Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Five Weeks until the Chicago Marathon

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I had another long run this past Sunday at Rivergrove Community Centre with my Nomads Running Club.  This run was the longest one of the summer at 37km.  A lofty goal, but a run I knew I had to get in before I started my “taper” in 2 weeks.  Sean agreed to run this distance with me.


The other Nomads either started earlier to get their long run over with before the mid-morning heat settled in, or they were going a bit shorter.  Everyone had different workouts planned based on the date of their goal race.   My marathon scheduled for Oct 9… Five weeks to go.

The run started off pretty good.  I was clicking away at a pretty decent pace.  Not too fast as to tire myself out, and not too slow to get left behind from the lead group.  After we finished the Collegeway loop and circled around Erindale Campus, we ended up at the 2nd last water station.  7km to go before our next water stop.

This is where things started to go south for me.  I looked at my watch, and it read 23km.  This is when my legs started to get really heavy and my heart started to pound faster than I wanted.  Plan B suddenly popped into my head.  I decided I would “walk-run” the rest of the way (14km).

This secondary plan wasn’t that bad.  I would sufficiently catch my breath every 1000 steps until my heart rate calmed back down, and then I would run again counting each step again.  I also made sure I worked hard up the last 4 hills on the route.

Overall, I’m glad I finished the 37km distance.  Even though I had to walk some of the way, I still managed to put in the distance.  Spending over 3 hours on your feet during training makes a huge difference when it comes to Marathon Day.  Next week is my last long run before my taper… I’m aiming for 37km again… Hopefully with less walking.  Happy Running!

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