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Do you experience shin pain with running or walking?

Does the pain decrease shortly after you start running and then gradually comes back?


 You may be experiencing Shin Splints; an overuse injury of the lower leg commonly seen in runners or aggressive walkers. Repetitive strain to the muscles and adjacent tissues attached to the shin bone (Tibia) creates inflammation causing pain.


Pain in the front/outer shin that begins with specific activities (ie: running) and relieved by rest. As the condition worsens the pain may become more severe. Shin pain may occur at other times or become constant (even at night). The pain can become so extreme causing you to stop activity altogether. Swelling may be present but is rare.

Common Causes: Activities that involve repetitive impact as seen in runners, dancers, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, soccer and other impact sports. Running long distance, hills, hard and/or uneven surfaces, change in routine or new activity, poor shoes, poor conditioning, inadequate warm up and over training can all contribute to developing Shin Splints.

People with flat feet are especially prone to shin splints. Bio-mechanically, over-pronation is the most common cause. It involves excessive inward rolling that causes tibial twisting and overstretching of the lower extremity muscles. Having poor form, such as leaning forward or backward too much, as well as landing on the balls of your feet and running with toes pointing outwards all contribute to developing shin splints.

Prevention: Using proper shoes and/or orthotics can prevent strain on your lower legs. Limit/avoid hard surfaces, hills, uneven surfaces when running. A gradual increase in training intensity with adequate warm up and avoiding overtraining can also prevent Shin Splints from occurring.

Treatment: P.R.I.C.E. – protect, rest, ice, compress, elevate and Chiropractic Treatment.

Chiropractic Care: Chiropractors can diagnose and treat Shin Splints and other leg related conditions. Various treatment modalities may be used to help to decrease pain during the acute initial phase and during rehabilitation. Stretching and specific exercises may be prescribed to help prevent future occurrences.


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