Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Sacroiliac Syndrome

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In sacroiliac syndrome, the sacroiliac joint (SI) and/or capsule are the origin of the pain.  Sacroiliac syndrome is very common and may account for up to half of all low back pain cases.  The SI joints are usually very stable with little motion possible.  Elderly populations may have fusion of the SI joints


SI syndrome may be associated with:

  • Ligamentous Laxity (pregnancy, sprain) – increased SI joint movement (common in young patients
  • Leg Length Inequality (LLI)



  • Local pain, possible low back & buttock radiation
  • Pain may be sharp & stabbing with a SI sprain
  • Pain may be worse with:
    • Weight bearing activities
    • Moving from sitting to standing
    • Walking motion
    • Forward flexion or extension of the pelvis
  • Relieved by lying down



  • SI tenderness with direct palpation
  • Muscle spasms in the glutes and low back
  • There may a leg length inequality
  • Possible guarded gait



  • Sacroiliac adjustment or mobilization to restore motion
  • Massage Therapy, trigger point therapy, active release technique (ART)
  • Electrotherapy (IFC) – reduce inflammation, reduce swelling & reduce pain
  • Strengthening lumbar core, hip stabilizers
  • Avoid sitting cross legged, carrying a wallet in back pocket

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