Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Sciatica

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Do you experience pain in your back or buttocks?

Does the pain shoot down into you legs?


If so, you may be experiencing Sciatica.


Sciatica is a condition where the Sciatic nerve in that originates in the back and travels into the leg becomes compressed. The sciatic nerve provides sensation and movement to the muscles of the legs and feet. Compression of the nerve can lead to low back and leg pain, numbness, tingling or weakness into the legs and feet. Sciatica is usually a symptom of an underlying condition and should be addressed to determine the underlying cause.
Symptoms: Sciatica symptoms can be mild or severe and include:

  • Pain in the back/legs/feet
  • Numbness, tingling or      burning sensation in the buttocks/legs/feet
  • Weakness into the legs/feet



Symptoms usually occur on one side and often start slowly. The pain may get worse after sitting or standing, with sneezing or coughing, or with bending or lifting. In some cases the pain may become so severe that it may limit your mobility.


Common Causes: Sciatica is commonly seen in individuals with a disc bulge/herniation, tight muscles which may be compressing the nerve or joint degeneration.


Treatment: Chiropractic Treatment, Acupuncture and Prescription Stretches/Exercises.



Chiropractic Care: Chiropractors can diagnose and treat Sciatica and other back/leg related conditions. Various treatment options (ie: soft tissue therapy, acupuncture, stretches, exercises) may be used to help to decrease pain and restore movement. Sciatica is very amendable with conservative treatment. Chiropractic Care can help you get back to your daily activities with less pain and improved function. Don’t let your pain stop you from engaging in your daily activities.


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