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When my first son, Tristan, was a little over a year, instead of signing up for a gym membership, I bought a jogger stroller. What better way for me to enjoy the great outdoors than with my new baby. I quickly got the hang of maneuvering the stroller and I had great company. I had a satisfying workout in the end and he usually ended up napping. Nowadays, the stroller has a new occupant, Mason.  I now have an entourage of two as I run. There is a bit more coordinated awareness involved as Tristan has his own set of wheels – sometimes a scooter, other times his bike – and I have to watch out for him as I push the stroller with Mason in it, behind Tristan. So how can I make this work and ensure I get a workout?

1. Routine – Right off the bat, the planning takes the most of my time. Once I muster up enough motivation, it does get easier to stick to the plan once a routine is set. During the school year, my routine involves jogging Mason over to my parent’s house and back home, right after Tristan gets on his school bus. That’s a 7k run. A couple of times after school, we run over to the library and back. But I try to have enough of a consistent routine to make this work.

2. Keep it fun – Somedays,  it is harder to stick to the run. So Tristan will pretend to be a superhero and bike harder to save the day. Other days we run over to the park, play for a bit and run back home.

3. Keep it varied – Change up the route, vary the distance, mix in some walking.

4. Be prepared to Stop – This is inevitable with kids as they can tire easily. Ultimately, we do end up slowing down and taking some breaks during the run. I would like to have a continuous session, but in the end I still am getting a work out.

5. Have a drink ready What’s worse than a tired kid is a thirsty tired kid. I diligently pack drinks and snacks along the way. The stroller makes lugging all this possible. Hydration is key to ensuring we stick to our session. I also bring some change just in case what I packed is not enough and we happen to pass by a Tim Horton’s.

I enjoy running and I enjoy spending time with my kids. It does become a juggling act fusing those two together. Even if I am not getting my distance worth of workout, I am still exercising and so are my kids.  It becomes part of the quality time we have together and ensures that being fit and healthy is a prerogative in our family.

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