Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Scapular Stabilizing Muscle Exercises

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Another common complaint I get from patients is upperback and upper shoulder stiffness & tightness.  Most of the time, these patients also say that they spend hours on the computer or on their smartphone.  Some of these patients also say that they do a lot of driving.

When I observe their postures, I notice that most of the time their shoulders are rolled forward.  When I test the strength of their scapular stabilizers (the muscle responsible for keeping the shoulder blades retracted back, so the posture is straight and errect), I notice that this set of muscles are very weak.

By strengthening the scapular stabilizing muscles, it will allow you to keep an errect posture when you are doing tasks such as computer work, long drives or when you are using your Blackberry or iPhone.  If these muscles are strong, they don’t have to work so hard to do their job, hence they won’t tighten up and become stiff.

Here are a couple of beginner exercises to start strengthening your scapular stabilizer muscles:

                                                       Wall Angels


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