Christine Aragon, B.A. (Hons.), RYT-500, LHP is a yoga therapist and yoga instructor at Dynamic Chiropractic Health & Wellness Centre. She has been practicing yoga for 15 years and has been teaching for almost 5 years. Having been an ultra runner, a soccer player, aerobics lover and a highly driven University student with several part-time corporate and volunteer jobs – she has learned to maintain balance in her life through frequent yoga practice. However, in 2004 she acquired various injuries- whiplash, shoulder, back, and knee injuries- through a near-fatal car accident.

Ever since that day, she has found that her best results for self- healing were attained through her yoga practice but this time her yoga practice had changed. She could no longer do yoga for exercise on a daily basis without pain and fatigue, she now needed to slow down and work from where she was physically and emotionally. Her yoga practice had to change dramatically to accommodate her physical and emotional needs. This very special change in her life has been a learning experience for her which has led to her focus on developing yoga classes for similar individuals seeking extra therapeutic care for their specific conditions (i.e. arthritis, whiplash, back pain, breast cancer).

As a result, she has been teaching yoga from a very specialized therapeutic perspective since 2010 at various regulated healthcare professional locations, her classes are now smaller (5-10 people), she customizes classes according to what clients need and is beneficial to them at that time, 48-business hours pre-registration is required to ensure that safety measures are taken for each client, and there is follow-up with clinic chiropractors or other specialty therapists on-site at Dynamic Chiropractic so that the best feedback can be brought to the client regarding their progress, if requested and/or if needed and so that classes can be continually modified as clients progress in their rehabilitation.

Christine has learned various therapeutic yoga techniques through her yogic study, intense research and her own rehabilitation. Her desire to teach people in need of extra therapeutic care, special attention, privacy and a more gentle yoga again stems from her own self-healing experience where she has learned increased empathy and compassion and knows how it feels to be in those shoes. Through her own experience, she has learned that healing through yoga is not just about yoga for exercise anymore such as ashtanga, vinyasa, power yoga. Her therapeutic yoga sessions now involve smaller class sizes, and focus more on energy preservation, very gentle, slow and specific poses, special breathing techniques, creating privacy, increased empathy and understanding. In addition to her specialty therapeutic yoga sessions, she also provides one-on-one yoga therapy consultations which involve the overall yoga experience- very specific poses, special breathing techniques, meditation, dietary and lifestyles changes. Her yoga therapy consultations are private and optional but very beneficial and highly complement her specialty yoga classes. ‘It is not just the asana that brings upon the healing within ourselves but the overall Yoga experience that does-poses, meditation, breathing techniques, diet, and lifestyle changes are all an important combination. We will learn to preserve and enhance our health once we learn to listen to what our bodies and minds need.

Therapeutic yoga and yoga therapy is about what your body and mind needs now to start healing from your current condition in order to get you into optimal functioning for a much healthier lifestyle and to enable you to live a longer independent life. “