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GOING for a run doesn’t happen on it’s own. WANTING to run Definitely does Not happen on it’s own. How does one find motivation?

I started running shortly after my first son turned a year.  We bought a jogger stroller and together with Gerald, I started to run for 5 minutes, walk for 1 minute, until we completed a 30 minute session. That started an affair with races – I now have multiple 5ks, 10ks, half-marathons, 30ks and even a couple of full marathons under my belt 7 years later.

Now with 2 boys keeping me busy, running has taken a back burner. I just don’t have the same time and focus as I did before. I continue to sign up for races just to keep me in continual training… But things are not the same?  I wonder if it’s a “been there done that” mentality.  Is the hunger gone?  Am I just bored?  So I have some tips to share to keep one motivated – even if all I can fit in is a 5k run over my lunch break.

1. Write it down Schedule running down on your agenda – that way it is in your day’s roster of things to do. It could be right after you wake up. It could be over your lunch break. But pen it in. Once you do it, it feels awesome to check it off!

2. Have a Mantra  I like running with music, but every so often, the iPod discharges. Then it’s just the voices in my head. I like to count my steps to 100, then I start again. It just keeps me going. Sometimes it’s “Go girl Go” or “Run for Miss Vickies chips!” in some sort of rhythm. It’s good focus…or distraction.  And then before I know it, my run is done.

3. Have a Running Buddy  This one is challenging, given that my time is already so packed, and to ask someone else with an equally packed time to synchronize their running time with me almost seems too much to ask for. When I started to run, I joined a Running Room Clinic, and it was fantastic running and meeting other runners. It makes the distance feel shorter over chats about coffee, kids, movies, running pains – you name it, we chatted it. But after the clinics ended, I missed the buddy system. I have been very lucky to have a running friend a work. We go over lunch, or after work. So days longer, some days not. But it makes the running much easier and feel shorter with company.

4. Think of the health benefits Think of your heart, your muscles, your brain, your immune system, your blood pressure… There are just way too many health benefits to list out!

5. Reward yourself I like to eat. So I run, then I can have that cookie  – or cookies – later.

Ultimately, running is one of the best, economical ways of getting and staying healthy. All one needs is a pair of supportive running shoes and the great outdoors. The benefits are win-win! So daily I write it out and the voice in my head says: Just Run Already!

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