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I just watched Morning Glory (2010) starring Rachel McAdams (The Notebook), Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones), Diane Keaton (The Godfather) & Jeff Goldblum (JurassicPark).

Becky (Rachel McAdams) is a hard-working morning TV show producer, or at least she was until she got fired. Desperate to get a job, she finally gets an interview with Jerry (Jeff Goldblum) – who is desperate to hire a producer for the struggling show “Daybreak”. Becky accepts the job and it proves to be more difficult than even she might be able to handle. She has to fire the sexist co-host, then try to convince egotistical news reporter, Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford), to take the job, and then try and get him to actually do the job, properly. And she has to do this while falling for handsome Adam (Patrick Wilson), and trying to save the show from plummeting ratings.

Overall, this movie was pretty good.  I wasn’t expecting much going in, so it surprised me that it was quite light & entertaining. Rachel McAdams does a good job in making the movie so likable and cute.  Her spunky optimism and always-on attitude is what drives the movie and gives it heart.  I was kind of surprised at how old Harrison Ford has gotten.  I always remembered him as the swashbuckling, flamboyant hero.  So seeing him in this Grumpy Old man roles as a change.

I’ll give it a modest 6/10 stars.  Definitely check this flick out.  Happy Viewing!

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