Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Rockefeller Center 2012

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On July 1, 2012 in New   York City Maria and I visited the Rockefeller Center for the first time.  Built in 1939, the Rockefeller Center is a complex of 19 commercial buildings covering 22 acres (89,000 m) between 48th and 51st streets in the center of Midtown Manhattan, spanning the area between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue.

Maria and I made our way to the basement of the Rockefeller Center to buy our tickets to go to the Top of the Rock.  The elevator ride up had a holographic video playing on the ceiling to entertain us as our ears were popping during the ascent.

At the top of the tower, there are 3 observation levels, and unlike the CN Tower, they are all outdoors.  There was a thick and tall plexiglass surrounding the perimeter to ensure everyone’s safety, but it was every easy to take photographs of the amazing view of Manhattan’s skyline.

We also bought a panoramic picture of the skyline for $2 which had all the buildings labelled, so we were able to identify the different landmarks around us.

Overall, the Rockefeller Center is a great place to visit when you are inNew York.  Great views ofCentral Park, the Empire States Building and the Hudson River.  Just another day in the life of a Mississauga Chiropractor.


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