Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Oakville Half Marathon – 2011

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Sunday September 25, was my Oakville Half Marathon.  This was the 5 time I was running this race which historically took place on Labour Day.  This year, since the Scotiabank Marathon shifted their date to mid October, the Oakville Half nabbed the late September date.  Each year, I had improved my Oakville Half time (2007 – 1:47, 2008 – 1:40, 2009 – 1:33, 2010 – 1:28)… This year the trend would end with my disappointing time of 1:41.

I started the race off alright.  I had met a gentleman at the start of the race named Alan Davies who knew some of my Nomad Running Club members.  We decided to run together because he too was targeting a 1:27 race time.  We both agreed to stick behind the 1:30 pace bunny, and then pick up the pace half way through the race.

Well, the 1:30 pace bunny shot out like a rocket, my first two 1K splits were 4:00 & 3:57… We decided to let the bunny do his own thing, and we dropped the pace back to about a 4:08.  Then we started picking runners off one-by-one as we made our way through the course.  I was feeling good following right behind Alan until about 8K.  That’s when my “wheels came off”.  My pace dramatically slowed down each kilometre after that as Alan got farther and farther away.  By 13K I was walking on the side walk as runner after runner started passing me by.

At about 14.5K I heard my name, “Gerald!  What’s wrong?”… It was Lori Bellerby (fellow Nomad & daughter of the great Derm Holwell).  I started running side-by-side with Lori as she helped me finish the race.  Lori (mother of 5 kids) was back to running again after giving birth 11 months ago, her marathon race is scheduled for November in Hamilton.  With 1 km to go, we pushed hard to finish strong and proud.  We congratulated each other at the end.  I thanked her for helping me through the race, and she thanked me for pushing her to finish the last 2k strong.  We both got our finishing medals and met my worried Maria, Tristan & Mason at the friends & family meeting area.  Maria knew something was wrong, when there was no sight of me by 1:30.

Overall, not the race time I wanted, but another half marathon under my belt.  Hopefully my Chicago Marathon in 2 weeks goes better.  Happy Running!


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