Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Four Weeks until the Chicago Marathon

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This past Sunday was my best long run of the summer at Rivergrove Community Centre with my Nomads Running Club.  Again I decided to tackle 37km, just like the week before.  However, unlike last week I didn’t crash at 26km.  I was able to run the entire distance and I was even able to pick up my pace for the last 3-4 km.


I owe part of this effort to Peter who waited for me at the last water stopped and we finished the last 8 km together. I also met a Brett, new Nomad on this run.  We bumped into each other as the group started up the Collegeway loop.  He mentioned that this was his 3 time out with the Nomads and that he was just getting back to running after having surgery on his knee to clean up an old meniscus tear.

Brett normally runs by himself in Oakville, so he was happy to find a group like the Nomads who are competitive like himself.  His personal best for a marathon was at Chicago a couple years ago, clocking in at an impressive 2:57.  We talked about how he was a veterinarian and how I was a chiropractor.  He dropped a few chiropractic names from Oakville, however I couldn’t say that I knew any of them.

After my long run I felt great.  Last week I had to take a long nap after my run because I felt like I was going to pass out.  This week when I got home, Maria said I looked great.  This was my last long run before my marathon.  Next week is my 5K race at Run for the Grapes in St. Catherine’s.  Happy Running!

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