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On Sunday March 27th, 2012 was the 118th annual Around the Bay Race in Hamilton,Ontario.  Unlike last year’s cold temperatures, the weather was perfect at a brisk 10 degrees Celsius with no wind.

Olympic Games marathon hopeful Reid Coolsaet won the race out running 9,200 other runners with a time of 1:33:20 which averages out to a blistering 3:07 min/km.  Local Kenyan runners Gitah Macharia from Oakville came in 3rd with a time of 1:37:24 & Josephat Ongeri from Burlington finished 4th with a time of 1:38:08.  Our own Nomads Running Club member Kyle Aitkens finished with a personal best of 1:50:36.

My race didn’t go as well.  Last year at Around the Bay, I met my goal of finishing under 2:15 to receive a Silver Medal with a time of 2:10:14.  This year I was hoping to equal that time.  I started off the race running with one of my Nomad club members, Carl Young.  Ideally, to hit my 2:10 goal, I would have to average a 4:21 min/km throughout the race.  I guess we went out a bit too aggressive for my ability since our kilometre splits were around 4:12-4:15 min/km.

At around 10 km, Carl started to pull away, and I started to slow down.  Each kilometre got slower and slower, yet my heart rate kept getting quicker and quicker.  I guess I hit the wall around 16km, because that’s when I started walking.  At around 23km, another Nomad Debbie MacDonald caught up to me.

I started to run with her the rest of the way.  She mentioned that if she finished under 2:30, that she would get a Silver Medal.  We looked at our watches and saw that if we sped up a little, that we could meet that goal.  So we worked together to the finish line.  We finished at 2:28 and we met our goal.

I was happy that I ran into Debbie on the course because if I hadn’t, I probably would have continued walking to the finish line.  It just shows that you can always change your goals mid race.  Plan A was to finish at 2:10, when that wasn’t going to happen, I shifted gears to finish under 2:15.

When the 2:15 bunny passed me, I changed my goal again to just finish the race.  Then when Debbie came by, I switched my goal once again to help her get a silver medal.  So overall, it was an enjoyable and successful race.  I remained injury free and I’m set for one more month of marathon training.  My next race is the Nashville Rock & Roll Country Music Marathonon April 28th, 2012.  The goal is 3:10, so I have to make sure that I don’t go too aggressive again.  Let’s see if I can control myself.  Happy Running!


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