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On Friday April 27, 2012, Maria and I visited the Belle Meade Plantation in 5025 Harding Pike, Nashville TennesseeBelle Meade was founded in 1807 by John Harding.  What started as a log cabin and 250 acres grew into a beautifulGreekRivivalMansion and one of the largest thoroughbred horse farms in the South covering 5400 acres.

Maria and I purchased the tour of the Belle Meade Mansion (1853), but we had about 30 minutes before it started, so we decided to look around the grounds area.  We first came to the family mausoleum (1839).  The vault housed the remains of members of the Harding and Jackson family until 1906, when they were relocated to Mt.Olivet Cemetery.

Next we found the last of 40 slave cabins (1830s) that were inhabiting the plantation.  The two rooms of this cabin shared a central chimney.  Each room housed either a single family of enslaved workers, or as many as 8 unmarried labourers.  There were various plaques mounted in the cabins describing the life of the slaves and also their lives once slavery ended in 1865.

We saw the smokehouse (1826) where large quantities of park and beef were salt cured and smoked in the smokehouse as a means of preserving the meat.  As many as 20,000 lbs of pork were sometimes smoked in a single year.

Lastly, we saw the Dollhouse (1870), which served as a playhouse for the children of the Harding and Jackson Family.

Finally, it was time for the Belle Meade Mansion tour.  A woman in a 19 Century dress came out from the front doors and greeted about 20 of us tourists.  She brought us into the front lobby of the Mansion and described the many pictures on the walls, most of which were of thoroughbred horses.

The Harding-Jackson family made most of their money housing and breading horses during the mid-late 1800s, when horse racing was popular in theUnited   States.  This past-time would be replaced by baseball at the turn of the century, which also spelled trouble for the family business.

Our hostess then brought us to the entertaining room which held a piano and quite elegant furniture.  We were told more history about the Harding-Jackson family, about how they lived their lives and who they had relationships with.  We then entered the game room, gentlemen`s room and then the dining room.  The original furniture was still in tact.

We then headed upstairs and saw the 3 guest quarters.  There were mannequins with dresses on them, and small beds.  We then entered the family quarters and then the nursery.  Lastly, we went downstairs and saw the kitchen and staff quarters.

Overall, Belle Meade Plantation was a very historical experience.  It made me want to read more history on the subject, or at least re-watch the North & South miniseries starring Patrick Swayze.  It`s definitely a place to visit when you are in Nashville, Tennessee.  Just another day in the Life of a Mississauga Chiropractor…


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