep me coming back. The treatment given thus far has made me feel better already. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Fatima Elmazovski (Mississauga, ON) – May 17/12

My name is Jennifer Mikoleit, I am 26 years old and have been treated by several different chiropractors since I was 4 years old. I have experienced different chiropractic techniques throughout this period and have come to the realization that the best treatments for my body involve spinal warm-up stretch exercises. The treatment I have received from Dr. Jennifer McAnsh at Dynamic Chiropractic has been top notch, and I stick by my theory that stretching the spinal muscles before having an adjustment will provide much more beneficial results than other chiropractors who do not use this technique. Not only does Dr. McAnsh do this essential treatment, but she also provides me with stretching practices that we practice in the clinic and that I continue daily at home. I have found that the combination of the spinal warm-up stretches, the adjustment, and the core strengthening exercises have significantly improved my posture and relieved my back pain. I work at an office all day and find I have a lot of tension in my shoulders and back and since starting the treatments with Dr. McAnsh I barely notice any pain anymore. Dr. Jennifer McAnsh is an extremely knowledgeable and caring individual in whom I completely trust. I feel so lucky that I have finally found a clinic where these are common practices. I would recommend this treatment by Dr. Jennifer McAnsh to absolutely anyone who has core stability issues, spinal issues, problems with back pains, neck pains, anyone who has pain in their body anywhere and anyone who wants to improve posture. If you believe you can succeed in recovery you can, and the team at Dynamic Chiropractic will provide you with all of those tools you’ll need to succeed in this.

Jennifer Mikoleit (Campbellville, Ontario) – May 16/12

I had the luxury of using Dr. Dumol’s services a few months back, to try and help my shoulder. Not only was I very pleased to see such a clean clinic, I was impressed by his approach and how he evaluated my situation. Most of the chiropractors I’ve used just do a “quick crunch” so to speak. Dr. Dumol takes the time and the proper steps to accurately determine how to resolve the issue, providing an almost physiotherapy approach at the end of your visitation. Overall, I would highly recommend Dr. Gerald Dumol to anyone in need of a chiropractor.

Jonathan Chandler (Mississauga, ON) – May 15/12

Dear Dr. Gerald Dumol, Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you very much for looking after me at your clinic. I am a fellow marathon runner and when I can’t run I am not a happy person. From the minute I walked into your clinic to the initial consultation and then the exercises you asked that I do, you were bang on your treatment and because you teach your patients what they need to do to stay injury free makes you very valuable. And now I run mainly pain free, with no drugs and no long term commitment to daily appointments. You really do care and you really are different. Thank you very much for your caring and professionalism.

Steve Youdowitch (Mississauga, ON) – May 14/12

I had sprained my ankle badly at a volleyball tournament and after more than a month my ankle was still fairly swollen and it was still quite painful to walk. After awhile I finally decided to visit a volleyball academy where the Dynamic Chiropractic Health and Wellness Centre was offering a free treatment and try it out. This is where I met Dr. Jennifer McAnsh and received my first treatment from her. She did a great job right from the start so I decided to continue my ankle treatment with her. After receiving a few treatments I started to feel an improvement in my ankle’s range of motion, the amount of pain and the amount of swelling in my ankle. Dr. McAnsh was very thorough in her treatment and was very informative. She gave me a number of exercises to do to help strengthen my ankle and to prevent future accidents. I highly recommend Dr. Jennifer McAnsh from the Dynamic Chiropractic Health & Wellness Centre for any of your chiropractic/sport rehabilitation needs. Thank you Dr. McAnsh for your exceptional treatment and the rest of the Dynamic Chiropractic Team!

Deanna Pan (Mississauga, ON) – May 12/12

I have been seeing Dr. Gerald Dumol for my right forearm and neck/shoulder pain and stiffness. I was really impressed with how Dr. Dumol was able to treat my complaints quite effectively with his manual therapy. He also gave me a few strengthening exercises that we do after each treatment, and which I do at home, which has helped my injuries immensely. Thank-you for all your help Dr. Dumol

Lana Astbury (Mississauga, ON) – May 11/12

Dr Lisa Ramsackal from Dynamic Chiropractic was very pleasant and knowledgeable in her treatment of me, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to friends and colleagues.

Philip King (Brampton, ON) – May 10/12

When I first went Dynamic Chiropractic, Dr. Gerald Dumol did an assessment on me and was very thorough. This is something my old chiropractor didn’t do. Dr. Dumol also treated my back with the various soft tissue techniques that he uses, which was also something that my old chiropractor didn’t do. I quickly started seeing positive results and as I keep going back for treatment I continue to see results. Dr. Dumol truly is different than your everyday chiropractor and I would recommend anyone to go see him. He is different and genuinely shows that he cares about getting you better. Keep up the great work Dr. Dumol!

Sam Akrivopoulous (Mississauga, ON) – May 9/12

Dr. Lisa Ramsackal at Dynamic Chiropractic is very professional and caring. She has in depth knowledge regarding a wide variety of topics. Her assistance with my injury has been fantastic and I firmly believe that without her services I would be nowhere near as advanced in my rehab. I would recommend her services anytime and in fact I have recommended her to a colleague from work.

Leonard Smith (Mississauga, ON) – May 8/12

My experience at Dynamic Chiropractic with Dr. Gerald Dumol has been quite positive so far. After the first few days of treatment I’ve gotten some relief in my shoulder. I would definitely like to continue for a few more treatments to make sure that my shoulder pain is gone completely.

Gladys Singh (Mississauga, ON) – May 7/12

I had chronic knee pains, dating back to a few years ago. I began getting treatment from Dr. Jennifer McAnsh, to fix the problems I was having on a day-to-day basis. Within two weeks, the pain was effectively reduced, using advanced treatment. Currently we are working on the knee joint, but I was also given more information regarding how it may have happened, and how I can furthermore reduce the change of it happening again. I can now play basketball with no pain, and within a relatively short period of time, it has healed. Thank you to Dynamic Chiropractor, as well as Dr. McAnsh for the exceptional treatment.

Sandeep Gill (Mississauga, ON) – May 1, 2012

I have been under the care of Dr. Gerald Dumol for a number of different issues. I am training for a small 10K race coming up at the beginning of May. Unfortunately my heart and lungs are saying yes but my muscles are telling me differently. I haven’t run for at least twenty years. Dr. Dumol is a completely different chiropractor from all my previous chiropractors because he actually takes the time to properly assess you and gets you on the right track for your own recovery. He not only helps with his deep tissue massages and electrotherapy treatments, that he uses to help my pulled back recover within 10 days of quite a severe pull, but he is also training me with strengthening exercises as part of my care. I also find that all my visitations with Dr. Dumol are very thorough and he is continually tracking my progress and making sure I am doing my exercises. Whether you are taking on a life challenge or just need a chiropractor that gives you more than a two minute adjustment – I highly recommend his services. I know with Dr Dumol’s help and knowledge I WILL SUCCEED. Keep up the good work, I highly recommend you. Thank you for all your help so far.

Helen Dalton (Burlington, ON) – Apr 19, 2012.

I had been experiencing this annoying tension that just didn’t seem to go away in my lower back/glutes, and one day when running along Lakeshore Road, I saw the Dynamic Chiropactic Sign from the road. This is when I thought I must look into this problem, before it becomes a REAL problem that can not be fixed. I was very hesitant about going to a chiropractor because of all the horror stories that you hear. I went home that day Googled the website, and made the call for my first appointment. When I entered the facility there was Dr. Gerald Dumol who greeted me with a pleasant smile. I discovered that he is avid passionate, knowledgeable, runner which suited me just fine, being an athlete myself, this allowed me to have more confidence attending my appointment. Dr. Dumol completed my assessment and to my amazement my issue was more than fixable. He provided several exercises which to my surprise worked! I now have the confidence to know my issue is manageable and I no longer have to worry, that it will stop me from my love of running, cycling, swimming and hitting the weights. I am very grateful for that day and I owe a big thank you to Dr. Dumol for providing such amazing service at Dynamic Chiropractic’s facility, thank you Dr. Dumol. BTW, try out the 3K Prediction Runs! They are amazing and organized and the funds go to a great cause, the Arthritis Society. Also, it’s great way to gage your abilities without traveling far and wide and getting race jitters! See you out there!

Dawn Greene (Mississauga, ON) – Apr 18, 2012

Dr. Gerald Dumol’s professionalism, thorough knowledge and caring nature have all contributed to my positive patient experience at Dynamic Chiropractic, and it has set me up towards reducing and managing my pain. After a complete patient interview, he etched out a progressive course of treatment using soft tissue therapy, manipulation, and an introduction to a regiment of back exercises. He offered discussion and options on how to transition to a more autonomous treatment plan, and makes continued efforts to remain engaged and active with my progress. I would recommend Dr. Dumol to anyone undergoing back pain in particular.

Padmini Jeyarajan (Mississauga, ON) – Apr 17, 2012

As someone who has had chiropractic treatment in the past which consisted of 5 minute adjustment appointments and constant maintenance appointments, Dr. Gerald Dumol’s approach to chiropractic care is a completely new and different experience for me. Dr. Dumol is extremely thorough and knowledgeable, testing for improvement and changes – at every single appointment, not just the initial assessment! 6 weeks after I began treatment at Dynamic Chiropractic, I haven’t had a single adjustment but have benefited incredibly from his technique of soft tissue therapy in combination with strengthening exercises. For me personally, I find the Dynamic Chiropractic method of soft tissue therapy (which is a deep massage-type therapy) allows for the increased range of motion and pain relief that I need in order to perform the strengthening rehabilitation exercises that will correct my joint/muscular problems for good. I would describe Dr. Dumol’s treatment as an approach that looks deeper into joint and muscular problems than any other chiropractor I’ve been to. He found the root of my knee pain to be from weak glutes which lead to other muscles overcompensating. Dr. Dumol goes through the rehabilitation exercises with me at each appointment to make sure my improvement is on track and so far, I have been knee pain free for a month and am just working on strengthening so that I never have knee pain again! Chiropractic care at Dynamic Chiropractic has been a great experience and I recommend Dr. Gerald Dumol to anyone who wants to close the chapter of chronic pain in their life.

Gillian Symons (Mississauga, ON) – Apr 16, 2012.

Dynamic Chiropractic is a great place to get massage and chiropractic treatments. The clinic staff and Dr. Gerald Dumol are always very organized and punctual for appointments. After treatments, many helpful suggestions are given by treating staff to improve problem areas faster. Furthermore, the clinic is very modern and clean making the client feel at ease when coming in for treatments. Thank Dynamic Chiropractic for a great experience.

Olivia Law (Mississauga, ON) – Apr 14, 2012.

I have recently been introduced to Dr. Gerald Dumol who in a short period of time has made me feel much better. I have been having lower back problems for almost ten years and have had a number of chiropractic treatments which did not help. Dr. Dumol’s approach to chiropractic health and wellness is unique with up to date procedures which allow for minimal adjustments and are maximized with Soft Tissue Therapy and exercise. Thank you Dr. Dumol.”

S.E. (Burlington, ON) – Apr 13, 2012

I contacted Dynamic Chiropractic after I needed what I would classify as emergency care for my neck. Dr. Gerald Dumol went above and beyond my expectations. Dr. Dumol is very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. I would recommend him to anyone in pain in a heart beat.

Romas Kartavicius (Mississauga, ON) – Apr 12, 2012.

Dr. Gerald Dumol is an exceptional chiropractor. He takes his time and is very thorough. It was obvious to me, from my first visit to Dynamic Chiropractic that I was in good hands. Since being treated by Dr. Dumol, only a few times, I feel stronger and am clear that my knee issues will soon be a distant memory. To sum it up I would say that Dr. Dumol cares very much for his clients’ well being, and goes the extra mile to ensure everything is done for healing and comfort.

Hilary Gatehouse (Mississauga, ON) – Apr 11, 2012

As both a strength coach and competitive bodybuilder, I consider my health and performance to be of utmost importance. So, when I noticed a misalignment in my hips, I turned to Dr. Lisa Ramsackal to evaluate my condition. In one visit she was able to explain to me the ORIGIN of my back pain, and prescribe strength and mobility exercises to correct this condition. Now, I not only feel stronger and more mobile, but I’ve hit a personal best 400lbs back squat- pain free!

Ryan Lyn (Mississauga, ON) – Apr 10, 2012

After only 3 treatments by Dr. Gerald Dumol for some right buttock and groin pain, I am as good as new. I am always speaking very highly of him to my friends and family. I had a great experience at the Dynamic Chiropractic clinic. Dr. Gerald Dumol is very knowledgeable in his field. I would highly recommend him to others. I will definitely give Dr. Gerald Dumol a call again if another injury were to arise.

Jim Gallagher (Mississauga, ON) – Apr 9, 2012

I met Dr. Gerald Dumol and sensed he was different than other chiropractors. I sensed authenticity in Dr. Dumol and being a runner with an IT band issue thought I would see what he could do for me. I was a sceptic, but in pain. Dr. Dumol was incredibly personable and understanding of my apprehension. He was able to understand what was going on, apply treatment and even spend time showing and doing exercises with me that I could do at home. The visit was exceptional and I found I felt better and continued to feel stronger.

Darlene Huff (Oakville, ON) – Apr 7, 2012.

Dr. Jennifer McAnsh is very thorough & professional in investigating your past medical information as well as doing an exhaustive assessment of your current situation. Then after careful thought Dr. McAnsh explains exactly what she has found and the type of treatment she will provide. I have every confidence in her capabilities and success. I wish all Doctors were a through and communicative as she is.

Barry Holt (Etobicoke, ON) – Apr 6, 2012

Dear Dr. Gerald Dumol. I can’t tell you how pleased I am that I have finally found a chiropractor who understands pain management. You have done more for me in 4 weeks than all my other doctors in the last 3 years. I am delighted that you are approaching my issues with me as an integral part of my treatment – with exercises – with monitoring – with my input. You are giving me the tools to be in charge of my own health. What a concept! On the one hand, I look forward to a time when I no longer need to see you for treatment. On the other hand, I am totally confident that if I do injure myself muscularly or hurt my back, that all I need to do for relief is come to see you. With much appreciation,

Janet Johnson (Oakville, ON) – Apr 5, 2012

Dr. Lisa Ramsackal is a very caring chiropractor. She is very personable and always makes me feel comfortable. It’s like visiting with a friend. She is very thorough with her work and very professional. She makes sure that I have the very best care using all avenues possible. Dr. Ramsackal makes me laugh, even when she has to use that scraping tool to get rid of scar tissue which tends to hurt! Lol. She is a fabulous chiropractor and I would recommend her and Dynamic Chiropractic to anyone needing chiropractic care!

Alix Daubney (Brampton, ON) – Apr 4, 2012

Dr. Jennifer McAnsh was wonderful to work with. She listened very patiently to where I explained my problem areas were and also she paid very close attention to detail. Dr. McAnsh made me feel very comfortable with everything she did especially since it was my first time to a clinic or even to see a chiropractor. I look forward to my next session with her.

Myla Chawla (Mississauga, ON) – Apr 3, 2012

I’ve had biceps tendonitis for several years and continue to struggle with it. After going to various physiotherapy clinics for many years I decided to try to get treatment again at a new location. My aunt recommended that I go to Dynamic Chiropractic, which I’m very glad she brought me to this place. I’ve had one-on-one sessions with Dr. Gerald Dumol, who is a friendly and knowledgeable clinician. He really listens to your specific problems, then gives you personalized therapies, modalities and exercises to do at home to compliment the work done together in the clinic. My therapy sessions with Dr. Dumol have been very beneficial towards my chronic shoulder pain and I have been very satisfied with the excellent healthcare he provides. I have made continuous progress on my chronic muscle pain issues and am very appreciative for the work that Dr. Dumol has done to better my health. He is very kind, professional, considerate and works with you one-on-one to help you progress in your therapy sessions to reach a goal of being pain free. I’ve had a great experience at Dynamic Chiropractic and would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their health and get rid of that pain once and for all, they make it happen here!

Natalie Araya (Mississauga, ON) – Mar 24, 2012

I am an avid marathoner and had started to experience groin pains in my right leg. I went to see Dr. Gerald Dumol for therapy and within two appointments he had me fixed completely. Dr. Dumol is a very humble and gentle person. He took the time out to listen attentively and was able to understand my injuries, as a runner. He also told me how to prevent the injuries from occurring again and gave me exercises to take home, which was extremely helpful. Since going to Dr. Dumol I have never experienced the same injuries again.

Surat Chahal (Mississauga, ON) – Mar 23, 2012

Dr. Gerald Dumol has helped me tremendously. After being involved a Motor Vehicle accident, I required medical attention. The insurance company chose a Physio Clinic that I should go to. It was not helping. I had met Dr. Dumol at a networking function, and was impressed with his slogan – not just a quick fix. He listened to my medical problems. He explained why these areas hurt and recommended treatment. His goal is to make you feel better – for the long term. He gave me strengthening exercises that I can always refer to if I start to feel the pain coming back. He has flexible hours and is genuinely concerned about the patients well being. I highly recommend Dr. Dumol for any muscle pains

Lidwin Martinez-Cairo (Oakville, ON) – Mar 22, 2012

I called in Dr. Gerald Dumol in a late Saturday afternoon due to severe neck and shoulder pains. Dr. Dumol came back to his office from home and fixed my problem. I am writing this testimonial not only show my appreciations, but also recommend Dr. Dumol because of his high skills and professionalism.

Helen Zhang (Mississauga, ON) – Mar 21, 2012

Recently I slipped on some ice and sprained both my knee and ankle. After weeks of trying to regain movement I finally decided to see a professional. When I asked around, two friends of mine referred me to Dr. Gerald Dumol. At first I was sceptical because he is a chiropractor and my back was not the problem. My friends assured me that he not only worked on backs but was a sports injury specialist and could help me. I was able to see Dr. Dumol immediately and was very happy after our appointment. He was able to assure me that I had not torn any ligaments, he stabilized my knee with tape, and gave me some very good exercises to regain the strength in both joints. My experience with Dr. Dumol was excellent. He is a very kind, knowledgeable doctor and I would certainly recommend him to anyone with an injury!

Judy Stromdahl (Milton, ON) – Mar 20, 2012

I sought Dr. Gerald Dumol’s help for my low back stiffness & foot pain. Dr. Dumol did a good job at loosening up the tight muscles in my back & foot, and he showed me some strengthening exercises to improve my core stability. Although, it was quite uncomfortable at the beginning, the golf ball exercises he gave me for my foot helped a lot. Dr. Dumol was very professional and he answered all my questions. I would definitely recommended that you give him a call if you are looking for pain relief

Shamali Das (Mississauga, ON) – Mar 19, 2012

I have had an injury on my neck and shoulder for several years which causes discomfort and reduced motion. I’ve been treated at a sports therapy clinic as well as having seen two chiropractic Dr’s previously with little to no change having been achieved with the injury. Having been treated at Dynamic Chiropractic Clinic for only a month, I already have increased range of motion and finally feel that someone has taken the time to understand the injury and to put together treatments, strengthening exercises and stretches to specifically address my needs. Dr. Gerald Dumol and his staff are thorough, professional and genuinely care about treating the problem and getting resolution for the patient, rather than focussing on adjustments – they have involved me my recovery as much as they are! I would recommend Dr. Dumol and Dynamic Chiropractic without hesitation.

Nicola Gillam (Brampton, ON) – Mar 17, 2012

Dr. Gerald Dumol has a unique approach to healing some of the chronic issues like back and shoulder pain that impact the internet generation. His treatment is a mix of adjustments, soft tissue therapy, extensions and regular strength exercises, which show results not only in the short term but ensure well being for the long run. And best of all – he is always smiling. If you have not seen Dr. Dumol yet, it’s time to make a call.

Aman Sangha (Mississauga, ON), Owner, Always Best Care Senior Services – Mar 16, 2012

Hello Dr. Dumol – I’m doing great, thanks to your treatment, advice and exercises. I don’t feel any discomfort now. “I contacted Dr. Gerald Dumol for an injury I had suffered in the gym. Being a fitness enthusiast, I was very distressed thinking that my progress would be hampered for coming months and I would lose my gains. Dr. Dumol made himself available on a very short notice, after seeing that I was distraught. Upon visiting the clinic, I was very impressed by the reception area, which provides a very comfortable waiting environment. Dr. Dumol is a first-class professional, he instantly put me at ease with his friendly, sincere and reassuring style. I was taken to one of the treatment rooms, which hold state-of-the-art chiropractic equipment. He heard my problem in detail, conducted a range of tests, all the while taking detailed notes. Upon understanding my problem, Dr. Dumol clearly and painstakingly explained the problem as he understood it. Dr. Dumol then proceeded to conduct treatment on the injured area. After this treatment, Dr. Dumol instructed me on how to perform various strengthening exercises in the well equipped conditioning room located in this spacious clinic. I have taken subsequent sessions with him. He also allowed me to call him if I had any concerns. My problem is now alleviated. Dr. Gerald Dumol’s knowledge and expertise is evident in his work. He is comprehensive in his diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Dumol is especially adept at understanding sports injury due to his own passion for long-distance running, having run numerous marathons. Dr. Dumol is a family man, down to earth, fun-loving and easy to talk to.”

Sidhant Dhamija (Mississauga, ON) – Mar 15, 2012

I’m a current patient at Dynamic Chiropractic with Dr. Jennifer McAnsh. I asked if she would be able to assist me with three different ailments/issues. From the first assessment appointment through to our current sessions I have come to recognize Dr. McAnsh as a professional, caring individual who listens well and provides good clear instructions to help me with my issues. I highly recommend her.

Peter Howell (Mississauga, ON) – Mar 14, 2012

“I was in pain that day after a motorcycle fall, so I called Dr. Gerald Dumol and had a chance to see him right away. With knowledge of muscle and body, he was quick to help me recover. I am home and walking straight up now after few visits! I was treated and given some home exercises, it wasn’t long before I reclaimed my full body and motion. Without his good hands, it would have take months and there may have been more trouble down the road for me. In a way, I’m so glad I had a chance to meet Dr. Dumol, I would for sure recommend him or go back to see him if needed.”

Nicolas Liebel (Mississauga, ON) – Mar 13, 2012

I am a patient of Dr. Lisa Ramsackal. I am very impressed with both her knowledge and ability to help her patients. More importantly, Lisa is an excellent communicator. From the moment I first met her, she listened to what I had to say in describing my issue and then she gave me an easy to understand response on the problem in medical terms and the plan of action to resolve the issue. Her knowledge and demeanor inspires both confidence and trust and this is so important in a doctor – patient relationship. Dr. Ramsackal is excellent to work with and I would recommend her to my family and friends without hesitation.

Charles Sandor (Oakville, ON) – Mar 12, 2012

Dear Dr. Gerald Dumol – I just wanted to let you know what an amazing experience it has been working with you at your clinic. When I came in to see you, my neck and shoulders were extremely stiff with very little flexibility. In the short four weeks you have been working with me, I can turn my neck and raise my shoulders without any discomfort. This has been a great experience for me and I have recommended Dr. Dumol to everyone I know. Thanks so much for all your help.

Rosemarie Pereira (Mississauga, ON) – Mar 9, 2012

My experience with Dr. Gerald Dumol has been very positive. I started seeking therapy for severe shoulder and neck tension from years of athletic overuse and poor posture. Dr. Dumol initially gave me a thorough diagnostic assessment and understood my needs. He prescribed a strength program and beneficial soft tissue therapy which I regularly require to stay mobile and pain free. Dr. Dumol is professional and genuine and I appreciate the fact that he is an athlete himself and understands an athlete’s dynamic needs. Thanks!

Delia Chan (Mississauga, ON) – Mar 8, 2012

I’ve been going to chiropractors on and off all my life. Dr. Gerald Dumol’s technique and treatment is very different then any other chiropractors that I’ve every seen before. He is not just a quick fix to get you cured. He spends more time with me and really taught me how to strengthen certain muscles that was causing my pain.

Jackie Connolly (Mississauga, ON) – Mar 7, 2012

I am a marathon runner and I had been experiencing a variety of chronic aches and pains that were slowing me down and taking the fun out of training. When I went to see Dr. Gerald Dumol, he gave me a thorough assessment, and targeted my trouble areas then immediately started treating them. After that he gave me a series of exercises that helped balance me out. I got a LOT more than I had expected and have seen an improvement in my running and I had a bounce in my step when I left. What I really appreciated is that he’s knowledgeable and that he genuinely cares. Whether you’re a runner or not, I highly recommend him.

Alastair Hood (Oakville, ON) – Mar 6, 2012

Dear Dr. Gerald Dumol, Thank you very much for your professional assessment and treatments. I feel great relief from the pain in my hip that has been bothering me for a while. I believe the prescribed exercises are helping as well. I am totally satisfied with your help. Thanks again. I will be scheduling another appointment soon.

Marsha Cherewyk (Georgetown, ON) – Feb 25, 2012

I met Dr. Gerald Dumol through the 3km Prediction Runs that Dynamic Chiropractic hosts every month. I had never been to a chiropractor before in my life. When I started to face some plantar fasciitis problems from running, I turned to Dr. Dumol for help. The best part was that Dr. Dumol himself had been through the same injury, it didn’t hurt that he is also a runner. He was exceptionally knowledgeable about the injury and took me through a number of exercises that helped. The treatment was tough, but very effective. I’m almost back to 100%, and am looking forward to a full year of running! Thanks Dr. Dumol.

Ryan Fitzsimmons (Oakville, ON) – Feb 24, 2012.

Dr. Gerald Dumol and Dynamic Chiropractic has relieved me of 20 years of neck and shoulder pain. He answered all of my questions, and his thoughtful and intelligent approach has given me the tools I need to strengthen my muscles to live pain-free. If you have an injury or just want to live better, Dynamic Chiropractic is an absolute must for your health and wellness.

Annelies Fujarczuk, President at Descriptor Communications
(Mississauga, ON) – Feb 23, 2012

Dr. Gerald Dumol is one of the best Chiropractors I have ever had. You will ask Why? Well, the reason is that he not only fixes you the proper way so that your injury does not reoccur, but he also tells you the root causes of why the injury happened the first time and how we can prevent it in the future. He gave me some simple exercises to do at home, and I have seen a reasonable difference. My neck pain and strain comes every year but now I know how to prevent it

Sandi Sethi (Brampton, ON) – Feb 22, 2012

Before seeing Dr. Gerald Dumol, I was very hesitant about seeing a chiropractor. My main complaint was neck pain with numbness going down my right arm. I also had right hip pain with numbness travalling down the back of my right leg. After a lengthy examination, Dr. Dumol gave me my diagnosis and presented a detailed treatment plan for me. After my first visit, the leg numbness was gone, and after the 3rd treatment the frequency of the arm numbness was much less. I recommend giving Dynamic Chiropractic a call if you are looking for a good Chiropractor.

Yvonne Chan (Milton, ON) – Feb 21, 2012

I am a very active person and enjoy cycling, running and weight training. I also struggle with lower back pain. A couple of months ago I went to see Dr. Lisa Ramsackal. At the time I had a hard time walking, so cycling or running was completely out of the question. Dr. Ramsackal was very thorough in her assessment and started me on an acupuncture treatment program. I felt better after each session and the different stretches and exercises she showed me really helped speed the recovery. After a month of treatment I was feeling great and back to the sports I enjoy. Dr Ramsackal is genuine and really cares about her patients. I would highly recommend her to anyone suffering with back pain.

Aaron Randell (Mississauga, ON) – Feb 18, 2012

Dear Dr. Gerald Dumol, Thank you so much for making a difference in my wellbeing and helping me manage my Arthritis. The exercises and treatment are making a big difference as to how I cope. Your attention and dedication are very apparent when treating me. I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who is in pain and is looking for a long term solution and not a quick fix. Thank you again for all you do.

Dittie Voegele (Brampton, ON) – Feb 17, 2012

Dr. Lisa Ramsackal is a true professional in her field. Her knowledge in not only chiropractic but other fields gives me confidence that the best treatment for my ailments is being considered and used. As being very active in sports for many years, my body has begun to show signs of deterioration. Her advice and practise of her craft has helped me continue enjoying the activities that not only give me joy, but keeps me healthy. She teaches the values of recovery as well as prevention and maintenance. I highly recommend Dr. Ramsackal to any individual that finds a body part sore, a stiffness that won’t go away and any other discomforts to continue a life that is health, wealthy and wise.

Jeffrey Gregory (Cambridge, ON) – Feb 16, 2012

I sought Dr. Gerald Dumol’s help for my lower back pain and neck stiffness. He did a good job loosening my tight muscles with his treatment, and he gave me some strengthening exercises to help keep my core strong. Thanks to Dr. Dumol, I feel much better than I did before!

William Chan (Milton, ON – Feb 15, 2012

My experience at Dynamic Chiropractic is amazing! After only a few sessions with Dr. Gerald Dumol, combined with exercises taught to me in the clinic, my back is supple and pain-free. On my first visit to the clinic I was in extreme pain due to sciatica. I was given not only stretches that improved flexibility and reduce pain but advice on combining a balanced diet with exercise to improve overall wellness. Dr. Dumol truly inspires through his approach to enhancing the positives that contribute to an overall healthy lifestyle. I am a fitter and healthier person today for having taken that step to improving my back pain. Thank you Dr. Dumol, I wish you great success in the future.

Doreen Bork (Mississauga, ON) – Feb 14, 2012

Dynamic Chiropractic is a great clinic with great people working there! I highly recommend Dr. Gerald Dumol for your chiropractic needs! He is patient, thorough and a truly caring professional who will take the time to explain his approach to resolving your aches and pains. It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Dumol’s services and the DC team to you!

Monika Gryczan (Toronto, ON) – Feb 13, 2012

“I was grateful to be introduced to Dr. Gerald Dumol and his chiropractic technique. I was suffering from neck and shoulder pain and had reached the end of my rope … I just could not get any relief. My husband had heard Dr. Dumol speak at an event about his approach and he strongly suggested I make an appointment to see him. Even after just one visit I could feel the relief in my neck. He is thorough in his analysis and explanation of his treatment. The combination of an adjustment along with deep tissue massage was exactly what I needed to finally be rid of the painful and annoying neck pain. I would highly recommend the services of Dr. Dumol!”

Anne Marie Pagliacci (Mississauga, ON) – Feb 12, 2012

Dear Dr. Dumol, I did the exercises your showed my and for the first time in about 4 months, I was able to bend over and touch my toes. My hamstring that had originally limited my motion was finally stretching out after the deep tissue work you gave me. Today there is still a little stiffness but the progress is very encouraging. Thanks again for my first appointment on such short noticed and I’ll see you Thursday morning.

John Worona (Mississauga, ON) – Feb 11, 2012

I found Dr. Gerald Dumol through a pretty thorough search online and was intrigued by his commitment to fitness. Being a sceptic of chiropractic because of past experiences I was unsure about seeing him but my back hurt too much to not give it one more try. As I mentioned, I decided to try Dr. Dumol because he seemed to stress health and fitness over just giving adjustments and suggesting that was the “fix” to all my back problems as many chiropractors are wont to do. So, I booked an appointment and I was not disappointed. He was everything I had hoped he would be. I would recommend Dr. Dumol to anyone. Thanks Dr. Dumol.

Tony Choi (Missisauga, ON) – Feb 10, 2012

My experience at Dynamic Chiropractic has been excellent. Dr. Gerald Dumol did a wonderful job in assessing my condition and helping me increase my flexibility with his treatment and exercise program. Thank you Dr. Dumol!

Adam Zegouras (Toronto, ON) – Feb 9, 2012.

“Dr. Jennifer McAnsh was able to diagnose and treat my problem areas better and quicker than anyone has in the last 10 years! I have had ongoing shoulder injuries and for the first time in my life i feel like they are finally going away for good! Her attention to detail and looking at every possible issue related with the problem area is what makes the difference. It’s a pleasure to know you are getting the service you expect and more!”

Andrew Perklin (Mississauga, ON) – Feb 8, 2012

“I highly recommend Dr. Gerald Dumol for his professional and personalized care. Keep us the good work Dr. Dumol, thank you”.

Jeff Vella (Mississauga, ON) – Feb 7, 2012.

“After meeting Dr. Gerald Dumol and learning about Dynamic Chiropractic, I realized it was something different from the ordinary. I went in for him to take a look at my shoulder after experiencing pain from playing volleyball. After 30 minutes of him examining my shoulder and applying techniques to the joint, my shoulder felt very relaxed and better than I’ve ever felt it. I highly recommend at least a consultation to hear what he has to say and what he can do to help your pain.”

Jameel David (Brampton, ON) – Feb 3, 2012

Dr. Lisa Ramsackal is the best chiropractor I have used. She is able to relieve my aches and pains quickly and in a very friendly and professional manner. Dr. Ramsackal is always thorough in her consult and she is able to resolve my shoulder, back or neck pain through Active Release Technique (ART). I love this technique as it allows me to ‘stretch’ and be active during the adjustment phase. I also like the exercise ‘homework’ Dr. Ramsackal gives me after our session as she is always looking for ways to keep me strong and flexible. Dr. Ramsackal recommended that I come out to a prediction run for charity through Dynamic Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center. The staff was very welcoming and friendly. There was a good turnout for the event. I had a great time, met some fabulous people and I finished my run faster than I predicted. I’m looking forward to attending the event again. Thank you Dr. Ramsackal for going above and beyond the service of a chiropractor and doing what you do so well.

Lori Hawkins (Mississauga, ON) – Jan 16, 2012

I went to see Dr. Gerald Dumol in 2011 for my knee injury. Before seeing him, I was quite miserable because I could not do my usual physical activities. Initially, I was curious about what chiropractors can do to improve my knee, because I heard about some chiropractors who book multiple chains of appointments which I was not looking forward to. Dr. Dumol did my assessment and patiently explained to me the principles of what was going on. I went to see him several times and we worked as a team as I had to diligently do my exercise at home. After a few visits with him, my symptoms improved until it disappeared, thanks to Dr. Dumol. I highly recommend everyone to be pro-active with their health and not to put up with their aches and pain and instead, see Dr. Dumol.

Cynthia Palmaria (Mississauga, ON) – Jan 12, 2012

After having my second baby, my low back was taking longer than expected to get back in gear. Functioning every day and taking care of my kids was aggravating my back pain. I finally made an appointment at Dynamic Chiropractic. I feel that my recovery was really hastened by treatment with Dr. Gerald Dumol and his prescribed exercises. I am happy to report that I’m functioning comfortably these days. Thanks!

Aimee Kim (Mississauga, ON) – Jan 11, 2012

I have seen Dr. Lisa Ramsackal quite a few times in the past for various physical ailments. Most recently, I was treated at Dynamic Chiropractic for dizziness due to neck issues. Dizziness is cause for serious concern and I appreciate the care Dr. Ramsackal took to alleviate those concerns on the first visit. It is important to see a chiropractor with the right skill-set to handle your problem. Dr. Ramsackal is not only capable of “cracking” the neck but with her acupuncture and ART skills, she was able to provide complete treatment. I also appreciate the tip to add a calcium-magnesium supplement to my diet to assist with recovery. In two weeks, I was fine.

Chate Persaud (Mississauga, ON) – Jan 10, 2012

I decided to try Dr. Gerald Dumol as an alternate to my old chiropractor. I had a dull pain in my lower back and a dull pain when I woke up each morning in the arch of my left foot. It was nothing major, just dull pains that would not go away. I was pleasantly surprised to hear from Dr. Dumol that I didn’t need any adjustments and that I would need only 3 or 4 visits to improve my situation. After studying my situation Dr. Dumol told me that I had very weak back muscles and the pain would persist if I didn’t strengthen them. He massaged the back muscles and arch of my foot to loosen give me instant relief and making me feel great. He also taught me some key exercises that would help the situation. Over the next two appointments he monitored my exercises and massaged the muscles as he said that they were very tense and so was causing part of the problem. Also interestingly he advised me that there is wasn’t anything he could do to cure my Sleep Apnea, while I saw my last Chiropractor at least 20 times to help me with this problem. I would definitely recommend Dr. Gerald Dumol to anyone looking for a good Chiropractor.

Jose Azavedo (Mississauga, ON) – Jan 2, 2012

Well I have had my fair share of chiropractors in my life time. I have also spent quite some time in the hospital from a bad boating accident years ago. I have seen osteopaths as well, and NOT one of them actually showed me how to do exercises to help me along. A lot of them do the same quick adjustment every time and see me 300 times a month. Dr. Gerald Dumol at Dynamic Chiropractic really takes the time to see what is going on, and not just snap, crackle, pop. Sometimes it’s just a very tight muscle that needs to be loosen it up and you walk straight again without pain. How cool is that? Keep up the great work, you have me as a patient and a friend forever!

Todd Wirtz (Oakville, ON) – Dec 28, 2011

Dr. Dumol, I just want to thank you for the time you took to in paying attention to my issues. I have been to a lot of Chiropractors and I must say you are by far the best, after my first visit I noticed a big difference in the way I started to feel. I look forward to the future visits with you and referring anyone who is in pain. Once again thank you for everything.

Peter Caprarella (Mississauga, ON) – Dec 27, 2011

Not long ago I experienced a flare-up with a neck issue I have had for many years and so approached Dr. Lisa Ramsackal for help. She did a thorough assessment, explained in plain English what she found and how she was going to treat it. I’m in my third week of acupuncture treatment, deep tissue massage, she’s done some adjustments and applied elastic therapeutic tape and I am definitely feeling improvement. Dr. Ramsackal is quick to smile, easy to talk to, and has a great bedside manner. I would recommend her services wholeheartedly!

Anna Hill (Milton, ON) – Dec 23, 2011

I first started seeing Dr. Gerald Dumol over a year ago. My career being a hairstylist has me on my feet all day. Over time my back and posture were being negatively affected. Since seeing Dr. Dumol he has been able to restore my back strength and the ability to do my job.

Jamie Bragg (Mississauga, ON) – Dec 22, 2011

Dr. Gerald Dumol’s approach to chiropractic is a refreshing change from what I have experienced with my past practitioner who only provided chiropractic adjustments. I have always felt that soft-tissue relief and chiropractic adjustments should go hand-in-hand, and that’s precisely what Dr. Dumol can deliver. After just two visits of deep tissue release, manual skeletal adjustments, and some at-home exercises, I have experienced great relief from the chronic problems that I have had with my neck. I would recommend his services without hesitation.

John Pagliacci (Mississauga, ON) – Dec 21, 2011

Dr. Dumol, I just wanted to thank-you for taking the time to examine my sports related injuries, and educating me in simple terms on what the solution is going forward. The exercises have done wonders! Thank-you again.

Tanja Mirazic (Mississauga, ON) – Dec 20, 2011

I vistied Dr. Dumol with a neck & arm complaint. I liked his professionalism and the way he treated me. He isn’t the “quick in and out” type of doctor, because he took the time to explain things to me and made me feel that “yes the problem can be overcome”. Dr. Dumol is patient, kind and considerate and I would highly recommend him if you are experiencing any time of physical injury.

Odette Laurie, Business Coach & Catalyst (Mississauga, ON) – Dec 19, 2011


Dear Dr. Dumol,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me last week. I was so impressed with your sincere concern for me, service level, and professionalism; I was inspired to write this unprompted testimonial letter. I want readers to know that I`m speaking from a position of continued frustration having met with three different chiropractors to address my shoulder injury. Each approached me/it differently. This came to me as no surprise nor was I concerned. What did surprise me, and for which I was most impressed with were three things:

1) You gave me a complete examination to ascertain my issues. I realize everyone reading this will say, “yeah, so did my chiropractor”. I would have said the same. Until I met with you I believed the others did a ‘complete assessment’ too. But yours was different. Your assessment was so thorough I started to feel better even before you treated me – because I knew help was finally on its way. By comparison, I could tell you really knew what you were doing.

2) You treated me and then took the time to show me what I needed to do for myself to ensure I could strengthen my shoulders to reduce the recovery time and prevent re-injury. This is something I was waiting to happen from the other practitioners which they never seemed to get around to.

3) And lastly, I came to believe that you really do care about my getting better and not just bringing me in often to keep your cash flow going – that’s how the others were starting to make me feel. The exercises you gave me are helping me already and coming to you for further adjustments and assistance will be a pleasure.

In closing, I will highly recommend you to anyone I come into contact with who needs chiropractic or physiotherapy services. You know your stuff!

Claudia Mamros (Etobicoke, ON) – Dec 7, 2011

I have begun treatments with Dr. Gerald Dumol of Dynamic Chiropractic in regards to my knee/IT Band pain. I received a complete and thorough consultation, followed by diagnosis, and initial treatment with exercises to continue at home. I was most impressed by the fact that Dr. Dumol listened and made note of my past disc issues and didn’t pressure me into adjustments that I did not require/desire at this time. It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Dumol’s services to each of you, as I am on the road to recovery and wish the same for you all!

Leanne Swensson (Mississauga, ON) – Nov 11, 2011

Dr. Gerald Dumol is very knowledgeable and professional. He helped me a lot during my third trimester. At one point I couldn’t walk due to the pain that I had in my lower back, Dr. Dumol used his expertise and helped me walk again. I highly recommend Dynamic Chiropractic to anyone who needs chiropractic care.

Claudia Chin (Oakville, ON) – Nov 10, 2011

Dr. Gerald Dumol is an instinctively skilled chiropractor. He is professional, talented and shares his knowledge with passion. Dr. Dumol often puts my high-mileage, running body back on the right track. Thank you Dr. Dumol, you are a GEM! And your clinic is friendly, welcoming and filled with kind faces.

Kerry Walker (Mississauga, ON) – Nov 9, 2011

I originally came to Dr. Gerald Dumol about certain areas of concern. He addressed my immediate pain, identified my weaknesses, and gave me exercises that I could easily do at home to improve my strength and well-being. As a practitioner Dr. Dumol is caring, conscientious, and focused on what will be best for the individual patient. I will certainly use his services again and would highly recommend him.

Rosalind V. (Mississauga, ON) – Nov 8, 2011

Dr. Gerald Dumol rescued me from my debilitating and chronic back pain. I had an old “war injury” which severely restricted my mobility and caused me a great deal of discomfort. Through Dr. Dumol’s truly dynamic chiropractic therapy and his prescribed rehab exercise regimen I got my good health back! I vigorously recommend Dr. Dumol’s service – he is far and away the best chiropractor I have experienced.

Greg Dawson (Mississauga, ON) – Nov 7, 2011

Having initially met Dr. Dumol at a business meeting I was immediately impressed by his ability to explain how he differs from other chiropractors. Having always been involved in sports I was very frustrated by an on going injury, something that had been hanging around for over 6 months. I had seen a chiropractor, massage therapist and also an athletic therapist however none of these professionals had managed to get to the root cause of the problem. This obviously resulted in short term relief but not a complete resolution. On my first visit to Dr. Dumol he diagnosed the problem, I had not heard this explanation before, and therefore was able to treat me accordingly. I had treatment at the clinic but more Importantly I had the right exercises to correct the problem and permanently strengthen my muscles.
I have had great resolution by getting to the root cause in hopes to acheive long term results.

Rachel Jones (Ancaster, ON) – Nov 6, 2011

Dr. Gerald Dumol is a dedicated Chiropractor and is very thorough and methodical in his approach to his patient’s treatments. He takes time with his patients to determine the most suitable treatment and I would highly recommend him.

Valerie Armada (Mississauga, ON) – Nov 5, 2011

Dr. Gerald Dumol has helped me recover from numerous leg injuries (achilles, calf, hamstring and quadriceps) in preparing for marathons, he has showed me techniques to strengthen and build the muscles which have helped me to avoid future injuries.He is very professional and passionate about his work, I strongly recommend his services. Thanks Dr. Dumol.

Carl Young (Mississauga, ON) – Nov 4, 2011

I came to Dynamic Chiropractic with frozen shoulder and a tight squeeze on my neck. Having frozen shoulder was difficullt because it limited my arm mobility, especially when I getting dressed, washing my hair and driving (steering wheels). A friend of mine, suggested I see a Chiropractor Dr. Gerald Dumol at Dynamic Health and Wellness Centre where she was treated for her sore shoulder. So I got treatment by Dr. Dumol for 6 consecutive Saturdays (July 9 – Aug 6). The method of treatment was soft tissue therapy, IFC, mobilizations and exercises. I really felt that this treatment loosened up my tight shoulder/neck muscles. The 4 exercises which loosened up my shoulder were: 1. Wall Walks: Finger wall walking upward. 2. Wall Angels: Raising both arm up against the wall (back leaning on the wall) 3. Codman’s: Throwing shoulder in circular motion (hand holding weight) clockwise and counterclockwise ( 25x each ) standing position left foot in, right foot out. 4. Sleeper Stretch: Lay down on your side, shoulder on the edge of the bed then pull arm (hand holding weight) up and down 25x. These exercises worked wonders. Exercises with a frozen shoulder is painful….but no pain, no gain. I no longer experience pain. I still do these exercises to periodically loosen up my shoulder. Dr. Gerald Dumol treated me better, quickly and patiently. Thanks a lot Dr.Dumol.

Ella Dizon (Mississauga, ON) – Nov 3, 2011

I’d like to thank you so very much Dr. Dumol for your care over the last couple months. As an individual who is very concious of the importance of keeping myself healthy and well, dealing with the “mysterious foot pain” I was in when I first came to see youe was nothing short of stressful. Your professionalism, and expertise gave me the confidence that my problem would be dealt with swiftly, and sucessfully. The holistic approach to your practice as a chiropractor is second to none. This is the reason why I don’t hesitate recommending you as a sound choice for all my associates, family and friends.

Harold A. Reyes (Mississauga, ON) – Nov 2, 2011

I’ve had chronic back pain for a number of years, and for years I have tried physical therapy and acupuncture. I started going to Dr. Gerald Dumol’s chiropractor clinic at the begining of the year. He helped me recover faster and get back on my feet quicker then anything else I have tried. I hope he will continue doing a good job for a long time and keep the clinic in the same neighborhood. I already recommended him to my family and I would also like to recommend him to everybody else who is looking for a chiropractor. Thanks Dr. Gerald Dumol, your patient from Mississauga.

Peter Staszczyk (Mississauga, ON) – Nov 1, 2011

I play a high level of baseball and hurt my back mid-season. I went to Dr. Dumol for treatment and was thoroughly impressed with his work. After a few sessions and alot of strengthening exercises prescribed by doc my back was much better and I was back playing the game I love with my team. Thank you so much Dr. Dumol!

Callum M. (Mississauga, ON) – Oct 27, 2011

It is a pleasure provide this written recommendation for Dr. Gerald Dumol. I have referred him to my family, friends, clients and business associates and they only have good things to say about him. I am confident that my referrals will receive the best treatment possible based on Dr. Dumol’s vast education and experience. For example, as an accomplished marathon runner he is very capable at treating injuries and providing guidance so future injuries can be avoided. He also specializes in non athletes who experience pain and stiffness because of an inactive desk job. My wife turned to Dr. Dumol during her pregnancy to seek his help on prenatal & post-natal pains. He truly is a DYNAMIC person and Chiropractor and cares about the overall health and well being of his patients

Vinz Pingol (Mississauga, ON) – Oct 25, 2011

I am a very active person; running, cycling and weight lifting frequently. I am also on my feet all day in my work as a radiation therapist and first-year medical student. I had noticed some increasing lower back pain on my longer runs and longer days in the hospital. I was referred to Dr. Dumol by coworkers who had seen him for similar issues. I was little hesitant about seeing a chiropractor as I didn’t like the idea of someone “cracking my back/neck”. Dr. Dumol scheduled an appointment on my lunch hour (incredibly convenient) and spent a lot of time understanding my health care history and concerns prior to starting any therapy. He always ensured that I was comfortable with the manipulative therapy he used and gave me many exercises to work on at home as well as what immediate actions to take when I felt pain.

Deborah Marshall (Mississauga, ON) – Oct 11, 2011

Dr. Dumol is a great chiropractor. He cares about his patients and truly wants them to get much better. He is not about a quick fix that lasts for a week but ensuring that his patients get better with every visits and are healthy at the end. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a chiropractor that cares.

Sarah M. (Mississauga, ON) – Oct 7, 2011

I have had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Gerald Dumol’s clinic on numerous occasions. From my experiences with Dr. Dumol I am confident in recommending my contacts who are looking for a highly qualified and personable Chiropractor who is not focused on a quick fix for his patients. Dr. Dumol prides himself on providing his clients with the best treatment plan possible to achieve their health and wellness goals.

Geraldine Cabral (Mississauga, ON) – Oct 6, 2011

Dr. Gerald Dumol has a wide range of expertise that he offers to all his patients. His involvement with the community, including the 3K Prediction Run, makes it easy to see his passion for health and wellness. I highly recommend Dr. Dumol.

Mahfuz Chowdhury (Mississauga, ON) – Oct 5, 2011

Dr. Gerald Dumol is an evidence based Chiropractor who provides patients with excellent care. He spends time with each patient to educate them on their condition and provides treatment plans to get patients better based on individual needs. I highly recommend Dr. Dumol as a Chiropractor as well as a business owner. It has been great to work with him at Dynamic Chiropractic. He operates a warm and highly professional clinic that patients are happy to visit and recommend to their friends and family.

Lisa R. (Mississauga, ON) – Oct 5, 2011

Dr. Gerald Dumol helped me recover from a back injury I sustained in the workplace. When I came to the Mississauga office I was in a considerable amount of pain. The elaborate 4 week program helped me recover and get back to work. His professionalism and extensive knowledge has helped me get to where I am now. The exercises Dr. Dumol provided helped with strengthening my core and improving my flexibility. He was also very flexible to my schedule. I would strongly recommend this doctor to anyone suffering from a problem similar to mine.

Michael Alberga (Mississauga, ON) – Sept 26, 2011

Last spring, while training for the 2011 Boston Marathon, an unfortunate calf injury put a kink in my plans. Dr. Gerald Dumol was very helpful in helping me heal my injury and showing me techniques to strengthen my body to avoid future injuries. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable and always helpful. Thank you Dr. Dumol! You will be pleased to know I finished Boston with 17 minutes to spare in the qualifying time for Boston 2012.

Ryszard Kagan (Mississauga, ON) – Sept 16, 2011

I am writing to provide my experience of working with Dr. Gerald Dumol of Dynamic Chiropractic. Dr. Dumol provided therapy for me when I experienced an inflamed Achilles tendon. Although I have used the services of chiropractors before, I did not immediately think of using one for a lower leg injury until I met Dr. Dumol. In our networking group, Dr. Dumol stresses the difference he provides his patients in terms of an approach to treatment, and I found this to be true. He was able to provide relief for me from pain, and I noticed that my recovery times were quicker as I continued to play softball while undergoing therapy. Dr. Dumol stresses that he does not just provide a “quick fix”, and I would agree with that sentiment. I appreciate his approach to healing me, and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a chiropractor.

David Holness (Mississauga, ON) – Sept 15, 2011

“I have chronic pain in my low back from a lumbar spine injury about 14 years ago. Dr. Dumol was able to comfortably adjust my low back after using soft tissue therapy to release the muscles surrounding my lumbar spine. He provided me with exercises to perform in order to prevent re-injury but also to avoid excessive pain, especially since I was pregnant at the time! His attentiveness and customized care has helped me tremendously, and I am very grateful for that. Thank you Dr. Dumol for your help.

Lorelei Ro (Waterdown, ON) – Sept 13, 2011

Having never been to a chiropractor before I wasn’t sure what to expect. Thankfully Dr. Gerald Dumol was more than willing to walk me through the process and discuss the science behind the procedures. After just a few visits my back and neck pain were gone and I was back in the gym in no time. I would highly recommend Dr. Gerald Dumol to anyone who is suffering with back or neck problems.

Jason Stacey (Mississauga, ON) – Sept 12, 2011

I highly recommend Dynamic Chiropractic. I’ve visited Dr. Dumol’s clinic several times and appreciated the warm welcome and friendly environment. They were very professional and explained all the procedures thoroughly. My neck strains have improved significantly since then. I also commend their dedication and involvement within the community. It’s great to see his passion extend beyond the clinic walls.

Glendale Leon (Mississauga, ON) – Sept 8, 2011

Dynamic Chiropractic offers a friendly, quiet and intimate environment which makes patients feel like family. I have been attending Dynamic Chiropractic for the last year due to my chronic migraines. With the help of Dr. Dumol and massage therapist Leslie LaRue my migraines have reduced significantly and are now more manageable.
Thanks DC!

Annie Do (Mississauga, ON) – Sept 7, 2011

I am almost 13 years old and for the past year have been having pain in my knees. There have been times when they hurt so badly that I am unable to participate in multiple different activities which I enjoy. My father took me to Dynamic Chiropractic to see a chiropractor who also is trained in acupuncture. After the first visit with Dr. Lisa Ramsackal, not only did I leave with multiple stretches i could utilize to assist the treatment but my knees felt great. Over just a few weeks the pain has been drastically reduced. The stretches that I can do at home always give long term relief from knee pain and I can do things such as jumping or crouching with little to no pain.

J.D.S. (Mississauga, ON) – Sept 2, 2011

I am currently preparing to walk 60 km over 2 days to raise funds in the fight against women’s cancers. Earlier this year, I began having problems with my feet that I attributed to a variety of issues but nothing seemed to stop what was becoming chronic pain. Dr Dumol was recommended to me as he was both a trained practioner and had a personal interest in runners / walkers’ foot issues. During the first visit, we were able to identify the cause of my foot troubles, not too mention a few other areas of concern. The exercises I was given combined with several additional treatments served to alleviate the chronic pain in my feet. With just over a week to go before my big walk, my feet are ready to go. Thank you Dr Dumol.

Wendy Stebbing (Mississauga, ON) – Sept 1, 2011

I have been a patient of Dr. Gita Gupta’s for about 5 months now. She is an absolutely outstanding chiropractor. Her compassion, concern and expertise put me at ease immediately, when I initially went to see her for a running injury. She had given a talk at my running club, and I was intrigued by her approach to, and philosophy of chiropracting. I recently joined a gym (after years of doing nothing), and at my age (53) there are pains and strains that happen more often than they used to. Dynamic Chiropractic Mississauga is always willing and able to fit me in for a treatment. I have been to a few chiropractors in the last 2 years, and Dr. Gupta and Dr. Dumol are absolutely the best, without question. I highly recommend Dynamic Chiropractic.

Bruce Couch (Mississauga, ON) – Aug 29, 2011

I received excellent care from Dr. Gerald Dumol and his staff. I am extremely physically active which can take a toll on my body from time to time. I began an intense exercise regime and was experiencing QL pain and shoulder stiffness. After only two chiropractic treatments and massage therapy treatments the pain and stiffness went away. I was also provided with corrective exercises to help strengthen weaker muscles and restore balance to my posture. It has been almost two months since I first received treatment and I feel great. I appreciate the care provided by Dr. Dumol and his staff and I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone.

Nicole Anthony-Hoffman (Mississauga, ON) – Aug 24, 2011

I first started to visit Dr. Gerald Dumol for neck and shoulder pains. I had never visited a Chiropractor before. Dr. Dumol was very professional and knowledgable, he made my first Chiro visit very comfortable and informative. After assessing me he was able to explain to me why I was having the pain, come up with a treatment plan for me and provide me with tips and excercises to do at home to help me on the road to recovery. I have also visited Leslie the RMT at the clinic. She is very professional and she provides a very relaxing environment for her patients. I recommend Dynamic Chiropractic to all of my family and friends!

Crystal Daez (Mississauga, ON) – Aug 22, 2011

The staff at Dynamic Chiropractic is so friendly, and informative. I now volunteer my time helping with hosting of their 3K Prediction Runs. It is so comforting to know that there is a place like this that offers Massage Therapy, chiropractic care and so much more.

Allin Brown (Mississauga, ON) – Aug 22, 2011

I originally came to Dr. Gerald Dumol just for an assessment and tips on improving and strengthening certain areas of concern. He has given me very helpful advice that has been beneficial. Similar to other active people, I have had various strains, sprains and functional impairments during the time I’ve been seeing him and he has always been able to help me address those concerns quickly and given me suggestions for exercises to prevent them in the future. I appreciate his advice, professionalism and his continuous efforts to get me back up to speed as quickly as possible.

Tina Mann (Mississauga, ON) – Aug 21, 2011

For the longest time, I was against seeking chiropractic treatment because I was afraid they would crack my back and accidentally injure me – I don’t even like getting massages. However, after my car accident I had to do something. Dr. Dumol was very reassuring and was willing to take things slowly with me. I had no idea that he could also treat soft tissue injuries. His treatment plan for me was designed especially for me and with my comfort level. Now, i’m on the road to recovery, thanks to Dr Dumol! Clearly, i am no longer a skeptic about chiropractors and would urge others to seriously give it a try!

Kristine Aguirre (Mississauga, ON) – Aug 9, 2011

As a medical professional and a frequent patient of Dr. Gerald Dumol, I sincerely appreciate the high level of professionalism and patient care that is provided at Dynamic Chiropractic. After suffering from tense shoulder and knee muscles for years and having tried many solutions to no avail, I had almost given up. After the initial visit with Dr Dumol, I was convinced that I have certainly come to the right place and in fact have noticed a significant improvement in my condition compared to when I started consulting with him. I would certainly recommend Dynamic Chiropractic to anyone who is seeking honest, meticulous and patient oriented services.

Mina Yaver (Mississauga, ON) – Aug 8, 2011

“Dr. Gerald Dumol is extremely knowledgeable and caring – He helped get rid of my hip pain after just one session, and has provided me with a series of exercises to perform at home to help with my recovery. He took the time to explain my injury and treatment plan with me in great detail, and I see great improvements with each visit. I would most definitely recommend Dr. Dumol of Dynamic Chiropractic!!”

Kailin Lawrence (Burlington, ON) – Aug 7, 2011

Before visiting Dynamic Chiropractic, I didn’t think much about chiropractic. To be honest the main reason I first went to the clinic was because it was covered by my company’s health plan. But since the first visit I realized that chiropractors can do more than just work with the spine; including active release muscle stretching and flexibility. I found Dr. Gerald Dumol to be very knowledgeable and willing to focus on patient’s concerns aside from just the back. I recommend stopping by Dynamic Chiropractic even if you don’t have any back pain, just to get things checked out and get a good leg massage.

Dale Morris (Mississauga, ON) – Aug 4, 2011

As a recent marathoner of 2 years, I had concerns when a hamstring issue appeared during one of my shorter races. Dynamic Chiropractic came highly recommended and provided me with the ability to ask questions and get answers/solutions that I was comfortable with. After my initial assessment with Dr. Dumol, I felt informed about my injury and felt confident in the treatment plan that was prescribed. Dr. Dumol is not what I imagined a chiropractor to be, he employs a common sense approach to treatment and I always leave my treatments feeling like he has made a difference. I would highly recommend Dr. Dumol.

Steven Van Alstine (Mississauga, ON) – Aug 2, 2011

I have been having calf issues for years. A friend recommended I visit Dr. Gita Gupta at Dynamic Chiropractic. After only a few treatments of Graston Technique, I was able to resume running pain free. Although I will probably require ongoing maintenance to continue running, I am confident that Dr. Gupta will keep me up and running for years to come. I would highly, highly recommend Dr. Gita Gupta or Dr. Gerald Dumol of Dynamic Chiropractic in the future.

Bill Davidson (Mississauga, ON) – Aug 2, 2011

I recently contacted Dynamic Chiropractic because I was suffering from back pain. My experience with Dr. Dumol was great. He took the time to listen and really understand where my pain was and provided the proper treatment to help cure the problem. I was in pain for a least a week before my brother recommended that I go and see him. I went to see him and I started feeling better in just 2 visits. He also educated me on how to avoid further reoccuring injury in that area. I must say that my treatments at Dynamic Chiropractic have helped me and I will continue to visit them whenever I have back issues.

Villamor Pingol (Mississauga, ON) – Aug 1, 2011

I would highly recommend Dynamic Chiropractic, particularly for active individuals with a problem. I am a competitive masters runner and I liked the fact that the staff was willing to work with this, suggested numerous treatments and were able to diagnose the cause of my injury and not just treat the symptoms. I also was impressed with their willingness to be flexible to my schedule as I could only come at certain times. I would also highly recommend Dr. Lisa Ramsackal, especially for active individuals with a problem that needs immediate resolution. We had good dialogues each treatment as to how to progress. Using a combination of acupuncture and active massage therapy, my lower leg problems have been resolved. I have also attended the yoga classes with Dr. Gita Gupta before I got hurt and ran in the 3K Prediction Runs so have had lots of exposure to all facets of the centre. All in all, a comprehensive treatment facility!

Bruce Campbell (Oakville, ON) – July 31, 2011

I have been treated by Physiotherapists and Chiropractors for years for my shoulder, neck and lower back pains, but in vain. I have been seeing Dr. Gerald Dumol since late 2010, and I have been feeling quite free of my long-term ailments. His scientific techniques in locating the roots of the pains are very methodical and consistently accurate. Though I am almost free of the above pains, I still see Dr. Dumol for chiropractic services to help maintain my healthy physical condition. His treatments are always carried out with no haste, and in professional manner. I recommend Dr. Dumol for his outstanding chiropractic treatments.

Gerry D. (Mississauga, ON) – July 30, 2011

I have been Dr. Gerald Dumol’s patients since Fall 2010. And to date, Dr. Dumol has relieved me of my long lingering shoulder and knee pains that other clinical professionals were unable to do. But what has been most clinically rewarding for me as a Mom, is having my son, Bradley who has autism, served by Dr. Dumol for chiropractic treatments. Since Bradley’s weekly visits for Chiropractic services to relax his shoulders, neck and back, I have noted that Bradley has demonstrated much more less anxiety, significant decreased excess behaviours, and most importantly, Bradley has been sleeping more regularly. Bradley’s Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder (DSPD) triggers grand mal seizures, and to date, he has no episodic seizures. The aforementioned significant outcomes seem to be the underpinning results of Dr. Dumol’s chiropractic treatments for Bradley. We continue to seek Dr. Dumol’s services, where Bradley receives gentle, friendly and professional chiropractic treatments.

D.M./Bradley (Mississauga, ON) – July 11, 2011

Dr. Gerald Dumol is amazing! He really takes the time to listen to your concerns and explains his recommendations thoroughly. I’m so glad a friend recommended him to me! My neck and back are very grateful!

Patricia Costa (Mississauga, ON) – June 25, 2011

Dr. Gerald Dumol has helped me over come many hurdles with my recovery and with his help I have been able to recover from shin splints. He is now helping me on the recovery of a hip injury. I feel I am in the best of hands with his help and recovery exercises he has provided. He spends the time with you and I never feel rushed.

Mary Pope (Mississauga, ON) – June 24, 2011

I have been seeing Dr. Gerald Dumol for my severe back pain and neck pains and I had been experiencing headaches. With few treatments of receiving specific chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue work, I already felt much better. He has done an amazing job for me. As an added bonus, I have noticed that I felt less tired and more energetic especially working in my garden. Adding chiropractic to my lifestyle has been one of the best decision I have made. His explanations and talks was one of the few I had heard that made me see the “Big Picture” as far as what chiropractic care is all about. He is very pleasant and very knowledgeable. Dr. Dumol has always gone that extra mile and I would highly recommend him.

Mila Dimacuha (Mississauga, ON) – June 24, 2011

Thanks to Dr. Gerald and Dr. Gita, I was able to race the Virgin London Marathon without any issues. I like the fact that both Dr. Gerald and Dr. Gita are runners/athletes as they are in tune with our needs. Their hands on approach is amazing. Dr. Gerald blends chiropractic treatment with physio and with his precribed exercises certainly speeds up any injuries. In addition, Dr. Gita uses the Graston Technique which targets the root cause of the problem. I recommend both Dr. Gerald and Dr. Gita.

William Clews (Mississauga, ON) – June 14, 2011

I took up jogging last summer and earlier this year I experienced knee pain that prevented me from exercising at the level that I am accustomed to. I heard about Dynamic Chiropractic through my colleague at work and I was wary at first considering I have never gone to a specialist before for sports injuries. However, upon first meeting with Dr. Dumol for a consult his enthusiasm and expertise made me feel at ease and confident in his abilities. He informed me that I ran at too high intensity and did not allow the appropriate muscles to develop while showing me with diagrams to better inform me about my body. He provided me with treatment and helpful exercises to reduce the pain in my knee and strengthen the muscles that have been lacking.

Not only is Dr. Dumol a fantastic chiropractor, but the facilities are warm and welcoming. The building is accessible and parking is never an issue. As well, the monthly 3km runs prove Dynamic Chiropractic’s commitment to serving the community and creating a culture of excellence. I highly suggest this facility to any individual who has nagging injuries and is open to learning about how they could better know their body to reduce this pain and prevent further injury from ensuing

Sabrina Curutan (Mississauga, ON) – May 23, 2011

Dr. Dumol does great muscle work to help relax the tight muscles in my neck and shoulders. He also showed me some excellent exercises to strengthen my weak postural muscles. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Dumol if you spend a lot of hours working on the computer, and you have next pain. The clinic is also beautiful. I felt very comfortable in this environment.

Sarah Makhomet (Toronto, ON) – May 14, 2011

This was my first experience with a chiropractor. Dr Dumol was very gentle and knowledgeable. My fears were gone and I go to my visits with confidence. I will recommend Dynamic chiropractic clinic to anyone who needs a good care.

Reggy Ngonde (Mississauga, ON) – May 12, 2011

Dr. Dumol has helped me recover from my shoulder and knee pain. He understands my injuries and gave me great exercises to strengthen my muscles. I definitely recommend Dr. Dumol at Dynamic Chiropractic Health and Wellness Centre!

Kendra Gayadeen (Mississauga, ON) – May 9, 2011

I was having issues with shin splints from the training I was doing for a half marathon and I was looking for someone who understood the issues of running beyond just going for a cardio work out. I needed someone who could relate to the need to train and help avoid and prevent injury. Dr Dumol was just the person I was looking for. He has a lot of his own marathon and half marathon training experience, as well as experience with sports in general, and he knew just how to approach my shin splint issues without me sacrificing my training time.

He not only treated the acute pain but also provided ways for me to prevent chronic or repeat acute pain. He takes a holistic approach and has a genuine interest in his patients. In my experience there aren’t many chiropractors that fully understand the complexity of athletic injuries and often miss the root cause of the pain and don’t have the experience in how to prevent future pain/injury. It’s with athletes that Dr Dumol provides therapy above and beyond the average Dr. I highly recommend him to anyone for any issue

Amy Goman (Toronto, ON) – May 5, 2011

Dr. Dumol is a great Chiropractor. He has lessened my neck pain a great deal during my 8 weeks of treatment. I have been very impressed with all of the services I got from Dynamic Chiropractic Health and Wellness Centre. Dr. Dumol has shown dedication, hard work and great knowledge.

Xuyen Truong (Mississauga, ON) – May 5, 2011

Dr. Gerald Dumol has helped me with recovering from various injuries over the past year. His staff is excellent. He provides great tips and exercises to work on from home to help in the recovery.

Sean Sweeney (Mississauga, ON) – May 4, 2011

I had excruciating shoulder and knee pains for the last 3 years that were not relieved by physiotherapists and chiropractor that I used to seek treatments in the past. But Dr. Gerald Dumol, an extraordinarily knowledgeable and caring chiropractor was able to relieve me of the aforementioned pains within 8 weeks of his treatments. Dr. Gerald Dumol’s dedication and passion in his profession was well demonstrated by methodically and carefully analyzing, and professionally explaining to me the underpinning causes of my physical pains. He carried his treatments with friendly patience and seemingly no time constraints.

Denese D. (Mississauga, ON) – May 4, 2011

I am a patient of Dr. Dumol and I had been having some issues with my shoulder and after a few visits I was as good as new. Dr. Dumol is extremely knowledgable, and gentle and very easy to talk to. I would recommend Dr. Dumol to anyone that needs help with their aches and pains

Terri Destefano (Mississauga, ON) – May 3, 2011

Dr. Dumol provided excellent service. The ambiance in the office and work out areas promote healing from the instant you walk in the doors. His professional services helped fixed my back allowing me to carry my kids around again. Thank you Dynamic Chiro.

Merideth Lou-Hing (Hamilton, ON) – May 2, 2011

Dr.Gerald Dumol, D.C. is a wonderful doctor. I had lower back pain, knee pain, neck pain, ear pain and severe migraines. After my treatment at Dynamic Chiropractic I forgot the word “pain”. Dynamic Chiropractic is a great Wellness centre and knowledgeable team of professionals whose personal philosophy impacted me to start living healthier. Individual approach, great environment and reasonable prices.

Victoria Zheludkova (Mississauga, ON) – May 1, 2011

Professional chiropractor, with a welcoming touch that makes you comfortable. Explains what the problem is and provides strenghtening exercises to rectify bad postures and address the root causes. Very effective in the joint manipulation and the massage, I felt much better after the first session! Highly recommended!

Laurence Liebel (Mississauga, ON) – May 1, 2011

“Dynamic Chiropractic” is a very nice environment and has friendly staff in it. It is suitable for everyone! It even has a little play area for kids and a TV. Dr Dumol has really helped me when I jammed my back and now I go there every time! Leslie is also great with massage. I enjoy my appointments and have great time at “Dynamic Chiropractic”!
I really like this clinic and have already recommended it to my friends.

Veronika Z. (Mississauga, ON) – May 1, 2011

Dr. Dumol is very good a what he does. I would recommend him to all my friends. He tailors his treatments specific to your needs. He also provides excellent exercises that you can take with you to help gain strength and exercise at home. You feel much better after 1 session with him.

Glenn Lou-Hing (Hamilton, ON) – Apr 29, 2011

Dr. Gita Gupta is a truly gifted chiropractor and an asset to her profession. She takes her time to assess and go over any questions I have regarding my ITB issue. Positive results guaranteed!

Maria D. (Mississauga, ON) – Apr 27, 2011

Dr. Gita Gupta has made a real difference in my life. She came highly recommended by a friend, and I am very glad I went to see her. Work involves sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, and this results in a very tight neck and shoulder muscles. Gita has given me stretches and a yoga sequence that I can do at home and work and they help considerably.

Karm Bola (Mississauga, ON) – Apr 27, 2011

Dr Dumol is a knowlegable and adept chiropractor. He has helped me with both running related injuries and also neck issues from working at a computer. He is able to give good strengthening exercises to work on at home. The clinic is lovely and the manager is very friendly and welcoming.

Susan Loveland (Georgetown, ON) – Apr 13, 2011

Dr. Gerald Dumol is amazing! He really takes the time to listen to your concerns and explains his recommendations thoroughly. I’m so glad a friend recommended him to me! My neck and back are very grateful!

Una Gallagher (Mississauga, ON) – Apr 8, 2011

Dr. Dumol is a wonderful and caring professional. He takes time to thoroughly do his examination and allots time to educate the patient with what is necessary to improve our health. He has a wonderful team and it is always a pleasure to visit his beautiful clinic.

Fidel Lugtu (Mississauga, ON) – Mar 19, 2011

Dr. Gerald Dumol is very knowledgeable in his field and delivers results. I came in with a frozen shoulder and after a few treatments, my range of motion and level of pain both improved for the better. Highly recommended.

Cecile Lugtu (Mississauga, ON) – Dec 15, 2010

I have seen about 8 different chiropractors over the years and Dr. Gerald Dumol has been the only one who has made a real difference. He is a pleasure to deal with and goes the extra mile with his knowledge of fitness and exercise that most Chiro’s don’t seem to have. Highly recommended to those who are looking for a chiropractor in Mississauga!!!

Eric (Mississauga, ON) – Nov 10, 2010