Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: HPCS – Dr. Tom Preston & CCO Candidates

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I just attended my 2nd Halton Peel Chiropractic Society Meeting on Mar 14, 2012.  We were treated by Motivational Speaker & Chiropractor, Dr. Tom Preston who shared his secrets of how he was able to double his practice, connect with the most authentic version of himself and unleash his unlimited human potential to live the life of his dreams.  He has one of the world’s most successful chiropractic, family oriented cash practices and still finds time to take 10 weeks of holiday per year, work a 20 hour work week and enjoy lots of time with his wife and five daughters.

One of the keys that Dr. Tom Preston has discovered in his many years of helping people perform at their peak is that getting more information isn’t usually what is inhibiting people from growing to their full potential in life and in business.  Instead he has found that removing the blocks to applying the knowledge they already have is one of the main keys to personal and professional growth and transformation.  Dr. Tom Preston helps people discover these blocks and then removing them is what he does best.

We were also introduced to the new CCO CandidatesDr. Bob Szczurko, Dr. Dennis Mizel & Dr. Erica Mattia.  The two older candidates were concerned about the future of chiropractic because of how CMCC has been training their new chiropractic graduates.  One of these candidates mentioned that he has heard that most CMCC graduates were not adjusting their patients anymore, and were concentrating more on other modalities such as soft tissue therapy or rehabilitation exercises.  He said that we have to maintain the adjustment technique because this is what makes chiropractors unique, and we shouldn’t be competing with RMTs and Physiotherapists for patients.

This candidate also mentioned that he has been through it all.  At one point he was treating 100 patients a day, even 1000 patients per week at one time of his practice.  This seemed pretty mind-boggling to me.  I started to wonder how long he would spend with each patient? Would he only spend 2-3 minutes or only mere seconds with a patient, only adjusting his or her spine?  How would this chiropractor treat conditions like “Plantar Fasciitis”, “Achilles Tendinopathy”, “Tennis Elbow”, or “IT-Band Syndrome”.  Would he only adjust the cervical, thoracic & lumber spine to help with a patient’s plantar fascia or Achilles tendon?  Personally, I normally spend more that 2-3 minutes when I’m treating the above mentioned conditions.

These were just some questions I had, but was to shy to confront the older chiropractors about.  Maybe at the next meeting… Just another day in the life of a Mississauga chiropractor.

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