Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: My Achilles Injury

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I finished my first running workout in 3 weeks yesterday, and I finally had a pain free run.  Three weeks ago at the track, I had a mild tear in my left achilles tendon.  It left me hobbling for the next few days.  I couldn’t push off properly from my left foot when I walked, and running was almost impossible.


Thanks to some Acupuncture and ART treatments + eccentric heel drops every morning, I no longer experience that same pain.  Now my Achilles is just slightly tender when I rub it or squeeze it.  I also threw on some heel lifts (from Sports Chek) in my shoes to take the pressure off the Achilles tendon when I walk.

So yes, my first workout back was a success.  It was quite short, 2 mile warm-up with a 2 mile tempo, but “a pain-free session” was what I wanted.  I’m back at the track this afternoon.  I’m not sure what my workout will be yet.  I just know I want to ease back into things, to get ready for the Chicago Marathon for October, 2011.

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