Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Royal House Restaurant

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On Sunday February 24th, 2013, a couple of hours after my New Orleans Marathon, Maria and I were looking for a place to eat lunch, to replenish my depleted fuels.  We walked around the French Quarters and came across the Royal House Restaurant, located at 441 Royal Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Royal House Restaurant was originally the residence of the historic Tortorici family of New Orleans.  The family had the main floor of this original residence converted into a café.  As years went by the café developed into a flourishing restaurant, Tortorici’s and became the fourth longest running restaurant in the French Quarter amongst names like Galatoire’s, Brennan’s and Antoine’s. The latter two are located very close in proximity to the famous 441 Royal Street address with Brennan’s next door and Antoine’s across the street. It is evident that this corner, well known for hosting famous restaurants was also popular for having a strong Hollywood presence. Famous superstars including Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin were regulars at Tortorici’s, the Italian American hub located across the street from the New Orleans courthouse (the old FBI building).


In 2005, the unfortunate disaster of Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, yet this historic landmark survived. In 2008, it was revitalized and restored under new ownership, to become the New Royal House Restaurant.  This new casual yet romantic restaurant is becoming famous for the marvel accomplished in restoring the old historic building. It is indeed living up to the famous rapport its location has had for many years in providing exquisite food and great ambiance. It is home to one of the city’s largest oyster bars, serving an array of fresh oysters and seafood, specialty cocktails, chef specialties and local New Orleans favorites.


For our appetizer, Maria and I ordered the deep fried alligator platter.  This tasted very similar to Calamari and was served with maranera & white garlic dipping sauces.  For our entrees, Maria had the Catfish Platter (Crispy fried catfish filets piled high on a bed of French fries, hushpuppies, and French bread. Served with cocktail and tartar sauces on the side), while I had the Land Lover Burger (8 oz. Angus beef patty charbroiled to perfection then topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles on a toasted sesame seed bun).  Both entrees were very good.


Overall, I would give our experience at the Royal House Restaurant, 9/10 stars.  Definitely give it a try when you are in New Orleans.  Just another day in the life of a Mississauga Chiropractor

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