Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Bretzel

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The Bretzel, and its pretzel like positioning, is an excellent corrective exercise.  It can be used to stretch out both the anterior and posterior chain muscles


The Bretzel is a great exercise to improve neck extension, shoulder flexion, hip extension, back extension, as well as thoracic spine mobility.


If you have problems with neck pain, shoulder pain, or even lower back pain this may be an important exercise to consider.

 Dr. Gerald Dumol demonstrating the Bretzel

Dr. Jennifer McAnsh demonstrating the Bretzel

Dr. Jennifer Lau demonstrating the Bretzel


Here are a few ways you can help yourself out with this exercise:


  • Look with your eyes and neck in the direction you want to rotate into. Where you look your body follows.


  • Relax into the rotation


  • Use a towel if you can’t adequately grab the bottom ankle


  • Abdominal breath as you relax in the position

Here is a video describing the Bretzel:


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