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Here`s another blog from a Mississauga chiropractor…

On Sunday October 21, 2012, I participated in the Columbus Marathon in Columbus, Ohio.  This was my 11 marathon to date, however going in I wasn`t putting to much pressure on myself to finishing with a fast time.

My personal best marathon time is 3:09:03 in the Detroit Marathon in 2010, but my summer training regime was very sub-par compared to my usual training programs.  My goal was to finish in the 3:30-3:40 range.

We arrived and checked into our hotel at 3am, Saturday morning.  We slept for a few hours and then headed to the Columbus Race Expo at 9am.  At the Expo, Maria and I browsed through the Official Merchandise booth.


I got myself a nice Columbus Marathon Running Jacket and a warm race hoodie.  Maria also got a Columbus Marathon shirt and a few sports bras.


The rest of the Expo had your typical race booths, featuring other races around the United States and Ohio.  There were tons of booths selling running clothes and running shoes, as well as a few healthcare booths promoting chiropractic and sports medicine.  At the end of the expo, I picked up my Race Bib and Shirt.


The next morning Maria, Tristan, Mason and I walked over to the start of the race.  I had on my race gear, while the boys were bundled up in sweaters and jackets because of the 3 degree Celcius weather.


It called for a sunny & cool race, which are perfect running conditions for me.  They announced that there were 18,000 runners on hand that morning:  7,000 runners doing the marathon and 11,000 runners doing the half-marathon.  I found my coral, kissed my family and got ready for my run.


The race itself was very flat, scenic and cool.  I on the other hand really felt my lack of training and preparation.  The first half of the race was alright because I was able to sustain a modest, even pace, but when we split from those running the half-marathon, and started running north to complete the 2 half of the marathon, I felt my pace start to slow down.

By 30km I was walking/running towards the end.  I found another runner also walking by the side of the road, so we decided to walk & run together.  We would walk a bit after each water/Gatorade stop, and then run some more.  My final time as 3:59:33, which was much slower than I am used, to but it was under 4 hours.

The coolest part of the run was running through OhioStateUniversity.  We actually ran inside the Ohio State Football Stadium where the Buckeye’s play.  We ran across the end zone and then out the other side of the stadium.  My next Marathon is scheduled for February 24, 2013 in New   Orleans, Louisiana.  This will be my second Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon so I am looking forward to this one.  Happy Running!  Just another day in the life of a Mississauga Chiropractor.

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