Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Wonika’s Floral Design’s Plant Facelift

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Dittie Voegele from Wonika’s Floral Designs, (located at 93 Earlsbridge Blvd in Brampton Ontario) visited Dynamic Chiropractic Health & Wellness Centre last week and mentioned to me that a couple of my money tree plants were too big for the pots that were holding them.

Consequently, they were not getting enough nourishment from the soil that was feeding them.  I did notice that when we watered some of the bigger plants, that they would quickly overflow because the pots were too small.

I also mentioned to Dittie that we’ve had the money tree plants for almost 2 years now and they were growing pretty messily, and that I wanted to trim them up.

Yesterday, Dittie came to the clinic with 2 bags of soil, fertilizer and 2 big pots.  She was ready to give my money plants a facelift.  She warned me at the beginning that I shouldn’t be too alarmed when she started trimming the taller plants.  She wanted to make all the plants more symmetrical looking, because currently some of the bigger plants really overpowered the others with their size.

Once Dittie was done she showed me how to wipe down the plant leaves.  She said this should be done about once a month to keep the leaves clean from dust in the air.  Just like humans who need to bathe to keep our skin & pores clean, plants need to be occasionally sprayed and wiped down to stay healthy.  She also recommended that I fertilize the plants once every 3 months to keep the soil nourished.

Overall, I was quite impressed by the facelift that Dittie gave my money tree plants.  It definitely gives the clinic a sharper & cleaner look.  Just another day in the life of aMississauga chiropractor.


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