Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Nashville Rock n Roll Country Music Marathon 2012

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On Saturday April 28, 2012, I participated in the Nashville Rock ‘n’ Roll Country Music Marathon.  This was going to be my 10 marathon to date, and I was excited to be participating in my first Rock & Roll marathon race.  Currently, there are Rock & Roll events all overNorth America and Europe.

The next North American Tour Stops include: 

  • Phoenix, Arizona (Jan 20/13)
  • St. Petersburg, Florida (Feb 10/13)
  • Pasadena, California (Feb 17/13)
  • New Orleans, Louisiana(early March, 2013)
  • Washington DC (Mar 16/13)
  • Dallas, Texas (Mar 24/13)
  • Nashville, Tennessee (Apr 27/13)
  • Portland, Oregon (May 20/12)
  • San Diego, California (Jun 3/12)
  • Seattle, Washington (Jun 23/12)
  • Chicago, Illinois (Jul 22/12)
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Aug 4/12)
  • Providence, Rhode Island (Aug 19/12)
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia(Sept 2/12)
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Sept 16/12)
  • Denver, Colorado (Sept 22/12)
  • Montreal, Canada (Sept 23/12)
  • San Jose, California(Oct 7/12)
  • New York, New York (Oct 13/12)
  • St. Louis, Missouri (Oct 21/12)
  • Los Angeles, California (Oct 23/12)
  • Savannah, Georgia (Nov 3/12)
  • San Antonio, Texas (Nov 11/12)
  • Miami Beach, Florida (Nov 18/12)
  • Las Vegas, Nevada (Dec 2/12)

 The next European Tour Stops include: 

  • Edinburgh, Scotland (Apr 14/13)
  • Madrid, Spain (Apr 28/12)
  • Lisbon, Portugal (Sept 30/12)
  • Dublin, Ireland (Aug 5/13)

The race expo of the Nashville Rock ‘n’ Roll Country Music Marathon was quite big, similar size to Toronto’s Scotiabank Marathon or the Ottawa Marathon.  I got myself a Nashville Marathon sports jacket, hoodie and a pair of Brooks ST-Racer running shoes.  The new model of this shoe was a nicer black and red colour, compared to last year’s bright, loud orange.

The race itself was quite the challenge.  There was a lot of hills, a lot of heat and as a result, I did a lot of walking.  Entering the race, I wanted to run a respectable3:10or3:15.  But with the morning start time temperatures already approaching 20 degrees Celsius, I knew this was going to be a tough task.  As the race began I was greeted by many steep hills as we circled the city ofNashville, I was hoping that as we approached the outskirts of the city, that the flat roads would begin… It didn’t.  Overall, I counted over 20 inclines throughout the entire marathon, from start to end, they never stopped.

The last few hills were around a golf course, not the best part of the course, yet I enjoyed it as I slowed to a walk with other over-heated runners.  I did manage to run the last mile of the race and finished a slow 4:05 at LP Stadium (where the NFL Tennessee Titans play).  I got my medal which was in the shape of a music record, and I slowly walked back to the hotel.

Overall, it was a fun marathon with a live music country band playing at every mile marker.  Lots of enthusiastic spectators cheering us on throughout the race, and besides the steep hills, the scenery was great.  Happy Running!


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