Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: St. Simon Stock Elementary School – Open House – 2011

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Here’s another blog by a Mississauga Chiropactor…

So Wednesday night was Tristan`s open house at St. Simon Stock Elementary School.  As we entered the school, we headed straight to Tristan`s grade 2 classroom.  I thought we were a little early, but to my surprise his classroom was already filled with a line up of parents waiting to speak to his teacher. Tristan`s classmates were running around the room… Mason our 2 year old joined in with the other kids.

Tristan immediately brought us to his desk, which was at the front of the class.  On his desk laid his daily journal and a flyer for Scholastics Books (Maria -my wife, quickly picked these up, and read through them).  Then Tristan pulled me over to see some of his art work, which wasn`t the best of the bunch, but it wasn`t the worse either.  For some reason, all the art by the girls were neat and well done.

Since the line up of parents was quite long, we decided to explore the school first and come back later.  We told Tristan that we wanted to see the library. Tristan said, `follow me… This is a short cut`.  We ended up in the gym…. `Home of the Storm` was painted on the wall.  The library turned out to be on the 2nd floor.  It was pretty big. Maria & I started reminiscing about our own elementary library at St. Vincent de Paul… Good ole Mrs. Bandurka, our elementary librarian.

When we got back to Tristan`s grade 2 class, there were only 2 sets of parents left in line, so we fell in behind and waited our turn. Tristan`s teacher was happy to tell us that Tristan was adjusting to grade 2 just fine.  We were pleased to hear that she had some good strategies in place to help Tristan concentrate better.  We finished the night in the gym, where everyone was treated to cup cakes and peach juice….

Just another day in the life of a Mississauga Chiropractor.

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