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I just had my first Dental appointment at  Sherwood Dental located at 2892 South Sheridan Way at the border of Mississauga & Oakville.  I had the pleasure of being treated by Dr. Paul M. Eisner, the personal dentist of the Toronto Argonauts CFL Football Team.

As I enter the dental office, I was greeted by Harriet who gave me a tour of the office.  Toronto Argonauts memorabilia was decorated throughout the office, with signed pictures and footballs of the Argonauts 2004 Grey Cup Championship Season.

The first part of my visit was my digital dental x-rays with Shannon the Treatment Coordinator and chairside assistant for Dr. Paul Eisner.  This process was fairly quick and easy.  Then I was escorted to Dr. Eisner’s dental office where he performed a dental history.  We also chatted about chiropractic which was nice, and he told me some of his past experiences trying to setup his own dental practice.

Dr. Eisner examined my teeth, and was pleased that they were quite healthy.  He did mention that my bite was causing some extra pounding on some of my front teeth and there was some plaque build up which was causing some of my gums to recede.  But he said this was all very fixable.  It was nice getting my ego stroked with all his compliments about my beautiful teeth.

As I was booking my next appointment, I had forgotten my day planner in my car.  I quickly skipped out to get it, and when I was re-entering the building I saw Mr. Michael “Pinball” Clemons himself hurrying into the building to catch his own dental appointment.  I shook “Pinball’s” hand and said, “I know you! You’re Pinball Clemons… But you don’t know me.   It’s an honour to meet you.”  He smiled politely and shook my hand.  I told him that this was my first visit to Sherwood Dental, and he told me that they were excellent.

I can’t wait for my first cleaning appointment… Just another day in the life of a Mississauga Chiropractor

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