Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Golfer’s Elbow

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Golfer’s Elbow or Medial Epicondylitis is medial elbow pain where the common flexor tendon (especially the pronator teres) becomes inflamed.  The most common site of pathology is the interface between the pronator teres & flexor carpi radialis.  It is sually found in the dominant elbow in golfers & tennis players who hit their forehand with heavy topspin.



a)      Related to overhand throws, tennis serve, golf swing and the use of a hammer.

b)      Sometimes begins with an acute strain or sprain.

c)      Rarely from a single pitch, throw or swing.

d)      Aching pain over the medial elbow

  1. Early:  Pain with activity and relieved by rest
  2. Later:  Constant pain with increased signs & symptoms with activity
  3. Chronic pain may accompany complaints of grip weakness


e)      Morning stiffness and pain

f)        Increased pain and decreased muscle strength with active and resisted wrist ranges of motion



Initial presentation (1st week)

a)      Rest until the pain subsides – avoid repetitive activities

b)      Ice & Massage

c)      Mobilization of the wrist, elbow, shoulder & spine as needed

d)      Massage therapy or ART (active release technique) of the forearm

e)      Electrotherapy of the forearm flexor muscles


Post-acute Stage

a)      Baseball Players: 

  1. Start throwing when elbow is pain free.  Gradually increase the distance of the throw.  Increase the speed last
  2. Prevention:  Less than 75 pitches/game & less than 3000 pitches/season


b)      Use isometric tubing then use weights:  Strengthen the following muscle groups

  1. Elbow & wrist flexors & extensors
  2. Forearm pronators
  3. Rotator cuff
  4. Low back and abdominal muscles (core strength)


c)      Stretching:

  1. Wrist flexors & elbow flexors
  2. Pronators, supinators and biceps

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