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 Just watched Footloose (2011), staring Kenny Wormald (Kid Cannabis), Julianne Hough (Dancing with the Stars) & Dennis Quaid (The Day After Tomorrow).

Ren MacCormack (Kenny Wormald) moves from big-city Boston to a small southern town, where life is very different. An accident, in which five teenagers were killed after a night out, shocked the small town’s community. The local councilmen and Reverend Shaw Moore (Dennis Quaid) reacted to the incident by banning loud music and dancing. Ren stands up to the outmoded ban and, in the process, falls in love with the Reverend’s daughter Ariel (Julianne Hough).

I was a big fan of the original 1984 Footloose starring Kevin Bacon, so I was pretty excited when I heard they were making a 2011 remake. This movie came up a bit short for me, they tried to include many of the memorable scenes of the original movie such as:  The Tractor Chicken Duel, which they remade with buses, Willard’s dance lessons, Ren’s iconic solo dance routine, Ariel’s encounter with the oncoming train, Ren’s town council challenge and of course, and the big Footloose dance off at the end.

These scenes were good, but they didn’t seem to flow with the movie.  Instead, most of them seemed fragmented and appeared forced. I did enjoy the dance numbers by Kenny Wormald and dancing with the stars champ, Julianne HoughDennis Quaid played a very likable Rev. Shaw Moore, compared to John Lithgow version of the reverend which was much meaner.

Overall, I would give this movie 6/10 stars.  Check it out… Happy Viewing!

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