Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Casa Loma, 2012

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On Sunday Aug 5, 2012, Maria and I visited Casa Loma when we attended a wedding of two of Maria’s co-workers.  The ceremony took place in the solarium of the Casa Loma Mansion.

Casa Loma is a Gothic Revival style house and gardens in midtown Toronto, that is now a museum and landmark. It was originally a residence for financier Sir Henry Mill Pellatt. Casa Loma was constructed over a three-year period from 1911–1914.

The architect of the mansion was E. J. Lennox, who was responsible for the designs of several other city landmarks.

Casa Loma has five acres of gardens. An underground tunnel connects Casa Loma to the Hunting Lodge and to The Stables (Garage, Potting Shed, Stalls, Carriage Room and Tack Rooms).

On the main floor is: the Great Hall, Library, Dining Room, the Conservatory, Serving Room, Peacock Alley, Sir Henry’s Study, Smoking Room, Billiards Room, Oak Room.

On the second floor is: Sir Henry’s Suite, Sir Henry’s Bathroom, Lady Pellatt’s Suite, Lady Pellatt’s Bathroom, Girl Guides Exhibit, Guest Suite, Windsor Room, Round Room

On the third floor is: the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada Regimental Museum, Stairs to Towers, the Kiwanis Room, the Garden Room, Servant’s Room, the Austin Room

In the basement is:  the Gift Shop (Bowling lanes and shooting range – never completed), Castle Café (Gymnasium – never completed), Swimming Pool (Never completed), Wine Cellar, Tunnel to Hunting Lodge and Stables

In the Stables is: the Garage, Potting Shed, Stalls, Carriage Room, Tack Rooms, Hunting Lodge.

Casa Loma itself was less than I expected, It was a little run down, and not kept too well.  I would have also liked a bit of air conditioning because the entire mansion has hot and muggy.  They did have these huge fans in the hallways, but they didn’t help much (maybe because there was always one visitor standing in front of the fan trying to keep cool).

We also made our way up to the high tower.  The only way up was by these spiralling stairs, so we had to wait a while to get up as people were coming down, and then again when we wanted to come down.

Overall, the wedding at Casa Loma was beautiful, the mansion itself wasn’t.  Just another day in the life of a Mississauga Chiropractor


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