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I just watched Real Steel (2011), starring Hugh Jackman (X-Men), Evangeline Lilly (Lost) & Kevin Durand (Dark Angel)

In 2020, when people become uninterested in boxing and similar sports, a new sport is created – Robot boxing wherein robots battle each other while being controlled by someone. Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman), a former boxer who’s trying to make it in the new sport, not only doesn’t do well, he is very deeply in the red.  He drives his truck around the country to promote fights with his robot Ambush.  After Charlie loses another fight, where Ambush is destroyed, Charlie is summoned to a hearing and forced to take care of his unknown eleven year-old son Max Kenton (Dakota Goyo) since his mother has passed away.  Charlie loses another fight with the Noisy Boy robot that his girlfriend Bailey Tallet (Evangeline Lilly) has just bought and he goes with Max to a junkyard to collect parts of robots to build a new one. However, Max finds an old sparring robot named Atom and Charlie teaches him how to box. Atom becomes a winner and Max and Charlie become closer to each other.

I really liked this film.  When I first heard about Real Steel, I wasn’t expecting much.  I figured that watching Wolverine spar with big Transformer Robots was going to be a dud.  I was pleasantly surprised at how entertaining this movie was. Once Atom, the Sparring Robot started winning as the underdog, the movie really picked up.  Watching the robot dance hip-hop was also fun to see.

 I’d give this movie 8/10 stars.  Definitely check it out…  Happy viewings!


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