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This past weekend I visited my friend Denise Milner-Fedorkie`s store called Optical Trends 4U to pick up my new glasses.  The week before I visited this quaint little shop which is located at 228 Queen St. S, Mississauga, ON, in the heart of Streetsville, with my wife Maria.

We were greeted by Joanna Bialkowski the optician.  She gave us a tour of the store, and then promptly gave us several frames to try on, which she thought would suit us best.  For the last 15 years I had been wearing the same metal frame style which Joanna informed me was quite outdated.  She said “that everyone in Toronto is wearing plastic frames these days”.

I tried a few plastic frames on, and even though Joanna assured me that I looked great, I still felt it wasn’t me.  The plastic frames made me look like my dad from photos in the 1970s.

Then my wife handed me a pair of glasses that were plastic on top and rimless on the bottom.  This pair was more my style.  Even Joanna agreed that it made me look better.  So I opted for this Ray-Ban pair of glasses frames.

Maria was shopping around for a pair of prescription sunglasses.  However she decided to go with a regular frame that she really liked.  It was a wider plastic frame with an uplift at the top.  Maria felt that the uplift made her look happier, which made me laugh because you wouldn’t find a happier person than Maria.

Overall, we had a very excellent experience at Optical Trends 4U.  I am so happy that I met Denise and visited her store.  I highly recommend that you checkout her shop if you want great service and a wide selection of unique frames.  Just another day in the life of a Mississauga Chiropractor…

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