Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Mason’s 2nd Birthday

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Yesterday was Mason’s 2nd Birthday Party.  Mason’s current obsessions are Buzz Lightyear & Woody the Cowboy, so a Toy Story 3 Themed party it was.  The kids had Cowboy Party Hats, Toy Story balloons and of course the Buzz & Woody Birthday Cake, courtesy from our friends at Loblaws.

One of my favourite party games growing up was the “popping balloons game”, where a balloon is tied to both ankles, and each kid had to stomp on every other balloon but their own.  The kid with their balloons still intact at the end was the winner.  For some strange reason, only “the boys” wanted to participate at Mason’s Party.  Chaos hit when the game started, the boys were chasing and stomping on each other’s balloons.  However, most of the balloons were popping from someone accidentally stepping on their own balloon when they tried to escape a stomp.

The Cake Blowing Event was more successful then the games.  All those ‘mock blowing sessions’ we had with Mason on the days leading up really paid off.  However like most of our birthday parties, the grandparents always end up chanting, “Again! Again!”  So of course we had to relight the candles and repeat the “Happy Birthday Song” & “The Candle Blow”… Do you think 5X was a bit much?

We ended off the day with the “Opening of the Presents”.  This was the first time Mason actually got into the spirit of ripping through the wrapping paper to get to the gift.  All the kids gathered around as Mason sat in the middle.  Kids were pointing and reaching for all the gifts as Mason opened each one.  And yes, Buzz & Woody was the ongoing theme of the presents.

All in all, fun was had by all.  Just another day in the life of a Mississauga Chiropractor.

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