Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Hip Pointer

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A hip pointer is a contusion to the iliac crest or ASIS, sometimes involving an avulsion or tendinopathy.  It is caused by a trauma to the iliac crest often from a contact sport or motor vehicle accident.



  1. Local pain, swelling and sometimes bruising to the iliac crest
  2. Increased pain with hip & trunk movement
  3. Abdominal & gluteal muscle spasms; pain with hip abduction, hip muscle contraction, coughing or sneezing.
  4. Tenderness with palpation along the iliac crest
  5. Sleep disturbance
  6. Increased pain & stiffness with walking



  1. Ice & rest for 48 hours if acute.  Short periods of bed rest may be necessary.  Patient should try to avoid causing pain.
    1. Sleep with the injured side up
    2. Immobilize the hip in an extended rather than flexed position


  1. After 48 hours:
    1. Continue to ice; start an ice massage if tolerated; walking as tolerated
    2. Stationary bike as tolerated
    3. Electrotherapy – IFC or microcurrent
    4. Massage therapy – very gentle and superficial at first.  Later deep tissue massage is helpful in reducing scarring & adhesion.  Avoid deep massage for at least 1 week.
    5. Passive range of motion exercises
    6. Osseous manipulation of the spine/pelvis
    7. Gentle stretching:  Hamstring & Posas



  1. Recovery in 1-3 weeks in mild cases (longer in moderate cases)



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