Pitch Perfect: Movie Review by a Mississauga Chiropractor

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Just watched Pitch Perfect (2012) starring, Anna Kendrick (Twilight Saga), Rebel Wilson (Bachelorette) & Brittany Snow (Hairspray).

The Barden Bellas are a collegiate, all-girls a cappella singing group thriving on female pop songs and their perfect looks.  After a disastrous failing at last year’s finals, they are forced to regroup. Among the new recruits is freshman Beca (Anna Kendrick), an independent, aspiring DJ with no interest in the college life.  But after she meets Jesse (Skylar Astin), from the rival all-male a cappella group the Trebblemakers, Beca has a new outlook and takes it upon herself to help the Bellas find their new look and sound and get back into the competition.

I really enjoyed the movie which was a cross between Glee, meets Bring it On.  The dialogue was quite witty with some really memorable one-liners, especially between competition commentators Gail (Elizabeth Banks) & John (John Michael Higgins). Rebel Wilsonplaying the part of Fat Amy/Fat Patricia was hilarious.  Her crude/honest humor was awesome.  The rest of the Barden BellasChloe (Brittany Snow), Aubrey (Anna Camp), Stacie (Alexis Knapp), Cynthia Rose (Ester Dean), Lilly (Hana Mae Lee), Jessica (Kelley Jakle), Denise (Wanetah Walmsley) & Ashley (Shelley Regner) had a good mix of odd personality to round out the cast. The mash-ups constructed by the groups were quite good and I loved the incorporation of one of my favourite movies, The Breakfast Club.

Overall, I would give this movie a strong 9/10 stars.  Check it out!  Happy Viewings

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