Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Subscapularis Tendinopathy

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A subscapularis tendinopathy is the inflammation of the subscapular tendon caused by a chronic strain of the subscapularis muscle.  It is often caused by excessive stretching with external rotation of the shoulder or overuse with repeated active internal rotation of the shoulder.  This condition can be due to anterior instability, hypermobilitiy or impingement of the shoulder.  It can also be caused by repeated overhead activities such as lifting, throwing & swimming.



a)      Warm-up with proper stretching of the internal rotators, strengthening of the rotator cuff muscles and having strong parascapular muscles.

b)      Wearing protective equipment when playing certain sports

c)      Using proper biomechanics when throwing, lifting or swinging the arms overhead.



a)      Overuse with overhead or ballistic activity

b)      Glenohumeral dislocation/instability

c)      Strain of shoulder external rotator and abductors (throwing & swimming)

d)      Pain will not increase with resisted external rotation (with arms at side)

e)      Increased pain and weakness with resisted internal rotation

f)        No increased pain with pressure on external rotators

g)      Reproduction of pain with pressure on subscapularis muscle

h)      Tenderness may also be noted in the teres major



a)      Active Release Technique (ART), soft tissue therapy on the subscapularis muscle

b)      Trigger point therapy

c)      Stretch and strengthen the subscapularis muscle

d)      Stretch and strengthen the rest of the rotator cuff muscles, biceps brachii, serratus anterior & scapula retractors

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