Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Nov 2012 – 3K Prediction Run

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Saturday November 17 2012 was our monthly Dynamic Wellness 3K Prediction Run.  Each runner had to predict how fast they could finish the 3 km out & back course and the winner was not the fastest person to finish, but the person whose predicted time was closest to their actual finishing time.

Entry fee was $5 where the winner was to receive half the money collected, while the other half of the money was going to be donated to the Arthritis Society.

This month’s winner was Andrew Perklin with a time difference of 4 seconds.  2 place was Kailin Lawrence with a time difference of 12 seconds.  Third place was Al Isidro with a time difference of 18 seconds.

Refreshments of fruits, muffins and croissants were served after the event.  Complimentary massages were offered before the race by RMT Louis Bautista.

Join us for our next prediction run which is scheduled for Saturday January 19th, 2013.

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