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Here’s another blog from a Chiropractor in Mississauga…

So I did it.  I ventured over to the dark side.  Lifetime Fitness just opened this March, 2012, and a number of my friends had told me that they were going to sign up.  I was happy and content enough to stay at the YMCA which I had been an off-and-on member since 1997.

The YMCA had my indoor 200m track that I used for my speed workouts and my daily easy 8km run.  I also had my familiar free weights and stationary machines and my daily routines were already set.

My friends were quick to tell me that this new gym had very posh change rooms with mahogany lockers and a whirlpool.  They had 3 NBA sized basketball courts on the 3 level, along with an indoor soccer field and a couple of squash courts.

The swimming pool, hot yoga studio and rock climbing wall were also great perks, as well as the huge water slide and outdoor pool and patio.  I would just laugh, and think to myself, “why would I pay $120 per month, when the YMCA was only costing me $70?”

Then last Thursday, April 5th, Maria (wife) told me that her friend had convinced her to join.  I texted her back and told her that “I couldn`t believe that she had decided to join the Lifetime Fitness Cult.

She explained to me that the babysitting feature was the deciding factor.  She could drop off Tristan and Mason for a maximum time of 2 hours, the Lifetime Fitness Staff would do activities with the boys such as soccer, swimming, basketball (depending on when you drop them off), and then Maria could workout during this time.

She loved the fact that they had Hot Yoga classes, Spinning classes and even a Boot Camp Workout.

By Saturday, I was getting pretty jealous hearing about how Maria and the boys were having so much fun at Lifetime Fitness.  So I asked Maria if it would be okay if she gave me a Lifetime Fitness tour.

She just laughed and told me that she knew I would eventually venture over to the “dark side”.  That Saturday afternoon I was blown away by the facility.  I was all ready to sign up.

Well so far, I’ve been there every morning this week at my regular 5:15 am time slot.  I even noticed about 6-7 people that I normally see every morning at the YMCA.  I don’t normally talk to these people, but we greeted each other at Lifetime Fitness and mutually agreed that we made the right choice.

I’ve even heard that memberships have been going down at other gyms around Mississauga such as LA Fitness, Good Life and Premiere Fitness.  We’ll see how long that lasts, since Lifetime Fitness’ membership is by a month-per-month basis.

Perhaps, people are just trying this new facility out, and then transfer back once they figure it’s not in their budget.

I’m loving the treadmills at Lifetime Fitness.  They have a built in track on the display screen where I could see my “virtual” self running around the oval track.

The treadmills also have a television option built in where you could scroll through the different channels as you are running.  Personally, I use the iPhone docking station, where I can use my TuneIn Radio App, plug my earphones into the treadmill, and listen to some tunes as I do my run.

So far I am enjoying my new gym… Just another day in the life of a Mississauga chiropractor.


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