Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Bread & Honey Race 2012

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On Sunday June 3, 2012Tristan, Mason and I participated in the Bread & Honey Race in Streetsville, Mississauga.  I ran the 15K race while the boys ran the 1k race with Maria.  Last year I had run a personal best time of 1:01:36 and finished 4 in my age group.  This year, I wasn’t expecting to do as well, because my training hadn’t been that great in the past year.  So I decided to just run a relaxed race and have fun.

Tristan who is now 7 years old, had run the 1K race the past 4 years as well, while this was going to be 2 year old Mason’s first race ever.  Both boys were pretty excited to be running.  When we got to the Streetsville Secondary   School gym, Maria registered the boys for their race and started pinning their race bibs on their shirts, while I disrobed and got ready for my race.  My family kissed me good luck, as I headed into the race coral.

I first started running with fellow Nomads Running Club member Gord Nelson.  I knew he was running the 5K race, so I tried not to settle into his race pace because I knew I had 10 more km to run.  Unlike last year, where I had Nomads Running Club members Carl & Glenn to run with, this year I had to pace this race myself.  I normally do better when I can chase someone, but I ran this race alone, with only a couple of people in front and behind me.

At the turn around at Financial Street, I started seeing faster Nomads who were ahead of me.  They all looked really strong, as I cheered them on.  Going up the last hill towards Joymar Street, I started to pick up the pace.  I passed a couple more runners, as I poured it on towards the home stretch.

Now I was sprinting the last 500m towards the finish line.  I saw Tristan at about 200m to go, and I gave him a low five.  I just imagined myself doing the last interval lap as I hit the turbo button and powered home towards the finish line in a time of1:04:17.  About 2 ½ minutes slower than last year, but I was happy with how I felt after the race.  At the awards ceremony, I actually came in 3 place in my age group.  I received a nice plaque for my efforts.

The boys also had a great 1K race.  They were sporting their own medals and giant freezees.  Mason had a bonus balloon too.  Overall it was a fun time at the Bread & Honey Race… Happy Running!

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