Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Soccer Skills – Day 1

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When Tristan was four years old, we enrolled him in a couple sessions of Soccer Skills at the Mississauga Valley Community Centre.  In terms of coordination & interest on his part, the sessions didn’t go so well.  Now that Tristan is turning seven at the end of the month, we thought he was old enough and more mature to give it a second shot.   This week was Tristan’s first day of soccer skills at Churchill Meadows Community Centre scheduled for7:30pm.  The class was 1 hour long, with the first 30 minutes focusing on passing and dribbling and the second half focusing on scrimmaging.

Thankfully for me, I arrived just in time for the scrimmage portion of the session.  As I entered the gym, Tristan immediately spotted me waved and shouted out my name.  I waved back and quickly sat with the other parents.  When the game started, Tristan quickly volunteered to be goalie.  Maria looked at me and rolled her eyes. `Great, the least amount of running required… So much for his cardio`.

As expected, the scrimmage played out like a herd of sheep following the ball.  Occasionally someone would try to dribble around everyone, earn a break away but would kick the ball wide of the net.  Tristan was content to smile and wave at us every chance he had.  He didn`t let any balls in, however he didn`t have to make a single save either.  Finally the coach announced that it was time to switch goalies, so Tristan reluctantly ran out of the net.

As the game went on, Tristan would half heartedly trot after the ball and occasionally swing his leg at it when the ball would roll by.  He had more fun talking to the coach and joking with the other players.  He also took a lot of water breaks mid way through the game.  Maria and I kept pushing him back out onto the floor, telling him that he would be letting his team down if he sat on the sidelines.  He kept telling us that he was tired and out of breath.  Overall, a so-so first day of soccer.  Hopefully Tristan will get better.  Just another day in the life of a Mississauga Chiropractor.

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