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On Monday February 21st, 2012 we celebrated Family Day.  The initial plan was to visit the Royal Ontario Museum.  We hadn’t been to the ROM in a while, so everyone was excited to see what was new.  When we got there however, there was a huge line-up of people outside on the sidewalk, wrapping around the entire building.  Luckily the Tristan & Mason, were passed out in the car, so we kept driving and resorted to Plan B.

I Google Searched, “Family Day Toronto 2012” and I came across “Toronto’s Kids Fest” at the International Centre on Airport Road.  Kids-Fest isCanada’s Largest Indoor Inflatable Show, where kids can bounce, laugh, play, run and scream in 100,000+ sq. ft. of some of the largest indoor inflatables.

Tristan’s got a blue unlimited wristband for $25 which allowed him access to all the inflatable rides.  Mason got a toddler wristband for $15 which allowed him access to the smaller inflatables.

The 37 inflatable rides included: The Kraken, Western Bull, Grand Prix, Jurassic Survivor, Wild One Jr., Galleon, Cars Slide, El Paso Slide, Candyland, Carousel,Twin Peaks, Joust, Pirates of theCaribbean, Slam Dunk, Triple Bungee, Thunder Force, Jungle Run, Sea World, Airbounce, Toy Story 3, T-Ball, Wall-E, Wizard World, Gator, Jolly Roger & Bug’s Life.

The Toddler inflatable rides included: ElephantIsland, Tiger Bounce, Caterpillar Slide, Little Builders, Ocean Playland, Octopus, Jungle Rumble,KidsTown, Chopperville, Kacktus Kids & Alien Invasion.

When we entered Kids Fest, there were people everywhere.  The bigger inflatable rides were at the beginning, but we made our way to the back of the building first to try the toddler rides.  This area was much less ingested.

Mason was very hesitant at first, but once he saw what the other kids were doing, he joined in with the running, falling and bouncing.  Tristan was a pro.  With many years of inflatable rides under his belt, he flew into each ride and bounced around with all the other kids.

After about 2 hours at Kids Fest, the boys seemed pretty tired out.  We hydrated them with juice & water and headed home.  We had a pretty fun family day.  Kid’s Fest might become a Family Day tradition… Just another day in the Life of a Mississauga Chiropractor.

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